When one is in power, everything is right

When one is in power, everything one said is right, everything one do is right, every reason or excuse is the right reason and right excuse. Often people in power are so intoxicated in their self delusion that they would not want to believe that they can lose power the next day and everything they said, do, and every reason or excuse, will become wrong, not only wrong, but illegal or criminal.

We have seen this repeated over and over again in history when a dictator, or even in so called veneer thin democracy, the despots would be charged and thrown into jail once they lost power. And their henchmen and cronies too will end up in the same fate.

When one is in power, do not get carried away and think that you would not be caught. When your luck runs out, the table will be turned and it would be too late to cry. For those who think they can bulldoze their way through, amend constitutions and laws to their benefit or against the people, pray very hard that you don’t have to face the wrong side of the law. You cannot run and cannot hide. Whatever you do today will be the evidence to hang you high and dry when your turn comes.

It is always good to leave a way out for yourself. Always remember that in a democracy, govt changes like changing diapers. Maybe a dynasty or monarchy would last longer. But they too failed and the last emperor and his families did not end well. History has changed and social structures too, and governing of a country as well. No one can call the shot for a life time. Very few has that good fortune to enjoy that rare privilege. Live well and do not trample on the downtrodden. Do not piss on the ashes. It would be lucky if a phoenix rises from the ashes. If it is not a phoenix but a vindictive monster, things can take a very bad turn.

Do not abuse the new social contract and be grateful to those below, look after them well and be well rewarded. Live by the sword, die by the sword. Yes, you are always right, with a sword in your hand.


The said...

Might is right.

Anonymous said...

White is right.

The said...

Pink is right.

Anonymous said...

Winner Takes All is right.

The said...

/// When one is in power, do not get carried away and think that you would not be caught. When your luck runs out, the table will be turned and it would be too late to cry. ///

Yes, that's what happened to Chen Shui Bian of Taiwan. And South Korean ex-President Roh Tae Woo was charged with corruption. Roh Moo-Hyun was embroiled in bribery controversies and committed suicide.

This goes to show that if you were in power and have skeletons to hide, you better make sure that your sons and grandsons be your successors to protect your interest and legacy, otherwise the cans of worms will be opened. Or at least appoint someone who can brown-nose you and not betray you.

Looks like North Korea is following this wise and tested route - Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un.

Virgo49 said...

When their armies attacked others, they said they are HEROS.

When the victims counterattacked, they are terrorists.

Japanese Lau Abe said no hui!!!

Now they are trying hard to negotiate.

Political cause in near future, if they NO HUI!!!

Now too late, one got executed. Think they still keep the one appealed by his MUM.

At least they still got a heart. Terrorist???

What do you think if any one of the sinkie got caught and they demanded ransome??

Peasant NO HUI!!!! Elites - PAY AND PAY.

Anonymous said...

How to get down from tiger back???

Anonymous said...

Kill the tiger.
And then you can climb safely off the dead tiger's back.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Actually Singapore is an anomaly when it comes to authoritarian rule by a one-party benign dictatorship.

This has sent many freedom-loving IDEOLOGUE libertarians scratching their heads and running Ayn Rand and Murray Rothbard "bibles" seeking answers.

I detest ideologues regardless of their political stripes. Especially libertarians (of which I am one)---the doctrinaire kind. Human beings are way too complex, and human beings in big groups are essentially chaotic.

"Emergence" is a phenomena well known in science. From some chaotic system, a stable state "emerges" spontaneously. Politics emerges from culture. This is one of the most politically incorrect ideas, because people want their cuntrees' politics to conform to their favourite textbook---usually written by long-dead philosophers and theorists who never perform experiments, and just get drunk or high and write screeds on "how the world SHOULD be", according to them of course.

The BENIGN DICTATORSHIP political system WORKS for Singapore and Singaporeans. Yes, there are problems, referring of course to good ol' Lord Acton's famous quote about "Absolute Power". So what? No system is perfect. You don't need "perfect" systems for the darn thing to work. Anyway, what is wrong with a little corruption here and there? Of course it will happen....but can you live with it? Of course you can!

Democracy has failed in many of the cuntrees it has been tried. No cuntree can survive long-term in a system where people vote to legally steal from each other in order to continue existing.

