GE2015 – The bitching over Tuck Yew

In an article in TRE titled, Low to DPM, be more civilized in political engagement, I quote,

‘Yesterday (16 Aug), WP secretary-general Low Thia Khiang responded to DPM Teo Chee Hean’s accusations that he was shedding “crocodile tears” over the departure of Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew from the Cabinet.

Mr Low replied, “With due respect, if DPM wants to comment that way, let Singaporeans judge and see this is the standard of the PAP in politics.”….Do we want to be more civilized in our political engagement?

Still, yesterday, Mr Low put up a few good words for Mr Lui. Mr Low said, “I’ve known him for a number of years in Parliament. He’s down-to-earth and answers questions matter-of-factly and in detail, and it shows he’s hands-on … (and) prepared to work the ground. Neither does he attack or bully or intimidate the Opposition. I find him responsible and accountable. I appreciate that.”

Low Thia Khiang was responding to Chee Hian’s crocodile tears remark which he felt offended. I can understand why and why he said some kind words about Tuck Yew. In my blog, some commentators were also lashing out at Tuck Yew for the problems of the MRT and I had to intercede to prevent it from going out of hand.

Saying some kind things about Tuck Yew’s resignation is like many have said, an eulogy without the flowers. It is just not nice to make unkind remarks in a eulogy about the dead even if the dead deserved it. When someone is dead, it is only gracious to look at the good things of the man and ignore the bad stuff unless the man is really an incorrigible and evil man.

In the case of Tuck Yew, I too said something good about him without dwelling into this work or his failures in the MRT system. I think Low Thia Khiang too was in the same frame of mind, when someone is down, no need to rub it in or give him a kick.

I too am puzzled why Chee Hian would turn this into a political issue to score brownie points.  I taught everyone should take such kind comments in the right perspective unless Tuck Yew really is beyond redemption and saying good things about him is as good as ridiculing him. In that case, then the comments may not be well received. And rightly Low Thia Khiang felt offended and must reply to Chee Hian’s crocodile tears remark that I also find unnecessary.

Would this uncalled for bitching between the two men ends here or would it be raised to a higher level, at the political rallies? And poor Tuck Yew would be the centre of the bitching and the people be reminded of the MRT frequent breakdowns and his resignation. Talking about political football?

Enough or more to come?


Anonymous said...

It was NEVER ever about Lius personally.
It's ALWAYS about his role as MOT professionally.

What do people have against him? he is just doing his job.
But what the commuters won't out up and their accumulated resent and frustrated ions
Is a result of his inability to do or stop something bad or unjustifiable like fare increase or bad services
For bus bridging who breakdowns occur . The nature of his position is inherently wrong and untenable..as they say
Thankless. But this is through no fault of the commuters. It's up to MOT and all the relevant parties to
Structure it in a positive way where the punishments cannot just be a one sided one ...always end up
With commuters holding the farking bag! His impotence to course correct due to conflict or cronyism relations is not
Our problem. So is clear to us why he gets the flak he deserves , but all these is because of the MOT role he is

Anonymous said...

You want better service, you pay. Not willing to pay, so you got bad service lah.

How many increases for good service over the years and why services keep getting from bad to worse?

Or you want bad service, pay more?

Anonymous said...

一针见血! 一针见血!

As usual, LTK's reply to DPM TCH comment about "C Tear"
concerning the resignation of LTY was very direct.

In fact, many ppl found his reply........一针见血!


Anonymous said...

Aiya, politics is like that one lah.

As for WP Teochew Ah Hia, what I really appreciate is when he said that majority (aka 60%) voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out because WP is not ready to be govt.

And because what he said really carry weight (and not carry balls like some), I think opposition will really not be voted in as govt this coming election. So sorry lah foks, Teo Chee Hean will most likely remain as DPM after the election.

denk said...

sorry ot but important,

1989 tam rebellion courtesty of unitedsnake, on the eve of gorbacev's visit to beijing.

2008 tibet riots, courtesy of the snake, on the eve of beijing olympics.

2009 xinjiang bloodbath, courtesy of the snake, during g8 meeting. hu jing tao had to rushed back to china to deal with the crisis.

2014 ukraine putsch , courtesy of the snake, while moscow was basking in the
limelight of sochi olympics extravaganza.

2015 tianjin monstrous blast, on the eve of beijing's victory parade commermorating ww2,
a gift from g-o-d or is it the antichrist ?


2022 winter olympics , beijing.
watch out xi, wonder what *present* is *god* comtemplating for china right now ?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention MH370.

patriot said...

