Chok Tong – PAP’s new oracle has spoken

For being in politics for nearly 50 years and at a ripe age of 74, Chok Tong is speaking with wisdom and authority. And for once I can’t really disagree with what he said. What did he say? He is asking the people to give the PAP a strong mandate but conditional. Very wise. If Singaporeans are happy with what the PAP has been doing, has done and want the PAP to continue what it is doing, they must give the PAP a strong mandate. What the PAP has been working so hard over the years for the interests of Singapore is well known and legendary. The CPF, Medishield Life, Population growth, economic growth, more universities and university places, they even solved the housing problems and brought down the cost of living. COE prices also come down recently and prices of train fares were reduced without the people asking for it.

Chok Tong even said that the PAP has been its ‘own check’ and ‘For many years, the PAP was the only party in Parliament. Has the PAP gone corrupt in those years?’ My answer is a definite NO. PAP is NOT corrupt. But Chok Tong should put his ears on the ground to hear the noises. Though PAP is NOT corrupt, the ground noises are anything but NOT corrupt. But of course the daft did not know the truth and anyhow talked. Just a different in perception. These noises would not affect the PAP getting a strong mandate for More Good Years and More of the Same vintage PAP, maybe even the elusive Swiss standard of living.

Here is another interesting quote from Chok Tong reported in the main media. ‘They are seducing the people and if the people are not careful, they get seduced and you know what happens when you are seduced. You will pay a price.’  Immediately there were images of opposition politicians in the campaign rallies dancing on stage and performing strip tease shows to seduce the audience came to mind. But Chok Tong was not saying such crassy stuff. He was referring to the opposition’s call for more checks and balance in Parliament. What for when the integrity of the PAP leaders and MPs are impeccable, they are the best checks and balance on themselves. There is no need for more opposition members in Parliament. Short of saying a one party rule with absolute majority is the best, and I must agree also, PAP is the party that is always doing good for the people and doing self checks. Where on earth can you find such a dream party? It is unreal but it is real, only in Uniquely Singapore. The oracle says so, and the old oracle also said so. These are men of wisdom and words of wisdom. This is actually another miracle that the govt has not announced openly. A national secret.

Let me come back to the issue of seduction. Only daft and gullible people will be seduced by little goodies here and there. The PAP does not believe in small and little goodies. The PAP believe in doing good for the people in a big way, like upgrading programmes, lift upgrading, more playgrounds, more childcare centres, Pioneer Generation Packages, Baby bonuses, more subsidies for housing and everything, and big party bashes, and everything that it can do for the good of the people. Even unpopular policies like more foreign talents to grow the economy, holding back the people’s life savings in the CPF, compulsory Medishield Life etc etc they have no fear of doing when they think are good for the people.

Singaporeans who believe in the PAP as the miracle party that will bring More Good Years for the people and continue with what it is doing, Singaporeans who believe in the wisdoms of the oracles, old and new, must give the PAP a strong mandate, even if all 89 seats in Parliament lagi good. There is no need for checks and balance when you have good leaders with unquestionable integrity doing their own checks and balance. Who says power corrupts? Not in Singapore, the miracle state with miracles happening everyday and everywhere.

This new oracle is speaking in all humbleness. He asked the WP, 'Would that same arrogance be able to replace me and my team in Marine Parade? Let them try.' This is classic humbleness in action.


Anonymous said...

Not say Singaporeans believe in the PAP lah.

Because Singaporeans even more do not believe in the opposition either. I mean, how to believe the opposition, when the opposition do not even believe in themselves?

So come to a choice between PAP and opposition, who do you think majority Singaporeans will vote?

Choose the lesser of 2 evils lah, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Sporeans always cow father cow mother. On sep 11 all turn to steak, medium or well done. The bb pit is ready. Will there be enough fire extinguisher this time. Maybe yes or surely no.

Speedwing said...

Come September 11 - Vote for the people you think will make Singapore truly shine.

Anonymous said...

I think Chok Tong will win lah.

Let's be realistic and look at it this way. Suppose WP win Marine Parade. What benefit will Marine Parade voters have, if PAP is still returned to power with at least 2/3 majority seats?

