We are Singaporeans

Sometimes I wonder if we are Singaporeans or only some people are Singaporeans and the rest are not or even worse, are enemies of some Singaporeans. Alternative parties and their members are also Singaporeans. They are not enemies of the country. They are there to provide an alternative govt. The real enemies of Singaporeans and Singapore are those that sold out the interests of the people to foreigners. Make that very clear.

Critics of govt policies, people who disagree with govt policies, bloggers, netizens, they are also Singaporeans. There are the soul and conscience of the people. They wanted the wrongs to be righted, they wanted the country to steer away from the cliff, from making irreparable damages to country and people. They are loyal citizens that are brave and willing to speak out. If there is no one to speak out for Singaporeans, it would be a sad day as they could be sold by rogue govts one day. The critics are not enemies of the country. Who made them enemies of the people, or what made them enemies of the people? Why are they treated like enemies of the people for speaking out against policies that they passionately feel are not good for the people and country? It is not a crime to disagree with govt policies. The govt is not always right.

I must admit that some people will regard the critics and alternative parties as enemies and would want to get rid of them by all means. When you make someone an enemy, they will make you their enemy as well. Why would people want to make enemies of other people when they could be friends or if not, worthy opponents in the political arena, without being enemies. It is a right protected by our democratic Constitutions to form political parties, to express freely without going into libels or defamation.

The days of revolution, when the contest for political power was by the barrel of the gun are over. If we have not progressed from that dark period of history and still live with a mindset of yesteryears, then we are asking to be buried by the old ways. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

Many countries, even 3rd world countries, have developed a mature political system when the transfer of political power becomes part and parcel of their system, when politics is a contest of ideas and not gangland warfare waged by gangsters. They have moved on and become more civil in relations among rival politicians. They know that they have to be civilised to each other in a democracy. They know that their turn will come when they will lose power and would like to be treated decently by the new power of the day.

In democracy, political power cannot be forever, cannot be entrenched for life. Every politician will have to face defeat sooner or later, or have to step down from office. They cannot hide and be protected by the power of their office forever and think they can behave arrogantly or act like gangsters. They cannot afford to make enemies unnecessarily. Their good fortune must come to an end one day and they must face the consequences. If they make enemies, they will have to contend with their enemies in power. If they make friends, they can expect their friends to treat them kindly.

That is the politics of a mature society. Have we reached this new level of civility? Or are politicians of rival camps still regard each other as enemies and walking around with knives and daggers waiting for blood letting?

We are Singaporeans, and better to stay that way as family than enemies, all inclusive.


Chai Yen Lim said...

Red Bean

Well said, my mother always warn me not to anyhow talk bad the government else they will "Or kong" me... ha ha ha the best joke of my whole life! After she was admitted to the hospital and got a taste of the waiting time n the bill. Now she just keep quiet!

Thanks for all your writings all these years . keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Are the self interest of PAP citizens and Singaporean citizens the same?
Maybe not.
Maybe it's a case of if PAP citizens win, Singaporean citizens will lose?

How does it benefit Singaporean citizens if the PAP becomes the government yet again?
At the very least, I forsee more rats running loose in our HDB estates endangering pubic health.

Anonymous said...

新加坡人! 新加坡人! 新加坡人!!!

新加坡人! 新加坡人! 新加坡人!!!

agongkia said...

All Sama sama.Sinkies are not that gracious yet lah.Many just want to hear what they hope to hear .You cannot go against the flow.
Worst is one blog that claim to be voice of sinkies can even moderate comment that they feel unfavourable to them if publicise. People kpkb u must join them and cannot express
your honest view else they will find excuse to shut your mouth.Despisable like shit times lah.Koo chio pee.

But RB.You are the best so far compare to many others .Dare to write and gracious to accept criticism and different views...but sometimes need drink more liang teh .
I have no enemy.Everyone is entitled to his opinion and even if I disagree they are my country men.Only love no hatred.

Anonymous said...

If even the strongest opposition party is already kaki lang, where got enemies that really matter?

And even if Aung Juan Soon Chee is the enemy, can he defeat PAP in an election when even Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko could not, u tell me lah?

