GE2015 – The Ace in PAP’s deck

I wrote about Hsien Loong having a hand without an ace to play in this GE recently. Knowing PAP’s ingenuity and creativity to come up with surprises, they will find an ace somewhere. Yes, Hsien Loong does not have an ace in hand. Would he find an ace from the tea party interviews? So far, from those faces that have been paraded, the would be’s and could be’s, there is nothing unusual, the same DNA from the military and civil service. There could be a couple of grassroot leaders showing up, but nothing flattering, anything but an ace?

We may have to wait until the whole new cohort is announced to have a taste of what’s cooking. Would there be the likes of Prof Paul Tambyah of the SDP? Or would there be a Nicole Seah to make the difference and cause a big sensation?

But wait, in case many have missed it, the star politician of the PAP camp has already started campaigning and rooting for the PAP. We have done it, our track records are there to show and to prove it. We are the best and we delivered.

Heard of the cardboard policeman? No, this one is not a cardboard politician. He was from the past, and is campaigning every night on your TV screen. The consummate politician of all time of Singapore is back. Yes, you see him. Yes, he is campaigning for the PAP. He is the Ace that would not go away. He is back!

PAP has rolled out its only ace to fight the 2015 GE. He is asking for your vote for the PAP. He is all PAP has and had to win this election and more elections in the future. Would it work again?  Would his magic work again to bring PAP to another election victory?

Another miracle in the making in the history of Singapore! The man from the past, travelled through time to fight an election campaign today. Time travel is possible in a uniquely Singapore way. Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of the PAP.

He may even appear during the election rallies on stage.


Virgo49 said...

Now shut off completed Media corpse programmes so as not to see the Corpse propaganda

ND rally another big propaganda and the Moh Peng and the Orr Cheow Sharon film
Another propaganda

Also LKT acting as LKY another propaganda

Anonymous said...

I watch the TV but I have not seen any PAP election campaign for votes, unless it is that guy who died recently, showing his face again.

Anonymous said...

"GE2015 – The Ace in PAP’s deck"

Hahahahaha. Ace? RB say one hor.

But I say the ace for PAP is that the Sinkie opposition in 2015 is not much different from the one in 2011. In fact with more parties now, like Hainan Ah Ko's SFP, Madcow Goh's (another Ah Ko?) PPP and Botak's DPP spoiling for 3 corner fights, are they even stronger and more united than they were in 2011?

So with this type of ace as defined by me and not RB, why would the outcome of GE 2015 be any much different from that in 2011, u tell me lah? And I have not yet even taken into account the PAP of 2015, which is although still not that good, is much better than the PAP of 2011 and the many new citizens minted since 2011.

Anonymous said...

I think after the "Grand finale" announcement in 2015, the RB of 2015 will be as disappointed, if not more, than the RB of 2011.

And with that, the RB of 2015, health permitting, will continue to blog like the RB of 2011.

Anonymous said...

12 Sept 2015! 12 Sept 2015!

Yes! 12 Sept 2015!

希望 from 13 Sept 2015, life would be....

天天会更好! 天天会更好! 天天会更好!


Anonymous said...

PAP's Real Ace In The Pack
The daft Singaporean voters.
Chinese Singaporeans are descended from stupid Chinese peasants who have spent the last 5,000 years working as slaves for Chinese Emperors.

“I freed a thousand slaves. I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves”.
Harriet Tubman
This quote is essential to the problem of trafficking (Singaporean slavery) today. Many children (Singaporeans) do not know that they are enslaved and that their value is priceless.


Anonymous said...

'He may even appear during the election rallies on stage' unquote

Why not? A wax figure or cardboard cutout will do. Just to cower the daft and frighten the meek.

If the present crop of leaders still have to lean on the shoulders of the old man to get the votes, I am not too sure about all the shouting about aces going places.

We shall see, but I hope the opposition does not self distruct by splitting the votes. Everyone hopes to strike it rich by jumping on the bandwagon and forming new parties. Are they really serious about their chances? I will never ever vote for fence jumpers going from one party to the other and expecting voters to find any semblance of credibility in their endeavours.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous August 06, 2015 9:13 a.m.
"I think after the "Grand finale" announcement in 2015, the RB of 2015 will be as disappointed, if not more, than the RB of 2011."

The actual answer of Statistical analysis is often counter-intuitive.

Take for example the classical famous Birthday Problem of the probability of 2 or more person in a room sharing the same birthday.

As there are 365 days ( and usually 29 Feb assigned as 1 Mar ), it is quite common for many to think the probability of at least 2 persons having the same birthday is quite low say for a room of 10 pax .....

Any quick witted oldies to volunteer the answer?

Kee chiu!

Using the statistical independence methodology and complement rule, the probability of at least 1 pair of 2 pax having the same birthday can be calculated to be 0.117! That's more than 10%.

To use a simple example, assuming there are 10 rooms of 10 pax each, statistically there is at least 1 room with at least 1 pair having the same birthday.

In any and most democratic election worldwide, the results are more or less decided by swing voters.

And in statistics, how swing voters will swing is mostly a matter of conditionality.

Thus it is too presumptuous to lay a hand on the pulse of the swing voters at this point of time.

Conditionality means situations are probably fluid.

The final result is conditional on many factors. For example, the one thousand and one "IFs" in a football match decide the eventual outcome, even between 2 teams of huge disparity.

