Xi Jinping – Basic salary $2450 per month

Xi Jinping’s salary got a big boost, a 62% increase from 7,020 yuan to 11,385 yuan($2,450). It was about $1,500 pm before the raise. In the most expensive city in Asia, Singapore, $1,500 pm is below poverty line. Ok, Ok, some said $1,000 can buy a public flat. So feel free to listen to whoever you want to believe in. But a household income of $3,000 pm will qualify for govt assistance in many things in Singapore.

Just wondering how would Xi Jinping, the President of PRC is going to survive with that kind of salary if he is to come here for a holiday. Our minister will quit if they did not get their million dollar salaries. Why would Xi Jinping accept this kind of pittance salary and will to work happily without telling the Chinese people that he is making a huge financial sacrifice for accepting the job?

I would like to suggest to the Chinese people to petition their govt to pay their President at least $10,000 pm. It may not be much, but at least he would be able to live more reasonably if he wants to retire in Sin City. Of course at $10,000 pm it would not do much for his dignity here. But he can remain anonymous and live quietly in a public flat.

It is outrageous to pay the President of PRC $2,450 pm as basic salary. My part time MP’s allowance is $16,000 pm, not counting his proper income and the director’s fees he is collecting.


agongkia said...

Pls dun insult the Chinese president lah.You think he will consider retiring here.
There is a difference between为民服务 and 为钱服务。
You may not know there may be leaders out there being force to draw high salary or allowances but secretly giving away all their allowances to the people they serve.

Anonymous said...

You are right. Many people may be getting million dollar salaries but giving away their millions quietly.

There are many people with good hearts.

patriot said...

There are broadly two pursuits in human beings. They are Material or Spiritual and others live on a balance of Both.
Anyway, All will be levelled in the End.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Please lah redbean, a small city state like Singapore kicks China's ass when it come to governance, success and economic power---taken of course in proportion to size of cuntree and population. China can't smell our farts....not even close lah.

I defend the high salaries the Singaporean Sheeple pay their government. The Sheeple place heavy demands on the government. 24/7/365 they pressure the government from writing letters to the newspaper to bombarding MPs and the PM on Facebook, tekaning the gov on internet hangouts like your blog and the TRE and a plethora of other forums.

Singaporean Sheeple are hard task masters. They expect their maids to work like slaves. Similarly, they expect their highest-piad-in-the-world govt to out-perform other lesser-paid governments...even the USA with Obama earning like a poor black guy compared to even a young minister here.

Singapore's benign dictatorship government kicks planet earth's ass lah!

China good for buying and making cheap stuff and going there for bang-bang fucky-sucky "me love you long time" wild dirty sex.

However the way Singapore rocks has rich Chinese coming here to join our party. Add to that the rich Russians, Indonesians, HK movie stars and the occasional US billionaire.

Which cuntree better: Singapore or China?

Singapore, hands down. No contest lah.

Anonymous said...

You cannot keep on blowing a balloon. It will burst and it is going to burst soon.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Of course lah. Blow up, then burst. The bust always clears out the shit, it is necessary. Maybe some blood in the streets...but even that will eventually pass.

Then start blowing again.

Great system!

Anonymous said...

Of course Xi Jinping is paid only $2450/month.
China is so much easier to govern than Singapore you know.

Singapore got a very long coastline.
That's why Mas Selamat can escape.
China's coastline is so short.
Why Xi Jinping need so much salary for?

And China's railways and MRT system.
How many kilometers versus our SMRT in Singapore?
SMRT in Singapore got so many more thousands of kilometers of railway tracks to maintain.
That is why our SMRT CEO must be paid a million dollar salary.

And our train depots.
We got so many more train depots than China you know.
That is why our Bishan MRT depot very difficult to defend.
China ... you think got how many train depots to defend you tell me?

Xi Jinping is clearly grossly overpaid for running such a small country.
What is China?
One of the smallest economy in the world.
It's not as if they can send a rocket into space right?

b said...

Under LKY standard, he must be very corrupted. I think chinese leaders should sue him.

patriot said...


Please la, don't think the Talented PAP Elites are hard up to be your Rulers.
They have taken great pain to explain and remind You that they make huge personal and family sacrifices just to serve You.
They also tell You honestly and frankly that there are real dangers of them getting corrupted if not paid enough.

Personally, me care not how much they want and take, so long we are living okay and not exploited. However, seeing is believing; very few fellow countrymen are happy and more are facing difficulties coping with housing, job and healthcare problems.

We do not have corrupted member in the Regime. The Rulers are working so very hard to take care of the People. Yet we have youngsters literally using words to fuck the Rulers. We also have elderlies pleading to the Rulers not to give helps. And other than some sycophants, most are swearing and cursing off their arses at the Rulers.

Dont the People appreciate the Hardwork, Integrity and sacrifice of the Rulers?


Virgo 49 said...

One China's lake is 1000000000000 times bigger than your sinkie land.

dotseng said...

Chin leng,

I don't know why you allow this MS to post the nonsense he post.

I am getting suspicious of your intentions.

Darkness 2015

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Darkness,
Thanks for your view. We all know that he is sick, bi polar or tourrette or whatever. He would admit it. Just regard him as a residence jester.

Some readers here find him comical and provide some humour and distraction.

As long as he does not go too wild. Sometimes he is sensible.

Unless I have confirmation of who he is and his intent, give him the benefit of the doubt.


dotseng said...

You are naive. I know what his mission is. We have a mole burrowed deep in their nest relaying information to us daily as to his puppet masters design. When the time is right.....all will be revealed.

Darkness 2015

Matilah_Singapura said...

So... redbean, are you going to "disallow" me to post, so that that asswipe Darkness can be happy?

People like Darkness are all over the place infecting Singapore with a specific virus : "Shut the fuck up, I don't like what you say!" which is why I for one think that the cuntry is still too immature for "democracy", and thus having a Benign Dictator is probably the best way to keep the peace---i.e. keep the "shut the fuck up" assholes from becoming violent and killing people they don't like :-)

Hur hur hur....

Question is: When is Darkness going to see the light?

Probably never :-))

Anyway, I think the Singapore govt needs to be paid high salaries. Afterall, the sheeple want the govt to run everything...so why not?

dotseng said...

As a sign of protest I will have to leave this site Chin Leng. I urge all others here to do the same.

Thanks for the fish

Darkness 2015

(This message will be repeated periodically by the IMG by order of Darkness 2015)

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ I hope the door hits you in the ass on the way out, Darkness:

Oh why oh why....please stay and play, pretty please please please....dun be like dat lah....what's the matter?....

Did your mom not love you enough? Did she try to sell you to the catholics for their priests to bang you?

C'mon lah, behave like an adult, fucking sour puss! It's all good fun here....nothing serious lah ;-)

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Darkness,

I always have reservation on whoever is posting unless I know exactly who or what he is. It would be good if you could reveal what he really is.

Until then, I won't jump to conclusion even I have my suspicion. Unlike Raymond when I have enough proof about him, this one still no confirmation.

You are always welcome here.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Yah man Darkness, you are always welcome here. I do enjoy jousting with you :-)

Dun be a spoilt sport lah. Shit, I'm not hard to find lah. I eat breakfast everyday at the same places in Holland V or Botanic Gardens when I go for morning run---which I've done for years.

Anonymous said...

Darkness, just sock it to him. Don't give chance.

The said...

/// agongkia said...
There is a difference between为民服务 and 为钱服务。///

And there is a greater difference between 为人民服务 and 为人民币服务.

Anonymous said...

Darkness has raised his white flag. Matilah won.