And who is Roy to think that he can achieve what even Aung Juan Soon Chee cannot?

Nevertheless, such Sinkies still need to be sued chialat chialat if they defame people. Cannot give chance one, even though 60% will also not vote for them if they contest against PAP in election.

Anonymous said...

Who does a PAP MP represent in parliament?
Does he represent LKY in parliament?
Does he represent LHL in parliament?
Does he represent PAP in parliament?
Does he represent "The Hard Truths" in parliament?
Does he represent the Lee Family in parliament?
Does he represent his Singaporean constituents in parliament?

Look at this video of PAP MP Lam Pin Min.
In the meeting with Singaporean Fernvale buyers, he sits with Life Corp, URA and HDB officials.
He does not sit with the Fernvale Singaporeans who elected him.
Instead of helping Singaporeans ask questions, does Dr Lam seem like he is doing all the answering of questions for URA, HDB and Fernvale? What do you think?
Whose side is the PAP MP Dr Lam on?



Sengkang West Columbarium Saga - (Part 01) Dialogue Session With MP of Sengkang West SMC


agongkia said...

Anon 9.30
Roy face the consequences but at least he does not remain anonymous like you.

Anonymous said...

Cannot give chance one,...
Anon 9:30 am

100% tiok. That's why PAP master strategist Kee Chiu wrote to Huffington by even hitting Aung Juan Soon Chee "below the belt". Because Soon Chee really has something below his belt to be hit. Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

just look around you....

everyone is smiling.....

what problems lah......

look at the activities and events
organised, very very very well

look at restaurants, food courts,
packed and long Qs.....

cars and CEOs, still fully

pte property and BTO launches
still flooded with buyers....

etc! etc! etc! etc!......


Anonymous said...

I watch the clowns in the circus. All smiling also. Not a single clown is not smiling.

Anonymous said...

"I watch the clowns in the circus. All smiling also. Not a single clown is not smiling."
January 20, 2015 9:45 am

I agree.
PAP MPs in parliament are always smiling.

Anonymous said...

If I were them and knowing how much is in my bank accounts, sure smiling, even laughing.

Don't know why the losers are smiling and laughing. Maybe it is infectious, stick around with people with fat accounts, the smiling disease will spread and affect them also, and they will be smiling without knowing why.

Anonymous said...

Pictures of happy smiling clowns with million dollar salaries.



patriot said...

My impression of Sin Alternative Parties is that they are enemies to each others. And if not, RIVALS OR AGRESSIVE COMPETITORS.
The Forming of New Parties by Ex-members of Alternative Parties also goes to show that few have loyalty.

As for claims of having Singaporeans first for wellbeings and happiness, I really doubt those that jumped ships and come from elite backgrounds understand much about sufferings. Anyway, there were and are loner politicians like JBJ and I like to add Chee Soon Juan, Chiam See Tong, Tan Jee Say and Tan Kin Lian into my List of Loner Politicians. They wont work with others for long nor will they stand any who competes for leadership of their parties.


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

There is a quiet and selfless man trying to bring them together. Dr Wong Wee Nam is the man. He has been working tirelessly to get them to talk and work with each other.

I can only hope that he can succeed to some degree.

Anonymous said...

They wont work with others for long nor will they stand any who competes for leadership of their parties.
patriot 10:55 am

100% tiok. That's why 60% didn't trust them, whether be it GE, BE, PE or whatever E.

And this of course Mai Hum, Kee Chiu, Big nose and gang knows.

And just look at the star WP MP Ah Mao performance in Parliament. Is he the type who is a fighter who can take on PAP? Will he make a better PM than Mai Hum even if 60% give him and his party the chance?

And looking at the whole bunch, I think most Sinkies have good reasons to just shake head.

Anonymous said...

Dr Wong Wee Nam is the man.
RB 11:09 am

Hahahahaha. That man is as old as u. And he contested in GE 1997 once, was defeated and never after that. Seems that he gave up.

Succeed in bringing the opposition together? If can, would already have happened in 2011. And Hainan Ah Ko would not have left SDP after that, or Aung Juan Soon Chee bickering with Teochew Ah Hia over Punggol BE 2013, and son of JBJ losing deposit in the BE. Don't say Ah Chee, even bald head ex scholar Benjamin Pwee also could not work with Ah Chiam.

