AHPETC - Aljunied residents elevated to be judges

There were lapses in the AHPETC, just like there were lapses in other town councils and grass root organisations. There was no dishonesty and all were acting on good intention. I thought these would be good enough to say let’s move on, leaving the benefit of the doubt to the individual to decide what he chooses to believe.

The conditions leading to the problems and lapses faced by AHPETC are there for all to see, starting from the handover of accounts, the AIMS saga, the transfer of surplus funds to the reserves and no longer touchable, and the withholding of govt grants etc etc. In the case of other town councils and grassroot organisations, the lapses were from different circumstances, more voluntary in nature with no exciting saga or drama.

For the moment, and likely, for whole election rally period, the AHPETC issues would be on the lips of all PAP politicians and ministers. They are going to drum, WP is bad, WP is bad, WP is bad. Some even gone so low as alleging whether money was lost without any proof or justifications.

The attack against the WP is furious if you read the main media. It is all over the pages daily with very wide and detailed coverage. While the PAP is launching a massive PR exercise against the WP, they forget that the WP MPs are the elected representatives of the people of Aljunied GRC, Punggol and Hougang. They forget that the masters of the AHPETC are the people of the GRC and the two SMCs. Attacking their elected representatives is in a way attacking the people who elected them to Parliament, that the people made a bad choice. WP is bad, PAP is good or better.

The bottom line of the AHPETC saga would end up becoming case of who the respective constituents choose to believe. Would they believe the PAP story that WP is bad, incapable of running a town council, or would they see this as ploy, as a set up by the PAP against the WP? The PAP has presented its case and would continue to hammer their points in till Polling Day. The WP has spoken and laid their cards laid bare on the table. Both sides have spoken.

Now who is going to judge who is right and who is wrong? Not the supreme court judges, not the whole of Singapore, but the residents of AHPETC. They are now the judges to this saga. They will pronounce who is right and who is wrong. This is about the fairest judgement that can come about, a judgement made by more than a hundred thousand residents. They will deliver their verdict on Polling Day.

If WP is booted out, it would mean the PAP has made their case and the residents believe the PAP story. If the WP wins again, it will be a resounding rejection of the PAP story, that the residents believed in their representatives and trusted them and did not find anything wrong with them. The case would be a test of the intelligence of the residents of AHPETC. Are they intelligent enough to sift through the smokes and know what the whole saga is all about?

Is it a case of right versus wrong, a case of wrongdoings, and who is the wrongdoer? Or is it a plain and simple case of political bickering and petty politics?

The people will be the judge in this case. This is as fair as one can get and the losers would be dealt a severe blow for losing the trust of the people. It would be a case when the majority of the people speak in one voice, we don’t trust you, we reject you. It is a mini referendum in a way. The people will deliver the justice against the unjust.


Anonymous said...

LetS put it this way and use a hypothetical example.

Supposed one day, a good opposition party won an election fair and square and took over the ruling party as government.
But the ruling party who has been governing the place decides to remove the software that contains all the accounting and data and state of affairs. I mean, what kind of work is not done on software techno oly these days? Nobody is doing work manually anymore correc t?
So they decided to remove it because they called it their paid assets paid for by their own party funds. What do you think will happen?
Not just one single ward, but ALL 13-20constitutiencies for example? Do you know How messy and labor intensive this exercise is going to be? One probably have to hire an accountant for each constituency in order to ensure books and numbers "handed over" are in order. A lcorproate lawyer of sort might also need to be present to account for every items before the recipient take over in GOOd condition. Now, did that happen? Why did WP allow the incumbent to get away if they are not handed over in the state that they Should? Where or who is the guardian body for such town council matters? Go see how UK does it, does the same set of hand over rule , not just town council but the entire country exists today? whose job is it to ensure an order,y process?

If a company was taken over by a parent company (acquisition or not) all these books and software should rightfully be in their original place. Is this the case in AHPETC?

Anonymous said...

The PAP will do anything they think would make things difficult for the newly elected group of people. After the GE 2015, if opposition win many more GRC or SMC, will the PAP who have been kicked out do the same? If that happens, Singapore will be in chaos. The residents of the GRC or the SMC should voice their objection. PAP was so petty.

