Sleeping with the Communists

This statement will instantly remind people of the early independence era when the PAP was a party for the western educated elite, the communist sympathisers and the communists. They all slept in the same bed and played together until the open break by the Barisan Socialis and the detention of many political leaders from the Barisan camp in Operations Cold Store in 1963. The notable names like Chia Thye Poh, Poh Soo Kai, Lim Hock Siew, the Puthucherry brothers, Woodhull, Lee Siew Choh, Lim Chin Siong, Fong Swee Suan, Said Zahari still ring a bell in many older Singaporeans. They were the comrades, the friends of the PAP that turned to foes.

In 1987, the announcement of a Marxist Conspiracy and the arrest of a group of young people including some working with the Catholic Church was the lowest point in the deteriorating love affairs of the PAP with the Communist. Tan Wah Peow had fled earlier in 1976 and was identified as the leader of the new Group. Among those arrested were Vincent Cheng, Teo Soh Lung, and Tang Fong Har. Since then, Singaporeans have been living with this Communist spectre till today. Anyone branded as a Communist or sympathiser could face charges and be detained under the ISA. Reading or listening to communist literature was a sure sign of Communist leaning and a sign of trouble. Singaporeans were banned from visiting Communist countries except those above 55 and must apply for approval.

Despite the thawing of relations with Communist countries and the visit of Deng Xiaoping, despite flirting and dining with the Communists in Beijing, and despite paying regular homage and welcoming millions of Communists by our political leaders here for work and for play, something is still missing. Why are our ex Communists and sympathisers, some returned, some never allowed to return, still being held in suspicion, like enemies of the State, like demons and terrorists waiting to turn Singapore into another violent contest for power?

Can they do that, are they in a position to do that, would they do that? Are the Singaporeans still willing to join their quest for a Communist state? Or would the Singaporeans welcome them with open arms, like they welcome the PRC Chinese here and like the western world welcome them with red carpets? When would this stigma or spectre of Communism in our early generations be erased as part and parcel of our growing pains and history? Has anyone noticed that the world has changed and they should wake up and smell the roses? If we can dance and play with the new Communists, can we at least have tea with the ex Communists/sympathisers and treat them as one of our long lost brother or sister, the return of our prodigal sons and daughters? Chin Peng was treated much better by the Malaysians than ours that are still overseas.

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patriot said...

What's wrong with Communism or Communist.

Is Sin not working happily with Vietnam, China, Soviet Republic and other Communist Nations?

May I even say that Sin has put in much investment in China and Vietnam?