And PAP will win at least 2/3 or even 90% majority seats, simply because majority voters, even if they badly want to deny PAP 2/3 majority, are also very scared they may accidentally vote PAP out of govt. So being typical kiasu, they will play safe by making Chok Tong, and maybe also 90% of PAP candidates win lah.

In other words, most likely status quo, as long as the opposition is not ready to be govt.

agongkia said...

No need waste time to ponder who to vote.
By now you shd know who's better for you n your next generation .
Concentrate to work harder and be a good citizen.
My choice is clear. ..I will vote for ......

Anonymous said...

Wah! Wah! Wah! Change Like Weather!

Six months ago the ground is very very sweet for PAP.

Two months ago the ground is very very very sweet for PAP.

Two weeks ago the ground is very very very very sweet for PAP.

Today! The ground is still sweet sweet for PAP.

Will the sweet sweet turns into sweet only or worst.....very sour?

It depends!

Yes! It depends on the news from now to polling day and what were

Will sweet sweet turns into at least very sweet for PAP or will it
turns into very sour? All the best!

We shall see.

Hello 12 Sept!

The said...

/// For many years, the PAP was the only party in Parliament. Has the PAP gone corrupt in those years? ///

And who is accusing whom of being arrogant?

/// Opposition parties come and go like nomads ///

Shooting himself in the foot and putting said foot in his mouth. What is the cause of these nomads? It is your own Electoral Boundaries Review Committee. By their gerrymandering, many incumbents and candidates found themselves to be nomads. But uniquely Singapore, it is not the nomads who roam about, it is the land that move about. Tin Pei Ling became a nomad, not because she moved, but because her constituency moved from Marine Parade to MacPherson. Who is going to be the nomad to replace Raymond Lim in Fengshan?

Want to know a true nomad? That asshole doctor who was a son of Punggol, but now not sure where is going to be a son of?

Anonymous said...

I agree. You don't expect a white hair man to speak foolishly.
BTW, what is the price for being seduced?

Anonymous said...

Though fear is dead, do the people want to give a bigger mandate to the PAP to bring back fear?

Do the people want to give PAP a bigger mandate to cold storage their CPF savings for good?

Do the people want to give PAP a bigger mandate to bring in more foreigners?

Do the people want to give the PAP a bigger mandate to make more PMEs unemployed?

Are the people that daft?

Anonymous said...

If Marine Parade still won by the PAP, it would be renamed Kayu Parade. Oops, oops, better give it a better sounding name, how about Woodsville Parade?

Anonymous said...

PAP WILL WIN, but by how much? September 12 will be a day full of happiness, sadness, surprises, laughters and tears.

Anonymous said...

Turn to today's ST headline page.

Study the 2 photos.

The look on the face of the candidates tells all!


Anonymous said...

Final poll before Ge 2015


The PAP vote share will drop to between 53% to 58%. The 2/3 majority is under threat for GE 2015. The Opposition will win between 25 to 35 seats.

The bigger battle will be after GE 2015. If the 2/3 majority is lost, the PAP will no longer have the ability to amend the Constitution. The paves the way for the election of a President who is unfriendly to the PAP and who can order an audit of the PAP.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

More Than Just Population:
August 26, 2015 at 7:55 pm More Than Just Population(Quote)
Stolen CPFs, no transparency and accountablity on public funds, obscene ministers pay, rampant corruptions and declining public services, unaffordable health care, overcrowding, transport breakdowns and increasing costs of living, joblessness, the list is endless…

I copied above from a commentator in TRE. Notice the word 'rampant corruptions'? This is ground sentiment and perception. How did the people on the ground have this perception of a corruption free govt?

Anonymous said...

RB,if people had not known you are the master of sarcasm, you would be flamed by now.
Another point if you listen to GCT's speech, he is a great example of a Pot calling the kettle black. Or for his case Wooden calling another cha tow (wooden head)

Anonymous said...

GCT, like all PAP candidates, are very lucky to rule Sinkies.

Lucky because the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, and hence majority Sinkies(aka 60%) are very scared to accidentally vote PAP out.

