GE2015 is a very critical GE for Singaporeans

Singaporeans must take a step back and think very seriously about this GE. It is a life or death situation for Singaporeans. This is the time to determine the future you want for yourself and your children. It is no joking matter and not something that can be left to fate or to fools. If Singaporeans think that we have a good govt in charge and the direction the govt is taking the people forward is the right path, vote for the govt.

If there is doubt, if you are not happy with what you are seeing, not happy with the direction you are moving, it is time to reclaim your country. You cannot afford to wait anymore. Going forward can be the end of the good life for many Singaporeans.

Can we continue to pay the ministers and the elite in the millions? Where do you think the money is coming from? Who can afford to pay hundreds of millions or more to upkeep a bunch of elite with pay that is out of this world and keep mounting up, in numbers and in pay?

Can we afford to keep adding foreigners at such a rate to this little piece of rock? Are you happy with 5.5m, 6.9m or 10m people in this island? What do you want? You must decide, this is your country. This country belongs to every ordinary Singaporean, not to foreigners, not to any one person, not to the nobles and aristocrats. You want this country to be given away without a fight?

Do you want to pay outrageous money for a small little flat for 99 years as your prize possession in life? Do you want to pay half a million or more for something that would revert to zero value?

Do you want to be a minority in your own country? Do you want to have a say about the future of your country, to shape your country or to allow a few individuals to do as they pleased?

Do you want to save for a life time only for your savings to be locked up or to be forced to pay for insurance that you cannot say no to?

Do you want the country’s reserves or surpluses to make your life better or to make the life better for foreigners?

Singaporeans must stand up and make this election counts. You have no room or time for error. You cannot afford to sleep and think that your future is in good hands. But if you do, God bless.
For those who did not like what they are seeing, it is action time. Do something, talk to everyone of your fears and what should be done for the sake of your future and your children’s future. You cannot afford not to do anything if you want a change for the better, to take charge of your life and your country.

You know best what is good for you. Do not let anyone con you into complacency. It is now or never. Not doing anything is not an option. Make your vote counts.


Anonymous said...

CPF money back at 55 years as promised.
Or else I don't vote for Yew.

Anonymous said...

Get FTs out of PMET jobs, or else I don't vote for yes-men sons of Yew, paper general & more paper generals.

agongkia said...

If cannot beat them.......join them.

agongkia said...
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agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Agongkia, Knn what talking you and what have u been smoking today's?

Anonymous said...

希望 starting from 13 Sept 2015, life would be............

天天会更好! 天天会更好! 天天会更好!


Anonymous said...

Redbean, you start your article by giving readers a choice on who they consider best to govern this country over the next five years. That was in your first paragraph. The rest of your article then goes on about why one should not vote for the current government. A little one sided. don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans must stand up and make this election counts.

Hahahahaha. If Singaporeans did not stand up and make the last election counted, what makes you think they will stand up and make this election count?

If RB did not stand as a candidate for last election, what makes you think he will stand as a candidate in this election? Of course I am assuming PAP did not invite RB to become their candidate lah, just as they did not in previous elections, which I also assume.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a case of "同床异梦"......?

In Ingrish, it means same bed different dreams ...?.

Like a couple sleeping together physically side by side but innate having different thoughts, objectives, interests. ....?

Between rulers and ruled, it means DIVERGENCE of interests and objectives. ....?

In Chinese, it could mean " 水火不相容" - in Ingrish means "Water and Fire --- Totally not compatible " .?..

Sounds quite serious. ....?

What is happening. ....?

Aristocrats dictating terms to the commoners that are like loan sharks terms to borrowers .....?

Totally unacceptable. ...?

Maciam the Egyptian Pharaohs demanding the labourers ( slaves ) to toil day and night to build the palaces and pyramids for the King of Kings ( Ozymandia ) to stay while alive ( palace ) and to RIP when dead ( pyramid ) .....?

Like to some or many it is maciam "生不如死" 。。。。。? "Being alive living like a slave from cradle to grave might as well be dead"?

"生活在水深火热"。。。。。"living in hell and fire" ...?

This is madness ....? "孰可忍孰不可忍"? 。。。"忍无可忍"?

Are the above what u mean, Mr Bean?

Anonymous said...

[If cannot beat them.......join them]

If cannot beat them.......LEAVE THEM ALONE !

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ old-fashioned, hilariously ignorant "charm", redbean:

>> It is a life or death situation for Singaporeans. This is the time to determine the future you want for yourself and your children...<<

WOW! Once election can do that? You must have discovered a new "theory"! 😝

>> If there is doubt, if you are not happy <<

WOW! You can change the level of your "happiness" by VOTING? You must have discovered another new theory 😂

>> Not doing anything is not an option. <<

Don't be silly. It is THE BEST option lah.

>> Make your vote counts. <<

Actually, you can't "make" your vote DO anything. Don't be daft lah: you vote or don't vote, you've made a choice. What happens next is beyond your control.

Over 2.7 million people will vote. How the fuck do you think your ONE VOTE is going to make any difference? Do you understand math at all...even on a basic level?

It's like getting cancer lah. Just because you get cancer won't change the statistics nor will it make any difference to cancer research or development of a cure.

Even at his advanced age, redbean still cannot fathom the numerical value/ magnitude of ONE or a single data point in the context of a cohort of LARGE numbers.

I suggest remedial training. 💩💩 Consider joining those PMETs in their "upgrade" classes lah.

Anonymous said...

The news said that another General is going into politic. With the performance all the Generals in the presence government now, I think I am getting Generalphobia. Do you?

Anonymous said...