So count your blessings Singapore---the benign dictatorship with their propensity to "experiment" with social engineering---while it does have faults and is imperfect---has worked and continues to work well.

Actually it has worked well in the other "Tiger" economies. South Korea had a bunch of authoritarian generals take control to mould the cuntree into the capitalist superhero it is today. Same with Thailand. Malaysia had Mahathir. Indonesia had Sukarto, Phillipines has Marcos....and China's authoritarian regime has guided the cuntree to become the new global economic super power.

Yes yes, we all know George Orwell and the fable about The Emperor with the invisible clothes. It is time to GET THE FUCK OVER these fables and start looking at the DATA without any emotions. Let the facts speak.

The people get the cuntree and the government they deserve. In this respect, Singaporeans have CHOSEN WELL. Singapore society is a materialistic, meritocracy: Singaporeans love to buy stuff---usually THE BEST stuff---and they do so because they aim to EXCEL in their chosen field---i.e. make money doing what they do.

This is CULTURE lah: study, get good grades, go to uni get qualifications which enable you to earn BIG BUX, then buy nice house, nice car and shop until you drop in Orchard Road. Ah, Singaporeans, bless their consumerist hearts....they love the GOOD LIFE, and for the majority, they have some of THE BEST LIVES in the world.

The government is made up of people who come from the same stock as the other people.

So in that sense, the Benign Dictatorship which is an expert social engineer WORKS DAMN WELL for Singapore.

Darn it, EVERYTHING works in Singapore. Just ask any foreign business person.

Anonymous said...

"When one is in power, do not get carried away and think that you would not be caught. When your luck runs out, the table will be turned and it would be too late to cry."

With kaki lang Teochew Ah Hia as leader of the strongest opposition party, who can turn the tables against PAP? Aung Juan Soon Chee? Hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

...who can turn the tables against PAP? Aung Juan Soon Chee?
Anon 2:36 pm

If Aung Juan Soon Chee can, PAP master strategist Kee chiu would not have "see him no up" by writing to Huffington and hantam him the way he did.

Remember Kee Chiu is an accomplished strategist who even won a US award, u know. Just read this link and u will know.

So Aung Juan Soon Chee, u better don't play play with Kee Chiu.

Anonymous said...

" Remember Kee Chiu is an accomplished strategist who even won a US award, u know. "
January 25, 2015 2:50 pm

In the PAP Army, General Kee Chiu is only allowed to use the Policy Bible Called "Half Truths".
Kee Chiu is not allowed to use his half brain and anyhow suka suka do his own way.
So like this how to win any elections you tell me lah?
Having Kee Chiu as Prime Minister is as good as having PM LKY or PM LHL as Prime Minister all over again.

b said...

when one is in power, every wrong is right. when one is not in power, every right is wrong.

b said...

"or the majority, they have some of THE BEST LIVES in the world."
- you mean staying in state owned pigeon holes and working day/night paying for it?

"The government is made up of people who come from the same stock as the other people."
- LKY most likely chinese aristocracy (aka vampire) bloodline, most sinkies are of peasants bloodline.

"EVERYTHING works in Singapore"
- thats a funny joke.

Anonymous said...

Matilah becoming like Veritas. Commenters here bo layan them already. They're like speaking to the wall. Heheheheheh!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ commenters pretending to be walls, for e.g. 820:

Errr...I write OPNION. You agree dun agree makes no difference.

People like to criticise the govt---me included. However consider the alternative.

What? No alternative? That's right: there is NO REAL ALTERNATIVE.

Therefore, make the best of it lah. Don't like your "pigeon hole"? Too bad. Millions of others like their "pigeon holes". They like them so much they call them HOMES, they bring up families, they get on with their lives and succeed.

I've said time and again: Singapore rocks awesomely. Like I said, that's my OPINION. If your life sucks in Singapore, dun blame me lah...I'm having a good time :-))

Put it another way: if your life sucks in Singapore, changing the govt won't "un-suck" your life. What you need is an "attitude adjustment".

May I suggest you get a friend or relative to use slipper to slap yur bladdy face lah until you wake up your fucking idea lah! :-))

Anonymous said...

The people making all the decisions to hold back the people's life savings in the CPF thinking that they are on the right side of the law. They better be when a new govt takes over. They better pray very hard that the new govt will not find them on the wrong side of the law.