So GCT can say anything he want, and majority Sinkies will still vote to make him win. This is the unique characteristic of majority Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

PM Low Thia Khiang? PM Sylvia Lim?

Cannot even properly manage Town Council accounts, how to manage a nation's affairs and accounts?

If Teochew Ah Hia, Hainan Ah Ko and even Aung Juan Soon Chee didn't even want to talk to each other before election, can you imagine they can agree to form coalition govt even if majority Sinkies vote for them to win?

This is the kind of problem with Sinkie opposition which for sure will make them always lose big big every election.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...

Could Chok Tong be a plant by the opposition to fuck up the PAP?

Must be. I don't believe that there exists another human being as fucked up, disingenuous and twisted as this fucking waste of oxygen.

Anonymous said...

You feel lonely in your blog so must come here to irritate people?

Anonymous said...

Best checks on themselves? Didn't they check Phey Yew Kok, Teh Cheang Wan and Wee Toon Boon? Their system of selecting candidates was supposed to be the best, going through so many tea sessions.

Woody woodpecker should know that self-praise is the most fishy kind of smell. He still does not remember his intervention in Hougang and Potong Pasir cost the PAP much support and here he is at it again.

Anonymous said...

He believes he is the man when LKY is no longer around.

Anonymous said...

Rhetoric and grand standing. Remember his stupid slogans "More good years", "Swiss Standard of Living", "World Cup Goal 2010", etc. He is a liability and he does'nt know it!
More than 40yrs as an MP. He should retire gracefully.

patriot said...

Me concurs.

Goh Chok Tong is possibly
the Man that will bring down
the Falls of PAP and

Wealth is his only concern in
his political mission.

Maybe his $600k is peanut wife
has much influence over him.


Anonymous said...

GCT is unbelievable. Is he Stupid? Or is he Evil? or Is he crazy for money? Even now.
1. HDB asset inflation that harms heartlanders as asset enhancement.
2. Million dollars ministerial pay, as public service.
3. FT influx even into PMETs jobs, with India, a nation with 500 mln potential PMETs from 1.5 bln people.
4. Staying put as renewal.

All in all he gained financially from public coffers in all 4 above.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think that gct wants out of GE2015. Imagine an old man with plenty of $$$ but deprived of companionship of his overseas daughter and grandchildren, and just had a brush with cancer. Surely he would like to step down and enjoy life. I am sure he knows that he cannot bring his $$$ to his grave. Why didn't he?

I think this is the price he paid for selling his soul to the devil. The devil just won't let him go. And he hasn't the gut of Inderjit Singh. So he has to go on, but he really 不行了. He will end up destroying his own legacy. 报应。Pity him not. We the people are the collateral damage. Damn!

Anonymous said...

Why do you think he demanded for a Emeritus title?

Anonymous said...

Do you think PM would want someone to breathe down his neck?

Anonymous said...

Silly you. Do you actually think gct can breathe down lsl's neck?
For that matter, do you seriously think there is any pap member who can breath down lsl's neck?

It's not hard to guess who CAN breathe down lsl's neck.
You know, he "spend all my time thinking about what's the right way to fix them".

Anonymous said...

Matilah Singapura is right. He has started to incur the wrath of the people by comparing them with dogs chasing after meats thrown at them.

Anonymous said...

This is a remark that will anger most Singaporeans, most of all muslims, for sure. You con't compare people with dogs when it is such a sensitive issue. The opposition will have a song and dance about it for sure during the rallies. By then he may well wish he had kept his woody woodpecker mouth shut.

He does not have the bestowed authority or immortal standing of the old man to utter such things and get away with it. Far from it. He had, many a time been 'outranked' and 'muffled' for saying the wrong things, even by lower level ministers.

ℳatilah_$ingapura said...


>> This is a remark that will anger most Singaporeans <<

Of course it will. Singaporeans take offense to the tiniest of slights. I'm not taking GCT's side---the man is still a noxious lump of protoplasm, whose dad could have done mankind a solid by jerking off and jizzing into dirty towel, or spent 5¢ on a condom before fucking his mom.

Wasserstein said...

at least one candidate of the pap contesting aljunied is a good for nothing. he was asked to leave but now is a high flyer in another place. worked with him before.