They say in soccer, the ball is round. The match between Sinkieland and the Japenise a few weeks ago attest to this adage. Those Japenise who betted for their home team to win hands down lost heavily when the final scoreline settled at 0 - 0.

How swing voters swing is probably a function of conditionality and in statistics, the probability is conditional and can be counter-intuitive.

Anonymous said...

Without any doubt, PAP will win this 2015 GE. Singaporeans better be prepared for 10 million population. Now that underground cities aren't going to materialise, maybe taller HDB will be the answer. Very nice to be living in the clouds. Yay.

In other part of the world, people pay lots of money to lie in the clouds, but in Singapore your benevolent government gives that to you for free. Singaporeans are indeed a lucky lot. Hurrah for the PAP. A good government and very kind to the citizen, but kinder to FTs.

Anonymous said...

"Walk Fire Enter Demon"!

Beware. There is such a thing called "Walk Fire Enter Demon".

Yes! 走火入魔! Yes 走火入魔!

If you "OVER-DO" a thing repeatedly, beware of 走火入魔!

Too much of a good thing may be harmful.

So Beware! So Beware!

patriot said...

In 2011, the Ace was his tears and his apology. That got much forgiveness and sympathy from the DAFT Voters then. The Horrible Man too was an Ace too for his Die Hard Worshippers. Though turned to dust; his Worshippers shall remain to rever him.

Nicole Seah happens to get mentioned here quite a few times and it somehow got me an inspiration that she could be a surprise ace at Marine Parade GRC.
She had work hard and diligently there in the Last GE. Despite being a very young rookie, she was a darling to most political watchers and the Public in general. If and in the unlikely but not impossible case of PAP winning her over to stand as their Candidate in Marine Parade or even Punggol Pasir Ris GRC, it coukd turn out to be an Ace of aces.

The rest shall depend on how DAFT, the Other 80% will be.


Anonymous said...

On TV I saw the wordings saying that the Horrible man was the 'founding father of Singapore'. Nothing is further from the truth! Goodness me, they really are trying to rewrite history by repeating such propaganda.

Sang Nila Utama was here during the 14th centuary. Chinese and Indian traders were already here centuries ago. When Raffles landed here he claimed, as white man always do, to be the founder, which is a historical farce. Now it appears that the Horrible man is claiming to be the founding father of Singapore. Or at least his stooges and cronies are trying very hard to rewrite the history to give him all the credit.

Anonymous said...


They tried using their 'arse' doctor, sorry 'ace' doctor in Punggol East the last BE but suffered a bleeding arse instead.

Never try using 'arses' sorry 'aces' in elections. In Malaysia they will reward them with 'soto mee'. I say, bring on the 'aces' and the rakyat will take them down.

Anonymous said...

Rb: " The man from the past, travelled through time to fight an election campaign today. "

In marketing and advertising, whether the publicity has an effect is calculated using a statistical methodology known as "Overinvolvement Ratios".

Statistically, "Overinvolvement Ratio" is calculated by taking the probability of event A, conditional on event B, divided by probability of event A, conditional on event C, given B and C are complementary and mutually exclusive.

If this ratio is not equal 1, then there is an influence.

@ AnonymousAugust 06, 2015 10:35 a.m.
// If you "OVER-DO" a thing repeatedly, beware of 走火入魔!

Too much of a good thing may be harmful. //

In statistics, whether the effect is positive or negative, is read from the value of the "Overinvolvement Ratios". Greater than 1 means the effect is in favour of event B. Otherwise, the reverse which under the narrative of anon 10.35, it is "走火入魔".

Hope that puts some scientific basis to the kpkb here.

At the end of the day, it will be an ace when the "Overinvolvement Ratio" is greater than 1, otherwise it is not an ace.

Hope that clears the doubt whether it is an ace or not, scientifically.

agongkia said...

No need look further lah.
Hidden talent Uncle RB Chua can be the Ace .Just change the pattern of writing n you can be 16K richer monthly.
So many supporters here .
Cannot beat them join them.Go give suggestions and constructive feedbacks and I am sure PM will be willing to listen n fine tune.

agongkia said...
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Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Must give credit when credit is due. I think they are listening.

If you don't believe me, look at the new mantras, Singaporean core, Singaporean identity, looking after Singaporean, looking after PMETs. They used to say, compete with the foreigners on level playing field.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are listening now: election is imminent. The acid test is whether they listen after GE is over. Here, their track record is BAD.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The problem with trusting politicians is that what they promised before an election is not what they will do after the election.

Changing tack is a favourite practice if they are given total 100% mandate. They make all the decisions for you. You become just a human in a vegetative state of existence The important thing is never to let that happen, whether an opposition in Parliament can be the next Government. That was, is and will be the motive for voting for the opposition. Do not be clouded by unneccessary arguments.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporean core" is not enough.
We must have an Opposition core in parliament.

"Compete with Aliens on level playing field is not enough".
We must have PAP competing with Opposition on level playing field.

Virgo49 said...

Opposition to sweep into parliament, just tell the masses- we returned your cpf monies at 55

Tell old folks that your cpf not gonna be given back to you

Sinkies monies more important than lives

Tell young people the flats gonna be priced at below 100k for all types

No COEs bidding. We find a solution to car ownerships

Opposition 70 percent pap 30 percent

Promise you same as papa but when did the pap keep their promises??