Shake head!

Matilah_Singapura said...

All my angmoh friends heap praise for the PAP govt. The PAP gets thunderous support from foreigners. Many of them are now voting citizens.

i.e. they are Singaporeans too!

Matilah_Singapura said...


One of my friends, an IT guy fro the USA, was so impressed with LHL's latest speech, he was "evangelising" to me (a Singaporean!) on how lucky Singapore is to have the PAP running the show.

So you tell me how lah?

Anonymous said...

January 20, 2015 10:55 am

Please don't be fooled.
The following is an alternative possibility:

PAP's glue is LKY.
The old PAP glue is dying.
That is why Ministers' salaries have to keep increasing.
It's replacement glue for the old LKY glue.

When LKY joins his ancestors.
Then we will see whether the carrot of a million dollar salary is sufficient to unify PAP.
If PAP keep increasing the number of Ministers ... it may be sufficient to continue to keep PAP united.
Maybe in the future ... all PAP MPs will also be Ministers.
To keep everybody unified and happy.

The above is just idle speculation.
It can never be true in real life.

patriot said...

I shall make a statement of fact here that
Ego fails many an ambitious folk.


patriot said...

Hi Anon 1:18 pm

The Proof is in the Pudding.

50 years is not a short time, whatever the Glue, it is respectable.

Vear in mind that for 50 years, no Alternative Politician was able to make a mark.
Nor was there anyone capable of making a dent to the PAP.

Dare I forecast that there will be none from any Alternative Party hereafter either.
Maybe, an activist or some activists or radical(s) will perform better.
It could even be terrorist(s) that causes changes in the Political Landscape of Sin.


patriot said...

Apology for typo mistake in 'Vear'.
It should be 'Bear'.


Anonymous said...

Respectfully patriot
I disagree.

LKY promised Singaporeans that he will build a sustainable team to replace him before he departs the world/politics.
That he would 'mentor" the new team.
And we paid LKY a handsome salary for his time & effort.

Yes - The test is in the pudding.
Not your measure of 50 years.
But PAP's unity BEFORE LKY dies and PAP's unity AFTER LKY dies.

LKY is not dead yet.
So it's still too early to applaud PAP's unity.

b said...

Although the country is 50 years old, the mentality of the gov is still like a toddler (and the worse kind). When a mother scold the toddler, he/she will cry loudly, throw things and do stupid things. The gov should behave more mature, accept those critics and try to find the cause of problem and solve it efficiently. Definitely not throwing those people into a cell or threatening them with lawsuit. Moreover, they are maintained by the people and hence have a duty of care and responsibility towards the people who out of goodwill, made those critics. Although they did not use the political correct nice words, that is due to failure in education system implemented again by the gov.

patriot said...

May I just charity that my respect is only meant for the Cohesion of the PAP Members' Unity.

As for respect for any of its'(PAP), me am looking forward to find one. 50 years and I am still waiting to accord my liking to at least one of them.
I am waiting.


b said...

"LKY promised Singaporeans"

- Petty man lee loves breaking promises. Thats his hobby.

b said...

anyway, very few promises made by politicians are kept.

patriot said...

My apology.

'As for respect for any of its'(PAP)
members, me am...........'.


Anonymous said...

There is a quiet and selfless man trying to bring them together. Dr Wong Wee Nam is the man.
RB 11:09 am

.....I am not a great fan of Dr Chee Soon Juan’s methods. Many years ago, when he was about to go on his hunger strike, Mr Chiam See Tong, his SDP party chief called me and asked me to try and talk him out of his impending action. I tried but failed and I told Chiam he was too obstinate to change his mind....
Wong Wee Nam
12th June 2008

Anonymous said...

Why you all sat Chee Soon Juan is an obstinate man?
- Who is more obstinate? LKY or CSJ?

Who will not repent before he dies?

patriot said...

Like to sound out that alternative political party and activist to be mindful of infiltrator and inplant joining as members.
It is only commonsense to expect them and there should be some highly professional ones around.


patriot said...

'inplant" in my Above Comment to be corrected to planted agent or traitor joining as member.