Do you trust the PAP?

Yes, yes, I trust the PAP. I also trust all politicians and all the political parties. But I will only vote for the PAP if the following changes are made.

  1. Revoke CECA
  2. Stop the high influx of foreigners, cap the population at 5.5m allowing organic growth from Singaporean births.
  3. Return the Singaporean core and stop foreigners coming in to replace Singaporeans unless no Singaporean can do the job. Do not insult the abilities of Singaporeans and really believe Singaporeans are daft, not better than fakes and cheats.
  4. Return my CPF at 55 and allow leaving money in the CPF after 55 on a voluntary basis.
  5. The Medishield Life must not be a profit making scheme. Senior citizens should not be made to pay premiums after 65. The scheme should be modified to provide basic healthcare. Better provisions with higher premiums should be voluntary.
  6. Stop spending billions or millions on foreign scholarships.
  7. Stop destroying the Singaporean core in the university staff and in all industries.
  8. Every Singaporean should be allowed to buy HDB flats with priorities given to NSmen.
  9. Bring down the cost of living, housing, medical, transport etc
  10. Half the ministerial pay.
Ok, no need to add more. 10 items of change will be enough for me to trust the PAP and vote for the PAP.  To trust anyone or party, it must come with positive actions not words and empty promises.

This is just my view. No need to agree with me.


Anonymous said...

Rb, u said no need to agree with u but I agreed leh.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Oh, anyone who agrees is welcome: )

Anonymous said...

Do you think this is true?
PAP = The party that will implement and perpetuate LKY's Hard Truths.

So if this is true, then redbean must ask how his list of 10 items measure up against LKY's Hard Truths.
Redbean must also ask why LKY never agree to the list of 10 items while he was still alive?

If LKY will not agree to the list of 10 items while he was still alive
- who in PAP dare to change the list of 10 items now that LKY is dead?

To understand PAP, Singaporeans must understand LKY's Hard Truths.
To vote for a PAP MP is the same as voting to put a book, Hard Truths onto a MP's seat in parliament.
One PAP MP is the same as another PAP MP is the same as LKY's book Hard Truths.

Is the above true and fair or not?
You tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Ok, I don't agree.

Top of the list: I want the accumulated interest on my CPF back. The thieves stole it and hid it in the GIC.

Anonymous said...

The more important question is not whether we trust PAP.
The most important question is to ask whether PAP is pro Alien or pro Singaporean?
PAP's policies.
Do they benefit Aliens or do they benefit Singaporeans?

If PAP's policies benefit Aliens, then why should Singaporeans vote for PAP?

Anonymous said...

Which political party is most likely to support and implement redbean's list of 10 items?
Opposition Parties?

We should support the political party that supports redbean's list of 10 items.
Because the list of 10 items benefit Singaporeans, that's why.

agongkia said...

Cannot agree with all your view especially no.8
It is the duty of every fit Sinkie to serve NS and using that as an excuse to get priority for housing insult my contribution to my cuntree.
Every responsible Sinkie shd look forward to serve n not serve with the intention to benefit. This is selfish.

Anonymous said...

How Many Will Trust PAP In GE2015?

At GE2011, about 60%+ of the voters trusted PAP.

How about GE2015?

7228? 6535? 6040? 5545? 4555? 4060?

What say U?

Anonymous said...

Of what relevance, u tell me lah, is trust or no trust, if majority (aka 60%) voters are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out because WP only contested 28 seats out of 89?

And Pasir Ris GRC is not included some more, making those residents feel cheated and lan lan (no choice) have to vote for PAP as the lesser of 2 evils.

agongkia said...

No .3
Sinkies can do the job betterer but asking for higher pay.And after getting higher pay become lazier.And will ask for more ....
Getting some FTs can help our employers so that they dun have to close shop or die of heart attack earlier and thus enable other Sinkies to have a job n dignity.

agongkia said...

No 4
Cpf is a tax.Your employers pay not you.
So those who manage to get at 55 consider lucky.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Anon 8:53, ok, I agree with your objection. I also want my CPF interests back.

I also agree with Agongkia. We must be generous, especially to the foreigners turned new citizens. Getting to buy HDB flats and no need to serve NS. Make the Sinkies serve NS and don't let them buy HDB flats. We must be kind to our new citizens.

Sinkies' duty is to protect the country even if they have no stake or flat to protect. It is an honour and privilege to serve NS and not allowed to buy HDB flats. This is a great virtue. And don't be like people, no million dollar I don't serve.

I am sure Agongkia will agree with me completely.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, Knn so early u smoking whatever already to get u high. U just go spend your time to hug your Mei Mei and stop sprouting nonense here lar

Anonymous said...

