When oil runs out in 40 years

This is what the experts said. The mineral oil reserves inside mother earth will run out in 40 years. When it happens, it will, you cannot run away from this date, anything that needs energy will kaput or will cost a bomb. In the next 40 years, some jokers wanted to stuff this island with 10m bodies, all hungry and consuming food and energy but not producing anything. Look around us, what are we producing, what is our economy doing? More shops and more shopping malls, more food courts and eating outlets. We are basically a nation that eats and consumes without producing them.

What will happen when oil runs out in 40 years if we have 10m bodies here? Yes, we can house them in smart homes, beautiful homes that depend on electricity and oil to function. Even the shops and food outlets need energy and oil or they will have to close down, as simple as that.

The desperadoes were thinking of nuclear energy until their brains got short circuited by Fukushima. You cannot live with a nuclear bomb under your bed. Nuclear energy is out of question now. Can we then hope for a cheap alternative source of energy that may not happen in 40 years while jokers continue to pump more bodies into this island and hoping for the best? The problem by then will be 10m in size, not 5m. Can we live with a 10m problem or do we want to live with a 10m problem when we can avoid it by stopping this crazy rush to the cliff?

What is the solution when oil runs out and you have 10m people to feed? They told you it can be done architecturally, but how to oil and lubricate the needs of 10m people?


Anonymous said...

Those who are rich will migrate, leaving the rest behind. Darwin theory on the strongest will survive & the weakest one will perish...

Virgo49 said...

RB, those who create sll these blunders will not be here anymore.

Now must have the robust enconmy to get my million dollars salaries

What's the hell care so much ???

Anonymous said...

Collecting as much money as they possibly can to move on to new pastures when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8.50am pls note......

agreed with you......

but the poor and not-so-rich
singaporeLangs will also leave
this tiny city state......

however, not to migrate......

many many many cannot find jobs
locally for 10M population.....

many many many have no choice,
but ended up leaving the homeland
to work overseas as domestic
maids, nurses, waitresses,
construction workers, etc etc etc
in other countries.....

sad, very sad, very very sad.....

Anonymous said...

Ya man. They don't think this island will survive so make hay while the sun shines and grab as much as they can then say bye bye.

Anonymous said...

vote them out in the next GE before it is too late.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Virgo, your neighbourhood now controlled by Pinoy gangsters is in the news today. 3 Pinoys with parangs slashing two locals.

What is happening? The govt destroyed the local gangs and now foreign gangs taking over?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Dun worry lah....there's big bucks to be made solving the future needs for energy, and the competition to find solutions is boiling.

Despite our quirks, our human species is adaptable and to be adaptable you have to be creative, innovative and be driven with a spirit to discover new things and try them out. Often we fail, often spectacularly. But we've always prevailed---in chaotic, messy and non-linear ways.

No one can predict the future. What we can do, and have always done is do stuff and then see the results, including the unintended consequences.

Our species loves to experiment. We proceed by trying shit out. Sometimes we're wrong and hapless people might die, or some people will get very rich but NO MATTER...it's all an experiment...and we are the experiment!

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

The rise of the Pinoy slashers was caused by the rise of Pinoy anger tied to the ownership of some Pinoy pussy by a very jealous Pinoy dick.

The dick loves to eat...you have to feed it. Once it has a food source, the intrusion of another dick will cause the first dick to instruct the human attached to it to attack the interloper---i.e. "How dare you try to fuck my girlfriend?!?"

The point is, in nature there's always competition for survival, and in sexual selection there's always competition for SPERM.

No problem lah RB. The cops are handling it. It's just human biology expressing itself thru an alcohol-affected and thus inoperative mechanism of self-control.

b said...

Do not underestimate the power of e=mc2. the mid east ruling class have been earning the money the easy way. fukushima may just be an experiment.

b said...

"3 Pinoys with parangs slashing two locals."

- ancestors of pinoys were pirates just like the japs. their dna made up: raid, rape, rob.

Anonymous said...

global warming is a hoax

peak oil is also a hoax

the reason for collapse of oil prices

to suppress any development of renewable energy

nikola tesla spend whole life to create free electricity for the world

but nobody appreciate his effort.

after his death, usa regime suppress public disclosure of invention, confiscate all his scientific paper.

today, we are been brainwash to admire "thomas edison" ,not nikola tesla (the real genius)

Virgo 49 said...

Right RB, SPF cctv cameras all round estate but just too lazy to monitor and response to our calls.

Four blocks sold to PSA and ex PSA staff and so called "private^" flats. URA and HDB closed eyes to vice activities on.going for years. Nearly half of residents foreign trashes.