Chinese say 怨生不埋怨死, meaning do not blame the dead.
If anyone is to be blamed, hold that person accountable when he/she is alive. This is what Sinkies are doing to Lui Tuck Yew though Minister Lui seems to prefer Eulogies.
Somehow, the Minister just yearns for praises, even in the form of eulogies over allegation and accusarion of incompetence and negligence. Vaniry over propriety.

Anyway talking about the DPM, most netizens do not even offer eulogies to him.
Read the Facebook Comments about
him and You can only find swear and curse. Lamentable.
He could even surpasses the Late Most Horrible One.

It will be interesting to know how he rates himself.


The said...

Big Nose is losing his marbles. Made an even bigger fuss about Silvia's Orh Lua.

simple said...

Lui TY is one of the more hard-working hands-on minister. Don't know what Teo CH does but he knows how to tai-chi questions with questions and not answers. Was he objecting to Low TK's comments bcos he disagreed with his saying good things about Lui? Why does he not step down bcos of the Little Riot debacle?

My guess is that Liu is very frustrated with bearing the brunt of public displeasure while he was trying very hard to resolve problems which were seeded before his watch by his predecessors and the ultimately by the PM and the cabinet before he even enterd politics.

Despite the PM saying that transport matters are made under collective decision, publicly the accountability was not collective but personal to Lui. He must also be unhappy that the choice of the new and inexperienced CEO of SMRT was made by the PM's wife who is the chief of Temasek Holdings and hence SMRT and he had little say in it. In any commercial organisation, it is the CEO who is primarily the one to answer for performance issues. Instead Lui gets all the brickbrats while his subordinate, Desmond Kwek the CEO, got a 100% increment recently despite all the unsolved problems and SMRT's decreased profitability. Lui must have told PM Lee that he wanted a change of portfolio which many other senior and junior ministers are anjoying. He saw that as favourism and maybe even cronyism as Lui is not even in the inner circle of part paower base. His request was probably rejected bcos PM cannot find a suitable replacement who is dispensable in case of further problems.
The PM told Lui that he was wanted to go on with the GE. But his GRC was then dissolved and it was not clear if he would be leading another GRC or even to run for a SMC. When Lui was interviewed on this on TV, he was teary eyed. The PM further said that IF Lui were voted in he would remain as a mimister.

Lui must have read between PM's lines which go something like this: Lui, you are a great risk for PAP bcos of the public's unhappiness on transport matters directed at you. We can't risk losing a GRC and 4-5 seasts with you helming one. No, I will not accede to your wish to transfer to another ministry after election if you managed to be voted in possibly under a SMC in which PAP risks only 1 seat. But we will still make you a minister, albeit still without a seat in the executive committee, for the time being. However, there is no assurance that you may not be asked to step down after you have either resolved, or failed to resolve, the major transport problems thereafter.

Lui must have retorted: PM up yours. You can keep the job and perhaps do it yourself if you are up to it. I resign now and will not suffer the ignomity of becoming a mere lowly MP just as some of my other shameless colleagues did or do. Sayanora. May God have mercy on you and PAP.

Anonymous said...

"simple" interesting. nice.
Lui at least got backbone to back off and not continue receiving his million dollars renumeration.

Bottomline; For public service you, PAP ministers and junior ministers are paid millions a year, your performance is way, way below par for the huge resources and support your have and the great cooperation from Singaporeans.

You ought to be punished and DOWNSIZE.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are mostly selfish, greedy, easily bribed, fearful but not stupid.
Sinkies now realize their jobs, their homes, their children, their opportunities are going to be replaced by FTs as planned and done by their political master, Pappies.

Sinkies will vote opposition, VTO, this time even after taking the bribes. Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I don't feel sorry for Lui.
As a PAP Minister, you serve at the pleasure of PM Lee.
But uniquely Singapore, you are only allowed to resign at the Prime Minister's pleasure.
But looks like Lui decided not to follow the well established PAP practice of waiting to be retired like, MBT and Raymond.

Anonymous said...

It does not look like PAP's very expensive F-35 new jet fighter is operationally sound.
Is this another PAP white elephant project?



The said...

PM Lee (1 star), Lui Tuck Yew (2 star) and Desmond Quack (3 star).

No wonder Lui has to resign - he's caught between a rock and a hard place. Should he obey that 1 star, or should he listen to the 3 star? No wonder he is seeing stars. A 3 star reporting to a 2 star who reports to a 1 star. Uniquely Singapore.

And now we are going to have another 3 star in the cabinet - assuming he gets voted in. So this new 3 star is going to be much more junior than the incumbent 1 star. Tan Chuan Jin, better ask for promotion to 3 star.