Anonymous said...

/// After the GE 2015, if opposition win many more GRC or SMC, will the PAP who have been kicked out do the same? If that happens, Singapore will be in chaos. ///
August 25, 2015 12:24 p.m.

This will indeed be a test of PAP's loyalty to Singapore and Singaporeans.
Will Singapore and Singaporeans be sabotaged?

Anonymous said...

The people will be the judge in this case.

Just like in GE 2011, I think the people will let Teochew Ah Hia team win Aljunied again lah. If not ah, there may be no opposition MPs at all in Parliament after GE 2015, which is also not desirable.

Having said that, I think Hainan Ah Ko and Aung Juan Soon Chee will lose, so will Kenneth (son of JBJ), Madcow Goh and Ah Chiam's wife and party. Because if the people make them win, PAP may be accidentally voted out of power, which is even more not desirable.

Hence GE 2015 outcome will more or less be a repeat of GE 2011, as long as, and just like in GE 2011, the opposition is still not ready to be govt. Because, and believe Ah Hia's words, majority voters are really very scared to accidentally vote PAP out of govt.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 1.29 above. If Aljunied goes back to PAP, we are sunk for good.

Had the PAP not lost in Aljunied GRC in 2011, do you honestly think they will do all those tinkering of many issues to pacify the criticisms?

Besides the above, the buying of votes with further upgrading is still needed for them to consolidate power. But what I fear is the same old habit of giving a drumstick and taking back onw whole chicken. Many are talking about the imminent increase of GST to fund all those subsidies trotted out for vote buying.

Sink all the opposition and be prepared to be sodomised for eternity.

patriot said...

The People have witnessed all the Crooked Schemes of the Pappies.

The Issue Now is whether the Voters
have the Conscience to rid tge Evil Schemers.

Are Sinkies of righteous stock?


Anonymous said...

Good intentions can be good and bad can be bad. Good can also be bad and bad can also be good. All depends on who is saying and who is listening. As in the old adage, you can confuse some people some of the time and some all of the time but not all people all of the time. Applies to miw & also all other colors. Sep11 will answer this confusion.

Anonymous said...

Aljunied Residents got guts!. Heroes of Singapore. Trailbrazers of GRCs. Respect!

Anonymous said...

Civil servants run every country.
Even how powerful, whatever the ruling political party including PAP.

Fact: CIVIL SERVICE runs the country. Not politicians.

Myth: If PAP loses, Singapore dysfunctional. Its a lie, a deception.

With PAP lousy vision & direction, better to just have Civil Service runs the country for a while.

Anonymous said...

If another party wins the Election and becomes government.
Then power resides with them.
Civil servants will then listen to the New Ones in power.

Currently Opposition has no power at all. That's why Civil Servants are not cooperative. So simple. Obedience will go to the One who holds the power.

Another way: "Power is in the one holding the barrel of the gun".

Anonymous said...

I am an Aljunied GRC resident.Its not out of characteristics of the PAP to smear opposition candidate given half a chance.
My and my family votes will still be go to the WP. In fact, sentiments on the ground suggest that Marine Parade would not go very well with the PAP too.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans' chance to take back their CPF savings
Singaporeans' chance to change the Medishield Life scheme so that they don't have to pay for a life time.
Singaporeans' chance to stop the foolish and reckless intake of foreigners.
Singaporeans' chance to stop the ever increasing cost of living and cost of all things to pay for the high salaries of elite.
Singaporeans' chance to take back their country and decide what is good for them.
Singaporeans' chance to live a life without fear and without being threatened.

Anonymous said...

What is there to judge? I am a Hougang resident for three decades and have been voting opposition and will do so for life.

They can tell us grandmother stories of how bad the WP is, but nothing hurts as badly when compared to what the PAP has done to us and deprived us of all those facilities derived from taxes contributed by everyone, that we, as citizens in Hougang have as much right to enjoy as any other Singaporean.

That perception is cast in stone and cannot be changed by any 'uncivilised' smears of any kind.