What is provocative action? - Another piece of western crap for the daft

In a Bloomberg article titled, ‘Why Sri Lanka should remain in China’s embrace’ in the Today paper yesterday, the editor wrote and commented on the reasons why Sri Lanka should continue to receive financial aid and infrastructure development from China but not without sneaking a little comment to plant a negative idea in the heads of the readers. And I quote, ‘And needless provocative actions – such as the docking of Chinese submarines at Sri Lankan ports, which Mr Rajapaksa allowed – should ceased.’

How provocative is the docking of a couple of submarines in Sri Lankan port? The Americans have several ships docked in Changi. Provocative? The Americans have military bases in Japan and South Korea. Not provocative? The Americans flew spy planes along the coast of China. Not provocative? The Americans flew nuclear armed B 52 bombers heading straight towards China mainland. Not provocative? The American bombed the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade. Not provocative?

The Americans conduct regular wargames simulating an attack on North Korea near the North Korean border. Not provocative? The Americans hacked and brought down the North Korean’s computer system. Not provocative.

The Indians conducting wargames in East China Sea with Japan and the Americans, not provocative? The Indians conducting wargames with the Vietnamese in South China Seas, not provocative?

What do you think is provocative action?


Veritas said...

Hi RB cool down. China will follow EVERY thing what USA is doing now in the future. This is inevitable as an emerging empire.

Yes China is an empire.

China is now projecting itself and this is no more self evidence than China is now offering military assistance to Iraq in fighting ISIS.

That is to say, China is willing to use military intervention to achieve her objective.

Sounds familiar?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

China was an empire but no longer one. It has studied the rise and fall of empires and have concluded that no country can afford to be an empire. That is why they are going all over the world to trade and not to sign defence pacts.

The ISIS is a very dangerous and serious problem for the whole world. This is the first time China is putting its finger in other country's affair. The victory of ISIS is something unimaginable.

They must have done their calculations and likely responding to American call to assist in this venture. If not they will open themselves to all kinds of wild attacks by the Americans and the western media.

Just watch what the Americans are saying about this to have a feel of what is going on under the table.

Anonymous said...


how do you define "empire?

empire - usually have military base outside their territory, vassal state and colony

and always think that he has responsibility to maintain , safeguard the world

always think that he is much superior than other

always think that he is stronger than other

always think that he can say NO to smaller nation

always think that he can pursue unilateral action without consultation, without consent, without advanced notice to neighboring nation.

always impose this own values on others, insist other to take it without questioning.

this is USA, not china

china pursue different philosophy

veritas, read your history

when china did not colonize philippine, southeast asia despite they are most powerful nation in the region for several centuries.

Anonymous said...


china is offering military assistance(not imposing wills on other) it is quite different from usa

because china try to seek permission, consent from sovereign state.

china request is quite reasonable, should been welcomed

ISIS is a terrorist group

the world should work together to combat ISIS

china request is not different from other nation request

offering help to other sovereign nation in time of crisis?

like singapore offer military assistance to indonesia for search and rescue

is singapore an empire?

wiling to use military intervention to achieve objective?

Veritas said...

I am not denigrating China or attempt to do so. I am merely stating as a fact that when you are No 1, you need to shoulder some responsibility and the world will look up to you to should responsibility.

China did have vassal state and this vassal state is nonetheless the not so obedient Fat Kim Korea.

China did intervene militarily in Korean War, Vietnam War...etc

Veritas said...


Anonymous said...

Veritas, you thinking is a bit screwy. China supports N Korea as a buffer against American threats.

N Korea is not a vassal state of China like the Japanese and S Korean to the USA. China does not have military bases in N Korea.

Veritas said...

Today you can name vassal state as "ally", "nato".. but essentially they are the same thing.

There are no base on PLA in N Korea does not mean N Korea is not a client state of China.

The day China stop shipping grain and fuel to fat Kim FOC, we can announce that N Korea is free from China.

Anonymous said...

The Americans offered to rule the world with China in a bipolar agreement. China rejected the offer. China does not want to rule the world, does not want to be an empire,不要做老大. What for, asking for trouble?

Anonymous said...

'Today you can name vassal state as "ally", "nato".. but essentially they are the same thing.

There are no base on PLA in N Korea does not mean N Korea is not a client state of China.

The day China stop shipping grain and fuel to fat Kim FOC, we can announce that N Korea is free from China.'