Aiyo RB 9:25 a.m, u must realise that not all Sinkies cannot afford expensive HDB flats, or want their CPF back.

Because as a 1st world country, majority (maybe at least 60%) are able to afford expensive HDB flats, and also want their money remain in CPF to earn the high interest. Up to 5% interest u know. Where can u get this type of interest rate outside, u tell me lah?

agongkia said...

Ask Virgo 49.He is very happy to keep his cpf to earn higher interest than in banks.
Now possibly in Genting nearby enjoying gis MaoShanWang for free with the extra interest he earn from cpf.
A high risk to take in new citizen to serve NS.Security cannot be compromise.
Ok.To be fair. I agree with some of your thoughts but still got 1 more but maybe I panchan n talk next time

Anonymous said...


Trust no trust, no issue no issue!

We can kpkb and kpkb and kpkb so that life on planet
EARTH can be more colourful, more interesting and
more exciting!

Actually, let me tell U lah. NO USE! ALL had already
been decided by HIM.

NO one can change it!

Voters trusting PAP or the oppositions, all decided.

No one can change it!

Which SMCs and which GRCs won by which parties had
already been decided by HIM!

NO one can change it!

This is what 天意! 天意! is all about!

We can just hope that....第一世界的新加坡会更好!



Anonymous said...

I like WP much much better.

This is because WP practises democracy as in First World country. They always say,

"we will let the voters decide...",
"the public is discerning and intelligent, we will let them decide...",
"we will let the residents judge for themselves..."

So, whether to have more foreigners or less, take out CPF one shot at 55, need do NS or not, professional army or not, need import FT or not, if yes which category of FT, need to put money in sinking fund or not, or sometimes can sometimes no need, should all the oldies get free medicare(never mind Singapore is ageing), we put all these to the citizens to decide via a referendum, because the citizens are smart and can take care of themselves. And whatever they choose, it is what they want so cannot complain later. Like what Greece held referendum like that whether the citizens willing to live with more austerity measures.

I like their humble attitude, that they do not know everything, unlike PAP. Let's 团结就是力量,in GE 2015 together we Huat ah !!

Anonymous said...

The arrogance, the use of carrots, paid by the people's money, and threats to create fear will never change.

Do you want to vote for an arrogant govt that threatens you every time and use your money to tell you they are helping you?

patriot said...

I like all the Alternative Parties



patriot said...

By the Way,
is offerings of carrots
also known as


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ RB:

>> Do you trust the PAP? <

Don't be silly lah. Of course not! No political party should ever be trusted.

For me, I gauge the political party by the ACTIONS it takes and the RESULTS which ensue. Then I try to find if there is a real CAUSAL LINK between the party's actions and the observed consequences.

Many political parties will automatically claim "victory" for their "brilliant" policy if outcomes are favourable. If the policies result in epic failures however, the political party in govt will shift BLAME to something it can conveniently "demonise", human greed being a scapegoat.

So it looks like the PAP will lose redbean's vote. I can say NONE of that stuff will happen. The PAP and the rest of the hopefuls have already lost my vote, as I don't (refuse to) vote ;-)

One thing I am almost certain will happen after the election: the GST WILL INCREASE. I'm predicting 10%, i.e. We will be ROBBED 42% more over what we are paying now for our mobile phones, toilet paper, condoms, booze, and delightfully frivolous time wasters.

Thankfully, Singapore is still perceived as a low tax cuntry.


Anonymous said...

I think the PAP might just consider some of these requests, or at least compromise on a few. No. 10 is DEFINITELY a no-go area. Do not even think that No.10 would be considered.

Anonymous said...

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...
@ RB:

>> Do you trust the PAP? <

Don't be silly lah. Of course not! No political party should ever be trusted.

I think you are more silly in the above comment. Now who is more silly, RB or MS?

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

Part 1:

In life, many things are about balance. Giving absolute power to the most benevolent dictatorship may have unintended and apocalyptic consequences if absolute power is in the wrong hands. There is 101% no guarantee that absolute power will be wielded 101% fairly and equitably in the people's interests. On the other hand, to throw caution to the wind and wager everything in a show hand may be too tempestuous and risk practically everything still in possession.

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

Part 2:

Hypothetically, swing voters can maintain status quo in the kingpins such as AMK (6), PRP (6), Jurong (5), Semb (5), CCK (4), WC (4), YH (1) and a couple of others ensuring a simple majority and political continuity but support level in each may be varied according to the type of leadership in each area to ensure that voters are not taken for granted.