One General into SMRT and look at the HoLee mess.
One General into NOL and look at the HoLee balance sheet of NOL.
Now they want us to vote for yet another Millionaire General into the parliament?
Generals everywhere ... starting to look like a military junta.
These fellas are really politically bankrupt of ideas and talents aren't they?

patriot said...

This Article is best forwarded to all Alternative Political Parties for them to use as Rally Points.



patriot said...






Anonymous said...

You want to feel the pulse of the people?
You can't get more real than this.

Anonymous said...

[Actually, you can't "make" your vote DO anything]

Me think thiz iz wot Mr Chua iz sayin':
"Yes you can.
Little drops make an ocean."

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ ignorant fool, 135:

>> Little drops make an ocean." <<

No, they don't. Go back to high school science and REVISE the section which describes HOW oceans are formed.

Anonymous said...

No, I won't.
And I'd also continue to listen to what my grandmother taught me, like:
"Don't put all your eggs in one basket".

Anonymous said...

vote for sdp in '15 !

Virgo49 said...

Wah piang Singfirst coming to Tanjong Pagar

Going to make Singfirst T-shirts to wear till Election Day


Anonymous said...

MS, Good evening.
When I managed to do my first profitable trade with deliberation, I made some profits. It also meant I was on course. I kept at it and keep improving, keep reviewing, keep adapting and keep improving to make better and better high quality decisions. And became skillful and a consistent winner. If I managed to get my first institutional client to invest even a small amount. I had a breakthrough and I can get many more. And I did had many more institutional investors in the end.

Don't underestimate that small drop in the ocean. That first very small step in the right direction.

Then I understood, the race is not to the swift nor the strong nor the wise...but time and chance happened to all as revealed in the Holy Book. And then I understood that plenteous goes to the diligent (much more than hardworking).

Then I understood what does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and lose his soul. Grace upon grace, revelation upon revelation. Its amazing as I surrendered happily and willingly.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese have a saying " 物极必反" 。。。。。

Anything out of balance or disproportionate in the natural world, it will move to equilibrium.

Just like gravity.

The equilibrium is the surface of the ground.

When in mid-air, one is out of equilibrium and thus, bound to fall to the ground.

When there is too much of something, the law of Diminishing Marginal return sets in.

Who can defy gravity?

When one is out of water in a desert for 24 hours, the first bottle is sheer satisfaction.

After that, the law of Diminishing Marginal Returns sets in.

After the 3rd bottle, either one throws out or die of water poisoning subsequently.

Similarly, when an administration is over-crowded with the same kind such as paper generals, often the law of gravity or to be more exact, the law of Diminishing Marginal Returns sets in ......

What would the backfire be?

Time will tell .....

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are basically caught between a rock and a hard place.

Not again!

Another 5 more military or ex-military guys .....?

But going by the performance of the 3-star generals in NOL and SMRT, an extrapolation would likely mean more of the same shit and possibly point of no return. ....

Sinkies are at the CROSSROADS indeed ......

Anonymous said...

/// Sinkies are basically caught between a rock and a hard place. ///
August 02, 2015 12:48 a.m.

Not really lah!
Just vote Opposition lah.
Where got rock? Where got hard place?
Vote only lah!
Not asking you to give up your virginity.

Anonymous said...

Don't waste time with a quitter that belongs to nowhere. He does not care if all the Singaporeans would be chased out of this country or all the jobs taken over by the foreigners as long as he can go and fuck around with old women.

It is only his interest that he cares.Singaporeans got beaten by foreigners so what, the more the merrier as long as they don't beat him up.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1116:

You are 99% right. I like Singapore as a PLACE. It's a shame I don't very much like the local peoples (assholes) ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have one major prediction for GE2015 - there will be a major disruption of the internet service.

Think about it, the internet is the One Single Thing that the PAP fear the most. You can bet that they will switch it off, or disrupt it in some ingenious way.

So my advise is: prepare for an alternative communication medium to broadcast election media. For example, prepare to use Whatsapp.

Anonymous said...

With this Matilah ass here trying to distract readers, they may feel safe that he is doing a good job for them. But you are right. They are likely to clamp down the internet for the good of internet freedom.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 24/7 panic conspiracy nut cases 1233 & 112:

Wah. You flatter me by awarding me "super powers" I didn't know I had. I must quickly add this to my resume...

But...let's for an instant consider that you are right. Let's say that the PAP are on the brink of losing the 2015 GE---wholesale. As the votes are counted, it appears that the PM and all his Deputies have lost their seats in their respective constituencies, which means, they don't have a fucking seat in parliament!

What I would do next IMMEDIATELY is check out the window and the TV. If I see the military moving in with barricades and tanks....

.....only joking lah.

Don't be so scared scared lah. The world IS NOT against you. You're not that important. ;-)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous August 02, 2015 10:27 a.m.
>>>>>>((((( /// Sinkies are basically caught between a rock and a hard place. ///
August 02, 2015 12:48 a.m.

Not really lah!
Just vote Opposition lah.
Where got rock? Where got hard place?
Vote only lah!
Not asking you to give up your virginity. )))))<<<<<<<

Din bother to reply earlier today cos met up with several old friends for coffee, lunch and dinner .......

Show some of them ( mostly swing voters if not all ) the messages posted here, especially yours and their first reaction was face palm .......

With comments such as yours, the incumbent can save a lot of energy, door knocking and house visits ......

Many who saw your message seemed to have a change of heart and now likely to swing back to the incumbent. With people and comments like yours, you are doing a much better job and probably many IBs will "salute" you for doing "their job" yet they "get paid" ....... "well done"! "Keep it up"!

Keep your (Kong cum ) comments coming and (drive) more swing voters into the incumbent's waiting arms .....

Way to go ....... ha ha ha