You are thinking and talking like the Americans, forcing a square peg into a round hole. Suit yourself.

Veritas said...





Matilah_Singapura said...

The various Asian govts are the fuckers who start getting antsy whenever China does anything military in Asia. Asian govt like to take China's money, but they view China's growing military strength as a threat.

The fundamental question has always been: "Is the threat REAL or imaginary?"

Since we're an emotionally-driven fear-infused species, the default human reaction is to treat events as a threat. When roaming the savannah 200,000 years ago, a movement in the grass was immediately evaluated as a hidden predator stalking the humans for food, when it could just be the wind blowing through the grass.

So does China have designs on becoming imperial? Most Asian govts think so....so enter "their friend"---Uncle Sam---the "anti-empire" imperialist. (WTF?!?)

And so the fun continues?

Anonymous said...


russia also supplied material assistance to north korea

north korea is also vassal state of russian, client state of russia?

china is vassal state of russia too

russia used to supply material assistance to china as part of communist alliance

veritas, do you even know " what is a vassal state?

a vassal state say NO to his master?

china provide fuel and food for north korea on humanitarian grounds
otherwise, collapse of north korea regime and massive starvation, death.

do you think that without KIM, north korea wont exist?
north korea are happy enough to be part of SOUTH korea rule?

this is typical mindset of "empire"

they always think that they are superior.

Anonymous said...


the reason why they see china military as threat

due to massive western propaganda brainwashing exist in asian

which paper in asian did not re print reuters, ap, afp paper? actively promote washington viewpoint as "fact"

which media in asia dont treat CNN, BBC as reliable, objective media?

foreign media often being seen as "free media" than local media

if media always portray china as threat for 24 hours, for 365 days

do you think that audience wont have such feeling?

9 out 10 article about china in western media

are overly negative

how many people in the west know the name of political party in india?

compared to china, everyone know about CCP

because CCP is most abused term in western journalism

do people live in the west know anything about eight smaller party in china?

Anonymous said...


in previous posting, you claim mao as dictator , emperor

1. tell me which dictator , emperor in this world would resign because they made a terrible mistake in their policy?

mao do resign over great leap forward.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Veritas, which translation software are you using, so many funny words that don't make sense in your post?

Veritas said...

We may want to give him a name call 毛万岁.... hahaha

Anyway Mao did not step down but he think he can remote control Liu Shaoqi. How can you say Mao step down when he still hold the 2 most powerful post in PRC namely 军委主席 and 党主席

Then Liu try to 假戏真做 搞双皇制。 论臣贼子,死也活该。




Veritas said...

Veritas, which translation software are you using, so many funny words that don't make sense in your post?

FYI I am using PRC slang.

Anonymous said...


answer my simple question

1.which dictator, emperor in this world had pretend to resign or step down because he made terrible mistake?

he admit that his policy is wrong.
he take responsibility for it

what is so wrong with mao hold two other position?

do the mistake of great leap forward related to

1.military issue?
2.party discipline violation issue?

for instance,

president ma give up KMT chairman

why he does not resign as president of taiwan?

veritas, do you know "separation of power?
party, military , govt are separate entity.

Anonymous said...

veritas, please explain to me

how do people without position legal title able to exert control over govt official?

how do mao had exert full control over liu shao qi?

liu shao qi cant say NO to mao?

liu had more power in govt than mao

mao is nobody in the govt.

unless you are telling me that mao exert control over military, thus, he is still powerful

does singapore general can exert control over govt official?

Anonymous said...


did you read cia declassified information on great leap forward?

b said...

We commoners better do not get involve with their ruling class empire wars. Let them fight among themselves and not get any commoners to die for their cause.

Veritas said...




patriot said...

The Weakness of the US of A is its conceit. Most, in fact all nations are most willing and happy to acknowledge the US as the Most Powerful and Richest Nation. But, it was and is not good or satisfying for the US. There are many reasons; oil, sales of outdated and surplus weapons, culture subversion and protection of Israel.

As in all empires in history, there is lifespan for US Supremacy and the End shall come whence battles erupt and or are fought in the US Homeland, it's Achilles Heel.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Empires of the past supported themselves by conquering and looting the colonies. Today they can't do that except to force them to buy expensive weapons like F35s that they don't need.

The US will bankrupt itself with the huge military budget it cannot pay for.