Again hypothetically, to engender some political change ( and in the process healthy vibrancy and renewal in the system), swing voters in other "borderline" areas can give significant consideration to the alternatives presented based on the candidates' qualities and assess the suitability to "entask" these alternatives to act for the people as: 1) checks and balances, 2) greater alternative voices, 3) provide alternative solutions, 4) form a mini-shadow cabinet as an insurance policy, 5) provide some competition to bring the best out of a ruling government.

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

Part 3:

The maturity of a nation's populace in political awareness and cultural enlightenment ultimately determines the political choice they made that will decide their future paths for themselves and their future generations.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1055:

Interesting. What, in you opinion would be areas the PAP might "consider" or "compromise" on, viz redbean's 10 point criteria ?

To me they are all "no go" areas. When it comes to making decisions relating to social engineering and economic-tinkering, the PAP does not have a history of listening to the chattering classes. They'll just implement their policy, and see what happens i.e. EXPERIMENT. They know if they have to wait for "The Sheeple's Approval" nothing would ever get done.

Revokes CECA? Get CPF at 55? HDB priority for NS men?..joker! No way lah! 😂

....please lah, what fucking fantasy parallel-universe Singapore are you living in lah? 😂

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

Part 4:

Nonetheless, at this critical crossroads, it may have reached a stage where it is too perilous to put all eggs in one basket.

Hypothetically, swing voters in some areas may have a hard choice to make!

It may not be simply about choosing one side or another.

It is about their future, their children's future and their children's children's future.

It is a grave and serious decision that may not have much buffer for mistakes but the consequences most likely may not be known till years later.

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

Part 5:

In the end, the eventual outcome in life could be more fortuitous than deterministic. Without some luck, without a confluence of factors such as a sudden surge of the wave of globalisation in the early 1970s till 2000 etc, Sinkieland, and consequently old man and his stalwarts might not have achieved what was arguably an amazing economic miracle. The significance of randomness in almost everything is greatly underestimated. Thus, the share of randomness in any election outcome cannot be totally disregarded in place of presumed faith and belief in determinism. The Chinese have a saying: " 天作孽,犹可违; 自作孽,不可活。" Roughly it has the same meaning as: "Karma is a bitch. Keep calm and let karma finish it."

Anonymous said...

The best is still say " No comment" and " Let the people decide" ,simplicity as it looks, but it encompasses everything to all and sundry. It will antagonise no one.
It puts the hard decisions back to you. And rightfully, the citizens should decide. And we will decide that we should get back all out hard earned money in one shot at 55, and many others.

No carrots, no stick, no promise, no arrogance. No stress.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1103 Concerned and Worried Swing Voter:

>> In life, many things are about balance. Giving absolute power to the most benevolent dictatorship may have unintended and apocalyptic consequences if absolute power is in the wrong hands. <<

Giving ABSOLUTE POWER to democracy means the majority can (will almost always) trample over the minority. Once you give flawed humans absolute power in any broad sense, there will be problems. Absolute power is SAFE when it is exercised in LIMITED contexts---for e.g. in my house I have absolute power. Behind the wheel of my car I have absolute power. If I mess up in either case, the damage to others is LIMITED because the context of my absolute power is limited to only my house or my car, not the whole neighborhood, nation or planet.

An absolute power benign dictatorship has delivered the goods, in the Singapore context. There is no denying that because the FACTS (EVIDENCE) is clear. Yes, lives and property were destroyed. Some had to flee the cuntry for their freedom...but despite all that "ugliness", Singapore prevailed. Millions BENEFITED, and continue to do so.

patriot said...


If Sinkies fail to vote wisely this time.







ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1110 Concerned and Worried Swing Voter:

>> Part 3:

The maturity of a nation's populace in political awareness and cultural enlightenment ultimately determines the political choice they made <

Yes, it is CULTURE (all encompassing--social, political, economic, food, language, lifestyle..etc). Therefore: The People Always Get The Government They Deserve.

>>..that will decide their future paths for themselves and their future generations. <<

I wouldn't go that far. Perhaps until the next election. Unless there's cultural change first. Nah... too much randomness to make a prediction. ;-)

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1112:

>> It is a grave and serious decision that may not have much buffer for mistakes but the consequences most likely may not be known till years later. <<

Nonsense lah. It's just an election. One election of many yet to come. In one cuntry, which is changing in a rapidly changing geo political landscape.

Like hell you can make a prediction. Where's your DATA?

Virgo 49 said...

Aiyo, ahgongkia, if cpf interest higher than banks, then keep there for higher interest what?

After all, can withdraw OA anytime if sense things not right to put there anymore. Only bare minimum sum let them hold.

Gets back ftom CPF life annuity every month what. Treat it as buying insurance.

Last time also contribute a lump sum to my late mother's CPF's life annuity to get 3k bonus add on and withdraw monthly till her passing. One short get back principal plus interest producing death cert.