Next to kampong bahru lounges and bars and also Duxton Road. Infested with these pinoy pimps and prostitutes. RC claimed no such activities in estate when I complained to them. Pity those small school going children early morning viewing sex lessons from these trashes.

Now just simply mouthed to fellow residents that one fine day your grandma, wives, daughters, sons may be raped or sodomised by these pimps and ah neys.

Gave up fighting after been bashed by two pinoy bouncers when I confronted them for vomiting on fitness court. SPF also no bother to investigate further.

Virgo 49 said...

Hi Matilah, do not understand why these jokers throw good monies on these pinoy performance artists

Poor taste, mostly ah neys and mats and chow ang mohs. Are you one of them.??

A few young chinese punks with three strands of public hair dying for them.

Lost their lives for these scums damn daft.

Most of them loud, uncouth big tummies like four months pregnant. Cheap smelly perfume mixed with their sweat. Drunk, vomit and shout obscenities which vibrated the whole neighbourhood.

Compared to the PRC mei meis which Ah gong kia loved, heaven and earth.

The PRCs dressed in gowns and stilettos and kept to themselves quietly when they returned in the wee mornings.

Off rahbak rahbak from their gen png sex starved clients sat at garden chairs with their front targets facing the sky worse than PRC peasants.

The farking government is sick to let these trashes in.

Anonymous said...

There is no way to have even 5.4m people living in any civilised (not killing each other to survive) fashion on a Sinkapore-sized rock without fossil fuels.

Can't happen.

Now the supreme irony: Sinkies were actually doing the logical thing by not growing the indigenous population, so as to cope better with the end of cheap oil. See, downsizing is not just for discarded mid-career professionals. Instead... we have twice the resource problem with no more brains than before.

After the easy to extract oil and gas is gone, the place will be back to the carrying capacity it had before the arrival of the Chinese, British etc. Like, maybe 50,000 at subsistence level.

Our glorious leaders have surely already been told this and will have made their preparations for that day. An operational procedure containing the words "make as much coin as you can as fast as you can and then get the hell out".

Woe to those without such handy escape routes.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ Virgo 959:

I am no novice when it comes to the dark and streamy side of Singapore nightlife, and the underbelly of casual sexual encounters here--being a reasonably "active participant" myself.

However, I don't venture to these places where people are uncouth and cannot moderate their behaviour. Not that I am a prude, BTW, I have a good time too...but draw the line at becoming loud and obnoxious thus interfering with other peoples' enjoyment.

In other words, I stay away from LUP SUP bars (translated: lup sup bar == dirty bar), and even the more expensive KTVs. That isn't to say I haven't had my fair share of filthy anonymous gropings in lup sup land. Having once been a raging horny NS man, I used to frequent lup sup bars in Chong Peng village, and the other infamous ones in the Balestier and Tg Pagar areas. I've paid my dues koreking many a lusty maiden's cheebye (translate: finger banging) leading onto god-knows-what desperado animal sex later on.

I tend to drink in private with a few close friends, and then take the evening to wherever our muses direct us.

My preferences seem to gravitate towards Singapore gals, and their Malaysian cousins. As for the lasses from the PRC, I really dig the Shanghai ladies---they are fun-loving, vivacious and unafraid to initiate the "dirty rumpy-pumpy business". And then of course there are the Cantonese gals of Hong Kong (moh tuck ting! translated: cannot be beaten)---wow! And let's not leave out the sexy Thai women and the sultry Indian, Singalese and liberated Pakistani honey pots. For Indian gals, the Sikh women are the wildest. I don't particularly go for Pinoy chicks---they talk too much in that twisted American slang which grates on my ears.

Gentlemen, we are in ASIA. There is no shortage of opportunities to get your proud Singaporean cock wet here, over and over again. There are women EVERYWHERE---you can game them, or you can pay for them---whatever you choose. Even in Singapore the "fucking infrastructure" is well established. You can pick up chicks online, you can pick 'em up in town. You can book hotels short-time and shoot sperm all over the bedsheets....no problem lah. There are doctors where you can obtain viagra and cialis, and will fix you up if you catch an STD (wear a condom lah!). Even amyl nitrate (aka "poppers") is legal. (a favourite "aphrodisiac" with the gay, bisexual, transexual and dance-party crowd. Best avoided--high risk of HEART ATTACK!! Dun play-play, bro). This is indeed SIN city :-) (I can't believe the govt hasn't banned amyl nitrate. IMO this drug is super dangerous. especially when inhaled after taking viagra ===> rapid decrease in blood pressure ===> DEATH!)

Why limit yourself to one piece of Pinoy ass? And then end up in parang fights...it is just plain fucking dumb.

Anyway have fun with your sausage! Be safe!