The consistent social media narrative

Branding is the key to market a successful product. Branding in politics is also very successful in branding a person or in tainting a person. Just keep the narrative going, the unthinking and the sycophants would sing in chorus. Better to have a few cheer leaders to lead a few young punks to jump high and low when the chorus is sung. It always works. Among the notables that were branded and have to live with the tags on them are the 3 doctors, actually more, JBJ, Tang Liang Hong, Chee Soon Juan, the Marxist Conspirators, and lately Roy Ngerng and Han Hui Hui

Today there is another very strong narrative in the social media. And they are singing the same songs daily, more vociferous and scandalous, more vicious than anything the main media could print. The narrative is unprintable. The adjectives used to describe the victims are also unprintable. The point is they are singing a different chorus and there are no short of cheer leaders and their teams of dancers and followers to do the same.

I am restraining my self, with all my fingers taped and bound, to resist typing out the things that were floating in the social media. Like they said, there are two sides of the coins. What you can do I can do also. And the effect is just the same. The believers to this new narrative are growing. The believers of the other church just have no replies, their feeble attempts and whimpers just could not be heard.

When people are being branded as stupid, idiots, clowns, traitors, and much, much worse, and spoken often enough, some would believe they are the truths, and some that used to think otherwise would have their doubts about what they were told before.

The battle of the hearts and minds are fought daily, started long ago, in the internet. Alternative opinions and views are offered, often unchallenged, (except ineffective, stupid and shameless personal attacks on the authors) just like those views and opinions in the main media. Many are new converts to an alternative narrative and an alternate truth. The thinkings are hardened, back by testimonies and hard data.

Call it psy war, call in propaganda, half truths, untruths, brain washing, the battle ground is now more level.

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Anonymous said...

RB, the 'branding' you describe was denounced by Devan Nair years ago during his fall-out with LKY. He said that they would give a dog a bad name and hang him. Constructive politics anyone?

Anonymous said...

The pap brand image has
been "diluted" in recent
years but the pap brand
is still too big to fail.

virgo49 said...

Not necessary too BIG TO FAIL.

They should know the syche of sinkies.

Loon, looon no fight back.

Majority kept mum.

At the polling booths, hor lee see!!!

Think we sick cats., This action is more deadly than just bark bark.

See the Punggol kick out of their heavy weight. Papies think pao chaik.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The cheapest smartphones you can get are $0 on a monthly plan, or less than $80 for outright ownership. The cheapest internet-ready tablet will cost you around $40 in pocket change. These devices are so cheap that even if you're neurotically "budget conscious", someone will probably give you one free, or pick one up for $20 used.

You can set up a blog for nothing more than a few coffees, nibbles and smokes---you don't even have to move your haemorrhoidal lard-arse from your chair. (haemorrhoids caused by sitting for extended periods)

i.e. it is so cheap to connect to the net and make your views known, just about any idiot with a marginally functioning brain can express their opinion by BROADCASTING it to millions of potential readers---an act only reserved to those with large media enterprises in the past.

And so there's not only a diversity of views on the net, but you are going to get extremes of intelligence AND stupidity, as well as instances of undiagnosed mental illness, including dangerous conditions like psychopathy, borderline personality disorder (BPD), psychosis, bi-polar isues etc. And ALL OF THIS is conducted by private, anonymous individuals all equally empowered with the same technology.

Therefore it is hardly surprising to observe phenomena like mass insanity in the social media....and occasionally we get hard evidence of the human reality when someone gets caught on video doing NASTY THINGS, and the video made public by uploading it.

Since everyone has a political voice, there is going to be a high noise level---in many instances drowning out the rational voices---that is supposing rational people can even be bothered arguing with idiots or posting more reasoned and nuanced opinion.

But it is BEAUTIFUL THING: The least intelligent and socially awkward persons can FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!---and whatever "authority" is out there---religion, corporations, hate-groups etc.

It is no wonder that just about every government in the world wants to limit individual freedom of expression on the net---especially in social media---and "control" the thinking of their populations by saying: "The internet is full of stupid opinion. If you want narrative, we have the correct and OFFICIAL narrative".

Well, best of luck to these control freaks. Nothing makes me happier than seeing these authoritarian fuckheads fail spectacularly. They smash one blogger, ten more appear. They tekan again, and when they least expect it Anonymous or some other group of hackers take down the state's servers and hack government websites.

Got your control freak on?

Anonymous said...

When people are being branded as stupid, idiots, clowns, traitors, and much, much worse,...

What do u mean being branded as? It is a fact and happening!

I mean, where in the world can you find a country's opposition not being ready to be govt?

And as a result majority voters are very scared to even accidentally vote the incompetent incumbent out because the opposition is not ready to take over?

And if that is not bad enough, the strongest opposition leader even praise the incumbent being competent when it is not?

If this is not stupid, idiots, clowns, traitors, etc, then I don't know what is.

Anonymous said...

I would say Aung Juan Soon Chee is stupid because:

1. for a long time, he allows PAP to sue, bankrupt and jail him.

2. he also does not understand how majority Sinkies think and vote, that's why he always lose in a election he contested, or being disqualified from contesting elections.

3. as a party leader, he doesn't know how to retain talented party members, like Hainan Ah Ko. That's why his party never grow strong, and seems like a one man show, and he being the man doing the show.

Anonymous said...

How many more columbariums will be introduced into HDB estates over the next 10 years?

Does PAP Millionaire Minister Khaw have to come clean?
Should he tell future HDB flat owners the truth?

b said...

when people cannot take it anymore, they will go against their politicians just like people went against their lords and kings hundred years ago. another type of rulers will evolve and suffice but actually the goal is the same - just want to exploit the people.

Anonymous said...

List of HDB's BTOs:
List of HDB DBSS:



How do I check to see if a columbarium is going to be built before I buy?