Also part by part yearly contribute under children's names top up my retirement account using my cash funds as withdraw ftom OA to claim their income tax rebates.

Got these type of loopholes don't use wasted sinkies famous keng to get extra monies from government.


ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

@ 1113:

>> The significance of randomness in almost everything is greatly underestimated. Thus, the share of randomness in any election outcome cannot be totally disregarded in place of presumed faith and belief in determinism. <<

What? Sure, randomness is a fact. But you still can make predictions within statistical limits, and as a species we're PRETTY DAMN GOOD at that....and getting better thanks to cheap, fast computers, measuring tools, and cheap storage for the massive (and growing) data sets we're collecting.

>> Keep calm and let karma finish it." <<

There no such "thing" as karma ;-) The just World Fallacy

Anonymous said...

Me Redbean,
Good morning.
Like your wish list. It will remain a wish list, until the votes forced a change to accommodate the wish list because of self-perseverance of the PAP.
The power for change from voters on politicians is likely 1 simple tool. It's the vote. Usually "business as usual" remains longer, as the majority crowd is not anticipatory but reactive. It will react only after it reaches BTH (Baey Tahan). Incumbency has its advantages.

Randomness is only for those who like excuses. The truth of life is ordered and order. For those who understand and diligently applied the truth revealed, they will achieve excellence for good or for evil, given enough time and opportunities.

There is nothing new under the sun. Men will labor under the sun and perish. But the one who sees above the sun to the Only Son will be forgiven and saved despite his failings. So as for them who steal much and is proud whether in the name of public service or integrity or even God, he will still perish and be naked. There is no profit at the end.

Warmest regards, ac

Anonymous said...

My friend Simon told the kakis during our usual
breakfast this morning that east coast GRC needs
just a few swing votes to deny PAP.

In his opinion, WP will field a "100% Sure-Win',
very very strong team there!

Wawawa......Getting more n more n more exciting!

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

As I posted elsewhere.
The issue is not trust.
The question is PAP's "well qualified" candidates.

"Well qualified" to do what?
- well qualified to serve Singaporeans?
- well qualified to serve Aliens?
- well qualified to serve PAP?
- well qualified to serve themselves and their cronies?

PAP's General Desmond Kuek at SMRT
- is he well qualified enough to serve Singaporeans?
PAP's General Ng Yat Chung at NOL.
- is he well qualified enough to serve Singaporeans?
PAP's Admiral Lui Tuck Yew as Transport Minister
- is he well qualified enough to serve Singaporeans?

PAP's colorectal surgeon Koh Poh Koon at AMK GRC
- is he well qualified enough to serve Singaporeans?

Think first before you blindly vote for a "well qualified" PAP candidate.
Are PAP's candidates "well qualified" enough to serve Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

These paper generals all NOT qualified to serve Singaporeans.

I will vote for "No Comments" and "We will let the voters decide" party. I trust them 100% and they are well qualified. What's more, they are not arrogant. I hope they will win and carry the nation forward into the 22nd century.

Lets PARTEE !!

Huat Ah!

Concerned and Worried Swing Voter said...

@ Anon 1.43 and 1.51

"Well-said" but do be mindful to walk the talk!

Exiting MSN for now till after the hustings. No more blogging liao!

Since "no comment" party is so good with all the good hearts in the right places as alleged ( never mind what brains they have? ), let them battle it out and no more free loading and free riding. See how they measure up to the (cunning and unscrupulous) opponents. With such "brilliant" supporters like YEW around, who needs enemy?

Anonymous said...

Would you vote for gangster chiefs to serve you?

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon 12.25

Good to hear that. East coast GRC may go to WP.

Had a friendly wager with friend that if the Opposition were to win at least a third of all seats, then will be one hundred dollars richer.

If not just fifty dollars poorer.

Do some calculations and think its possible.


Anonymous said...


agongkia said...

Aiyo Lau chek.
Win win 100 lost lose 50 only. Rich always want take advantage.
If really confident of winning then win win 100 lost lose 1000 lah..
What's the point if you win 100 but your cpf interest end up lower than bank.
Win here lose there.
Maybe you will end up become Penang bangsart.Nevermind,forget about your maoshanwang, i buy you best Penang durian if you are here:-)

Virgo49 said...

This PAP die hard offered to bet that PAP will win hands down

So he offered win 50 win 100, Good deal what !!!

If Cpf interest less than withdraw all and put in Malaysia may bank

virgo49 said...

Sorry should be win 50 and lose 100

Had told him to give me money first as PAP gonna be slaughtered by the opposition

Maybank Malaysia interest high high rates good good

Yesterday remitted 1k sin and get rm 2890