The Roy Ngerng saga continues

A fire is burning hot. The CPF is a hot potato issue. What about the Roy Ngerng saga? Immediately after the judgement for legal fee was out, another controversy took centre stage. Did Roy give up his right to cross examine, to be cross examined, or did he not? According to Hsien Loong’s press secretary Chang Li Lin, Roy’s lawyer had confirmed that he did not want to be cross examined. According to Roy he wanted the cross examination.

What is puzzling is the thinking of Hsien Loong. What is he thinking, what is in his mind? Could he be thinking that this is a straight forward case of libel and he was suing Roy for alleging that he was corrupt? Period. Let the court decide this civil suit and move on? How would this tussle affect his stature as the PM of the country?
Can this legal suit be taken in isolation, to be treated so clinically like a wound, clean it, sanitize it and bandage it up nicely with no further complication or implication?

The social media is on fire. Some netizens are fuming and drawing all kinds of conclusions and threatening consequences, as a political issue. Did Hsien Loong see this coming? I bet so. He must have weighed the consequences and how it would impact his standing as the PM and how it would affect the next GE.

This legal case against Roy cannot be simply treated as a private matter between the two of them. It is political as in involved the PM, and the people will see it from the political perspective and drag many issues into it, the CPF being one. Without trying to analyse more in the thinking of Hsien Loong or his party stalwarts, there must be political fallouts coming from this case. Perhaps all these have been taken into account and seen as a price worth paying for, or necessary to take Roy to court.

How would this end up with Roy now in a mood for a ‘suicidal’ mission, a do and die no option recourse? The bigger this saga is blown up, the bigger the implications, and they are unlikely to be positive for both of them. Would it blow the PAP’s chance in the next GE? This is on the lips of every politically conscious citizens and political observer.

What is at the end of the tunnel?


Anonymous said...

"Would it blow the PAP’s chance in the next GE?"

Not at all, juding from past precedents, with even lagi terok lawsuits by PM Lee, eg against WP Tang Liang Hong in GE 1997 and SDP Aung Juan Soon Chee in GE 2001. And after that PAP went on to win more than 98% seats in GE 1997 and 2001.

And even in the worst of times for daft Sinkies in GE 2011, PAP could still get 60% votes!

So this Roy saga will not affect PAP chances very much, because there are many more new Sinkies since 2011, and as always, the Sinkie opposition is also unlikely to be ready to be govt by next GE.

Anonymous said...

You are talking about history, about a time without internet and a time when the people are less educated.

Anonymous said...

when a person is at the

the ONLY way to survive is to
fight back at ALL cost......

be careful......

be very careful......

be very very careful.......

Anonymous said...

What is puzzling is the thinking of Hsien Loong. What is he thinking, what is in his mind?

There are many rich people who have benefited from PAP's policies.
Maybe they are also getting puzzled and worried.

Is it time for another promotion exercise?
Is it time to promote a new Senior Minister (guess who?)
Is it time to promote a new Prime Minister (guess who?)
Is it time to bring in the 2nd Generation of bench warmers until the 3rd Generation Dynasty is ready to take-over?

Is it time for Singaporeans to wake up yet?

Singapore's Sharecropper Economy
Sharecropping is a system of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use the land in return for a share of the crops produced on the land.


Is HDB the biggest landowner in Singapore?
Are Singaporeans (HDB flat "owners") the biggest group of tenants in Singapore?

Anonymous said...

With OPM you can promote anyone you like, as many as you like. Create new positions if not enough.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ widly speculating, RB:

>> Would it blow the PAP’s chance in the next GE?

Possibly, but not to the point that it would be a deciding factor in 2016.

>> This is on the lips of every politically conscious citizens and political observer.

Yes, but they do not understand how the voters' minds work. The human consciousness---especially the decision and choice making areas are constantly being "primed" by what's happening in the culture and the environment.

At the end of the day, very few will have genuine empathy for a dissident. In Singapore culture, someone like Roy or Chee or JBJ is just left by the wayside to "cop the shit" with only a few hardcore supporters standing by their side.

Dissidents of the PAP have been sued before and subsequent elections have been won and won again by the PAP.

Bottom line: no one gives a shit about you if you get done attempting to paint any of the PAP top-dogs as "corrupt".

The PAP are MASTER social engineers.

Anonymous said...

When the daft refuse to be daft, things will be different.

Anonymous said...

Sun will rise and sun will set
Every good thing will end eventually

Anonymous said...

Living in Singapore is indeed
extremely interesting.

We are never short of news.

Every week there is something new
to talk about.

Most recently, we talked about
rats in bukit batok, then we have
the C issue in sengkang, then the
rat meat porridge buffet case,
and now we have roy ngerng court
case on everyone lips.

What do you think will be the
next pc of talk-of-the-town news??

b said...

we are not a communistic country and thus a politicial party that cannot take critics should not exist at all. voters have to learn to open the eyes. even your parents will scold you if you do something wrong. thus, there is nothing wrong for people to scold the gov if they do something wrong. it is out of love and concern.

b said...

unless he insulted the pm personally, that will be a different case.

patriot said...

Messiahs existed only in legends(make-up stories) and fables.
there are many dead heroes and heroines in history.


Virgo 49 said...

The PAP will fall if this Court case turns up to be a NKF replay.

Cross examine and examine. Skeletons may come out of closet.

No need wait for GE.

Dig graves for bro will himself fall into it.

Anonymous said...

Roy is like a messiah.

Anonymous said...



patriot said...

Integrity needs propriety
to uphold.

I salute Roy Ngerng.


patriot said...

A respectable person does not compromise his/her integrity.