Wrong Medicine at Singapore Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

TTSH Allowed Possible Human Contagion without Quarantine

A Radiographer nursing staff [Facebook nickname “Edz Ello”] of Singapore’s Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) posted inflammatory threats to “kick out Singaporeans” and “prayed (wished) for Singaporean deaths” on his Facebook has been placed on administrative duties, pending police investigations.  The Hospital decision apparently ignored a pattern of similar derogatory anti-Singapore remarks on his Facebook.

Pending the outcome of a purported Police investigations, the Standard HRM practice is to suspend the staff and bar his presence from the Hospital for up to 7 days (as allowed by labour laws) while convening a separate Internal Inquiry which would carry out a forensic analysis of his work station, including official and personal computers, personal papers, case files, as well as conduct interviews of co-workers and friends. Any past incidents should be flagged eg. Mails, posts, graffiti and quarrels involving Singaporean patients, co-workers, visitors and vendors should be re-examined.  Should he be deem a flight risk, the Police should detain him under protective custody and/or retain his passport.

While on suspension, the Staff could prepare and collect whatever evidence to support his purported defense [“Someone hacked his Facebook account”]. Given the pattern of similar derogatory anti-Singapore remarks on his Facebook, his defense seemed incredulous.  Nonetheless, the Staff is entitled to due process in Singapore where we apply the Rule of Law even for the more hardened social and criminal offender.

It is a Major Mistake to allow the Staff to return to the workplace amidst the negative publicity against him, and to provide him opportunities for the possible tampering or removal of evidence against him and/or threaten co-workers and other persons against incriminating him.

Furthermore, the words specifically used on his Facebook, and previous postings, [“pray(ing) for “disastors” to strike Singapore and wants to see more Singaporeans die”], if indeed attributed to him, would clearly make him a potential danger to hundreds of Singaporean TTSH staff, Singaporean patients as well as thousands of Singaporean visitors to TTSH daily.   

It is a monumental lapse of leadership judgment to allow the Staff to be in the Hospital, to continue dealing with Singaporeans whom his words [if attributable] had so murderously directed at, before the final determination of the threat assessment that he posed to public safety and security, especially to the Hospital patients, staff and visitors.

As Singapore’s Top Communicable Disease Center, TTSH should know that a contagion MUST be quarantined and contained.  Suspending and Barring the Staff from the Hospital where he could pose a danger to others, and also for his own safety, would not violate any of his civil and due process rights.   

This is straight-forward human resource and national security problem.

At worst, we have discovered a potential serial killer who harbours murderous thoughts for the deaths of all Singaporeans.  At best, the Staff was merely suffering from a mental defect or disease resulting from prolonged working in Singapore far from home.  If the former, the Police would deal with him accordingly.

Should the Staff be diagnosed with a mental defect or illness against Singaporeans and all things Singapore, just remove him like a virus from the environment that “caused” or “feed” his affliction – Singapore.  The obvious solution then is to deport the Staff and bar him from entering Singapore for his own mental health recovery. 

TTSH as a highly respectable public healthcare institution should have managed the case in a more professional and serious manner instead of merely transferring the Staff to administrative duties (seriously?) and allowing him to walk freely around the Hospital as a potential danger to patients, staff and the public who are Singaporeans.

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Anonymous said...

If what have been reported is true, then....

This Is Very Very Serious!

It Is Highly Highly Dangerous!

The hospital MUST MUST not take
this matter lightly!

The hospital MUST MUST do the
RIGHT thing.

Please protect the safety of
SingaporeLangs before it is
tooooooooooooo late.

Just Do It!

Now! Now! Now!

Anonymous said...

No worry lah.

If this Pinoy radiographer nursing staff really wanted to give wrong medicine, he could have done it easily in the past already. But apparently he didn't, tio bo?

Just like if majority Sinkies really wanted to vote PAP out, they would have done it easily in last GE already. But they didn't, tio bo?

So Sinkies, just like TTSH, be calm and don't panick, OK?

Anonymous said...

I think God only allow foreigners, and only some, to insult, threaten or at worst, to bash Sinkies lah. Give wrong medicine to Sinkies? Definitely no, at least not intentional, anyway.

Anonymous said...

TTSH has a duty of care to ensure Singaporeans are free from harm. This person has threatened to kill Singaporeans and the least TTSH could do is to enure he has no access to any medical facility until the case is investigated.

Anonymous said...

TTSH is taking a very careless step to continue to let a potentially dangerous criminal working in the hospital. Unbeliever! If this guy is what he is, imagine the harm he could inflict while still working in TTSH?

What is happening TTSH? You will be held responsible if anything bad happens if you continue to let this suspicious person continue to work as normal.

Anonymous said...

I think TTSH should send a letter to alert all patients who have been handled by this Pinoy.
Better double check to make sure all affected patients had been given the "correct" radiation levels during their x-ray.

agongkia said...

Alamak .I had earlier suggested that he should be suspended pending investigation.
Instead reported that he is transferred to do administrative work .
Typical khongcum .
Maybe they are are influenced by those kaykhiang who always claim exploitation by employers. Maybe they think by doing so they can get award of being a caring, fair and good employer.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Just hope nothing bad happens in TTSH. If it does, they will know who to hang.

Anonymous said...

TTSH taking stupid unnecessary risks!
To protect a Racist?
To protect a (potential) Terrorist?
To protect a potential killer?
Pls Explain to ALL Singaporeans.

Anonymous said...

TTSH has over 80% Filipinos,
Is Management no longer Objective and Professional?
So dependent on Filipinos that Management Cannot taken action on ONE Errant Pinoy?
Who is in-charge of TTSH?
Singapore government or foreign workers?
Leadership, man!
Show Leadership .... NOW, please.

Anonymous said...

To Lee hsien loog, Roy ngerng pose a more serious threat to Singaporean and Roy was fired and kicked out of his office before the defamation case was settled, Roy didn't even get a chance to be transferred internally to do light duties with full pay. Yet elo pinoy dude got such a privilege. He is being treated Innocent until Proven Guilty, which does make sense but the Ttsh is clearly practisingbdouble standards. Despicable. I thought lky's Lee wei long is a big shot in the hospitals, maybe she should stand up, she seemed to be a reasonable character unlike her power crazy incompetent brother as father.

Anonymous said...

What if they walk out? Close down hospital?

Anonymous said...

Double standard
Roy did not threaten Sinkies but irritated the Pappies and he was sacked.
Pinoy wanted all Singaporean dead with disasters, yet he was transferred to another position.
Do Pappies rank higher than Sinkies in life priorities?

Anonymous said...

Singapore deserves to be a state of the Ppines.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.39pm........

Are u saying that we become Singapines?


Anonymous said...

If Pinoys really comprise 70 to 80 percent of the staff at the Tan Tock Seng Hospital as some reports alleged, then it is understandable why this Pinoy is only transferred to admin duties, unlike the Sinkie Roy who was sacked.

b said...

many foreigners also think like that lah. pls stop being naive like pap and think that foreigners will be grateful for the chance to come here, take over our jobs and contribute positive to society. most of them hope sinkies will die soon. the elite ruling class makes it so easy for them to come here, take over our jobs and they will not cherish one. as the saying goes, easy come easy go.

b said...


if the foreign staff portion not so high in public hospitals, Roy and many of us will not have been so fed up with the elite ruling class.

Virgo 49 said...

TTSH pinoy staff : We go on strike then you know!!!

Your ah ma ah kong shit in pants and sleeping in corridors no one care!

The little indians rioted in little india.

We will made sure your great leader quote Repent at your leisure our slogan.


Never ask you to apologise, give you chance already.

We faxed (farked) you.