TTSH dismised Pinoy

Singapore Hospital Corrected Wrong Medicine.
TTSH Took Corrective Action to Remove Human Contagion.
Many Questions Remained Unanswered:
Have the Human Contagion been Totally Destroyed?
Have all Co-conspirators, if Any, been Identified and Eliminated?

Reports of a Statement by the Hospital on 9 Jan 2014 announced that Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) has dismissed a Radiologist Nursing staff member, one Ello Ed Mundsel Bello [Facebook nick: Edz Ello], after he had admitted to “offensive comments” made last year (2014). The pattern of similar derogatory anti-Singapore remarks on his Facebook were in fact discovered only AFTER more recent, and possibly criminal, inflammatory threats to “kick out Singaporeans” and “prayed (wished) for Singaporean deaths” were made on 3 Jan 2014, also on his Facebook.  

The Statement particularly mentioned that this decision, coincidentally by the New Top Hospital Management, was NOT related to the more serious Threats to National Security posted by the Staff on the 3 Jan 2014.  I am baffled and wondered why the need for this Caveat since these threats is not a laughing matter.  

TTSH had earlier wrongly placed the Staff on administrative duties, pending police investigations of the recent Threat instead of the standard HRM practice of suspending the Staff pending the police investigations as well as an Internal Inquiry.

TTSH was founded 170 years ago on the spirit and values of compassion and care for the people as personified by its Founder Tan Tock Seng.

That a Staff of TTSH should harbor such murderous thoughts regarding Singapore and all things Singaporean had understandably shocked our Nation this week.

Yet this Week, in the face of obvious death threats and a fellow co-worker’s desire to inflict possible personal harm to Singaporeans, TTSH Singaporean staff continued to report to work and attend to the hundreds of Hospital patients and visitors, trusting the Authorities to do the Right thing.  This resolute spirit of TTSH Staff in caring for its patients this week is legendary.  And Singapore is once again reminded of their similar bravery and courage which touched us across the island when SARS hit Singapore in 2003.

Singaporeans fondly recalled TTSH as our “Ground-Zero” bastion in the Battle Against the Deadly SARS Virus in 2013.  SARS had also inflicted many Healthcare workers including 49 nurses, 13 doctor and 22 others (attendants, radiographers, housekeepers, a porter, and a cleaning supervisor).  Healthcare workers constituted more than 40% of those who had contracted SARS.  This week, we too remembered the TTSH heroes who died from the disease, and the many more heroes in TTSH who made invaluable contributions and sacrifices.

Many Questions however remained Unanswered:
How did this happen?
Are there more like-minded “Hate Singaporeans” Foreign Talents?
Have the Human Contagion been Totally Destroyed?
Have all Co-conspirators, if Any, been Identified and Eliminated?
Are Singaporeans NOW Safe?

It is critically important that we should not treat this lightly as an isolated case. We need to be clear-headed and study the circumstances for such a human contagion to flourish right under our very eyes and noses.  It is NOT a call for a witch-hunt for “Sook Sing” [or “Kill Singaporeans”] serial-killers among foreign talents from any particular country.  The end of our Post-mortem must be to send an unequivocal, categorical and yet loud message that Singaporeans WILL NOT laugh away any threats to our nation, community and loved ones. 

An unmistakable example must be made out of this incident to project no doubt that Singaporeans will respond swiftly; and as totally, resolutely, strongly and decisively to any Threats to Singapore and our way of life in the same ruthless manner that we had dealt with the SARS virus.      

Kopi Level - Green


Virgo 49 said...

No sacking of this Pinoy!!!

It's gonna costs the PAP dearly in the coming GE for sure.

A heavy price to pay which they would not want to

Anonymous said...

Don't Play Play! Don't Play Play!

The key point is not whether he
had been dismissed from TTSH.

The most critical point what the
police and immigration depts will
do after their investigations.

Never never never take this case

He may be just one of the many
many wide-spread FTsss "cursing"

Don't play play! Don't Play Play!

Must keep our home safe!

The said...

/// "The best part, I will be praying that disators strike Singapore and more Singaporeans will die than I will celebrate.


As a nurse, this Pinoy arsehole is in a very good position to kill off Stinkaporeans by pulling off the plugs or administering wrong medicine or extra doses.

Why did TTSH even have to investigate the claim that his account was hacked. It was obviously done by a Pinoy - only a pinoy will pronounce disasters as disators, and spell losers as loosers.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

TTSH and other hospitals must be put on full alert of possible mischiefs arising from this sacking. Patients' safety and lives are at stake.

Anonymous said...

I am shocked.

patriot said...

It is not difficult to see and ONLY NOW some realized that we have invited TALENTS TO INVADE US. The Enemies WERE INVITED AND WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS AND LEGS.
Anyway, did he have others with him Or is he instigated by others??

Btw, has he left Sin? Did he make false Police Report that others hacked his Account as alleged? If he did, what action is the Police taking?
Or the Case is closed with his sacking?

If aliens are invited to invade and they(aliens) harbour intention to take over us, how are we to protect ourselves?


Anonymous said...

This TTSH Pinoy radiologist nursing staff claimed his FB was hacked?


This reminds me of an ex Romanian envoy (now dead) who claimed his car was stolen when he was suspected of killing somebody in an accident.

Sinkieland seems to be attracting such foreign talents, and maybe more in waiting to be exposed. Akan datang.

Anonymous said...

Dear RB

How did we end up hosting a party and inviting such a guest? He did not gate crash, I repeat...he did not gate crash, he was invited and he's name was ticked against the guest list. But this guy did not come with blessings and gifts. Nevertheless, he came with wishes for the host. DEATH WISH!

Unresolved Grievances said...

this is consider another form of terrorism. isa this guy? charge under criminal law?

no wonder mas selamat run away. police catch real criminal so slow. like turtle. they scared.

Veritas said...

PAP are now in a campaign to suck foreigners cock and encourage them to make a dalits out of Singaporeans to the point that death threats are made on us.

In USA, just whisper of NIGGER will get you fired with immediate effect.

b said...

No jail no fine? Where is the public prosecutor? Sleeping again? He committed an act against our constitution!