Gardens By The Bay - Architectural Structure

I have never been to this famous and one of the most expensive artificial gardens in the world. While I was at the Marina Barrage shooting the Black Knights, I took some time wondering around admiring at the beautiful structural features of the two domes housing temperate plants from other parts of the world. The plants are enjoying some of the finest facilities and climate controlled environment that the average citizens could only envy. If not because of the prohibitive construction and maintenance cost, the Gardens would be better received by the more cost conscious people. The maintenance cost comes to tens of millions annually, if I can recollect the sums quoted, that the critics are still very unforgiving in their views on the money spent . The only great value of the Gardens so far are the miracles that are happening inside the domes that led people jumping for joy.

Below are some of the photos that I took with a bridge camera, an old favourite of mine.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone pay so much money to look at plants or flowers that are free by nature?
The onky difference is that they are housed in a glass dome and climate controlled.
So essentially people are paying for the air conditioner.
If you say is worth the ticket price, then you deserve to be a turkey on Christmas Day.

Anonymous said...

Many poor people in sinkie land can not even afford a fan not to mention air con lar. Plus for these poor sinkies that can not afford the ticket price to enter also mah. Pitiful or not! U tell me lar?

Anonymous said...

A marvellous structure. Imaginative architectural achievement. A monument Singapore can be proud of. Cost? It really does not matter how much it cost to build and the cost of maintenance. Singapore is unique and this is what attract tourists into Singapore. Be proud to be Singaporean living in a country witha good government which has foresight. Tourism is important for Singapore.

Virgo49 said...

They give us oldies chance to see free by Aug 31st!!

RB, don't missed the chance


agongkia said...

You seems to know all the free lobang .Keep it up.

agongkia said...
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Anonymous said...

Not say most Sinkies cannot afford once in their lifetime, but $28 ticket per adult to enter dome to look at plants nia nia, that's expensive, man.

Virgo49 said...

Definitely what!

After all it's our hard swear monies

Anonymous said...

If PAP is really smart like their master strategist Kee Chiu, they should announce free entry for all above 21 yr Sinkies till further notice. And end it after election day.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ha, I don't even know that it is free till the end of the month. Maybe should pay a visit.

Vurgi49 said...

Right bro, after all they gave free transport rides to one and sundry

Give Singaporeans free entry all ages lah to East of Aden

Anonymous said...

Is this another white elephant project?
Is the PAP government led by a white elephant emperor?
Do you think the PAP government is a very expensive and wasteful government?
Do they waste a lot of Singaporean taxpayers money on Aliens and Millionaires?

Or do you think PAP government is very clever at saving money so that very little money is spent on Singaporeans?

"How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?"
PAP Millionaire Vivian Balakrishnan.

GE 2015.
Do you think it's time for Singaporeans to say "Give us back our CPF money you bloody hum kah lings" ??

Anonymous said...

Was there yesterday. Q damn long, especially to the cloud forest dome.

Only $10 for entry to both flower and cloud forest domes for sinkies below 66 yo.

The ladies toilet q also super long!

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, wait for ten hours just to ride two stations cable car.

Go to Genting skyway cable car ride at only 6.40 ringitt aka sin 2.60 plus two ways walk in like a breeze no need one min with silver card with four or five stations view at height double sinkie mount faber ride.

Transfer there to KL by coach at rm4.60 aka sin less than two dollah.

Poor sinkies gian png

Anonymous said...

Sinkieland's basic education sucks in that kids are not imparted money and life skills.

The opportunity cost to q for a $30 discount could be $300/=.

It is next to impossible to change a life-time conditioning, similar to the stop at 2 policy. When 2 million population was thought to be a problem in the 1970s, now not having 20 million population is thought to be a problem by the population planners.

The attempt to reverse the stop at 2 policy since the early 1980s has failed spectacularly.

The (future) recognition ( if ever ) that the strait-jacket conditioning of sinkies' mindset is (seriously) flawed would come too late and the (subsequent) remedy measures to undo the damage is unlikely to be any different from the ( miserably failed countless ) attempts to reverse the disastrous stop at 2 policy horribly gone wrong.

Sinkieland may have peaked long ago and the latest display could be similar to the military exercise in 1893 in the last years of the Qing Dynasty. In the following war with the Japenise in 1894/ 1895, the Qing's entire naval fleet and army was annihilated.

There may not be a real physical war in the horizon but the internal rot and decay may be not unlike a standing tree trunk long infested with white ants and termites. An epochal, monumental and humiliating collapse may be inevitable.

Many sinkies might not have noticed that even some of the background music themes played during the ceremony were adapted from the Chinese movie show "η”²εˆζˆ˜δΊ‰"...... Perhaps there were some PRCs in the organising committee? Choosing music reminiscent of the epic collapse of an era on a Jubilee occasion cannot be more ironical and/ or hilarious......

Any idea who were the dudes ( or duds ) in charge of the music selection.....?

Please Kee Chiu!