Chok Tong is shaping up very well as the new Oracle

After the original Oracle left the scene the last thing people could think of is another Oracle to take his place. That is a very big shoe to fit and fortunately Chok Tong also a very big man, physically, and wears a pair of very big shoes. Just as everyone has given the idea a slip and this great city is going to move on without the Oracle, a new Oracle is easing himself into the chair.

Actually the sign was there just before the announcement of the GE. Chok Tong divulged that some of his friends had been encouraging him to retire while another group was telling him he had many more good years to stay in politics and wanted him to continue to serve the people of Marine Parade. This kind of information is vintage material and often associated with great leaders like the Oracle and Mahathir. There is subtle hint of indispensability and popularity, a leader that the people have grown dear to.

And Chok Tong’s reply was that he would decide if he would stay on or to retire. Another vintage reply like the Oracle and Mahathir. True leaders in charge would decide when to stay or quit in their own terms. Who would dare to tell the Oracle or Mahathir to retire? No big no small. And soon after Chok Tong shared his two hour meeting with Hsien Loong and revealed that Hsien Loong had asked him to stay to stay, maybe to give a bit more ballast to the Marine Parade team. In other words he is indispensable or at least still useful. He decided to stay.

Having secured his position as a candidate for the next GE, Chok Tong is now the most senior statesman in the PAP team, and the most experience. Now is his turn to carry the party along, to share his wisdom and his weight in wherever he is needed. And Chok Tong is finding it a piece of cake to fit into the vacuum left by the Oracle.

In a way he is looking and acting every inch like the Oracle, strutting around like the Oracle. His first piece of advice to his Marine Parade residents is not to be seduced by the WP’s offer to be the checks and balance on the govt. And if the voters are seduced, they would pay a price for it.

Reflect on this for a moment, to the pre GE time in Aljunied GRC. What did the Oracle told the voters there? If I remember it correctly, it was something like the people of Aljunied would repent for the next 5 years if they voted out the PAP team.  Does Chok Tong’s advice to the Marine Parade voters sound similar, instead of repent, he used the word ‘pay a price’? Very Oracle like.

As the senior statesman and party elder, this must be his role as the new Oracle, to give advice, warnings, and maybe a subtle threat to in favour of the party if needed. Yes the PAP has a new Oracle, one that is walking around and throwing his weight around to support the party.


Virgo49 said...

Kena by Teochew Ah Hia backlash then he knows.

How Lian!!!

Left half a screw into coffin still acts besar besar??

On Sept 11, his Twin Towers below goes into flames.

Got to go for S$4.00 by pass. All on the House.

Taxpayers bear the brunt of their medical.


Talk Big!!

Anonymous said...

Would any of them kena heart attack on 911?

Anonymous said...

His recent remarks has erased the respect previously earned. The only thing positive is that he's trying his best to help the oppos increase their percentage. Way to go. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

For some people the speech organ has moved from the top to the bottom.

The said...

/// And if the voters are seduced, they would pay a price for it. ///

If voters are seduced by the Swiss standards of living or More Good Years, they would indeed pay a price for it - a very high price.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant comment in 2011 to aljunied grc voters and what happen. Now the same arrogance in marine parade. Will we see a same result. Surely not.

Anonymous said...

He is doing exactly what the old man did in 2011. The end result will be the same.

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between oracle and gct.

oracle is motivated to handover a viable country to his son, so he soldiered on till death.
gct, on the other hand, has no such motivation. If any, he would be positively motivated to retire and live well for the rest of his life. Perhaps this is why his speech seemed to be helping him to lose instead of win Marine Parade. Contrary to what most of us think, maybe the sneaky one is learning from Aljunied GE2011 on how to lose a GRC.

No wonder they say politics is dirty.

Anonymous said...

We will see how he schemes to lose Marine Parade to WP.

Anonymous said...

Rhyme B. Md. Said To say that people are attracted to meat thrown by opposition, this is disrespectful to us Singaporeans! By saying this, u are as arrogant!

Thiyaga Raju Wife said peanuts. Husband says bits of meat. What’s next? Believe GCT has scored an own goal with his irresponsible remarks.

Richard Ang As a minister speaking those words make singaporean very sad. It make him like a king and we are animals.

Chucky Chikarikishi San Don’t chase after bits of meat thrown by the opposition,” Mr Goh said. So we are yur pets or animal to you now? Is this how you speak as a senior Minister?

Anonymous said...

Mang San:
August 28, 2015 at 12:22 am Mang San(Quote)
” Netizens have found the remark to be “extremely disrespectful” which they saw as likening Singaporeans to animals, or dogs ” .

Anonymous said...

This man is exactly the kind of people that populate the PAP nowadays. Arrogant, spiteful and vindictive. He treats voters as less than human, while they carried themselves to be immortals or higher mortals.

This man will be what the opposition needs to win more votes, exactly the way he did it in Hougang and Potong Pasir.

When he is gone, the next one of similar breed will be the uncivilised big nose fella.