Singaporeans, use your votes wisely

The Real Singapore is an aggregator and has been reposting some of my articles there when they found them suitable. I am reposting one of their articles which I think Singaporeans should read and know. Singaporeans must learn to protect themselves from the invasion of foreign talents that are infesting the banking and finance industry, academia and IT too. You do not want to panic like when the rats are running all over Bukit Batok to say enough is enough. It may be too late then. Actually it is already too late. Here is the article titled,

‘Deutsche Bank hires many Indian nationals in high paying positions.
Yesterday, we wrote about Sambath Kannan who came from India to Singapore to work in a high-paying position but derided Singaporeans and said he pitied them. He was later castigated by other Singaporeans and it was also found that the bank that Mr Sambath works at also hires many Indian nationals in high-paying positions.

Mr Sambath Kannan came from Pondicherry in India and is a Vice President at Deutsche Bank.

Yesterday, he wrote a comment on the People's Action Party Facebook page.

"Let us not wait for others to do everything for us. Let us each do our part and give it all that we can," he quoted prime minister Lee Hsien Loong as saying.

Then he chided Singaporeans….

He lamented about how Singaporeans complain about housing and jobs.

"I am really concerned and at times I pity them," he said of Singaporeans.
He then added, "Those born, had education and experience in other countries migrate to Singapore, utilise the opportunities available, create the opportunities for Singaporeans, they grow, they help Singapore to grow. Some of them consider Singapore as their home."...

After the backlash against his comment, he has taken down the post and clarified that he is a Singaporean. Mr Sambath is also a new citizen.

But he also criticise Singaporeans.

"But, some of the Singaporeans are yet to realise the opportunities available and yet to realise their own potentials. They waste their time and energy by criticising the government," he said.

This got many Singaporeans riled up.

Other commenters did not take to Mr Sambath's words kindly.

"So, you are a new citizen, Sambath Kannan? You come here, enjoy the fruits of the hard work of native Singaporeans which made Singapore what it is today and you want to pour caustic comments on us?" one commenter said.

"Do you even know how the bottom 20% of Singaporeans live?" another asked….

This led Mr Sambath to say, "Please try to understand I am not blaming any body. I feel hurt when the public make negative comments about our ministers or Singapore govt."

Indeed, Mr Sambath earns a good salary in the Deutsche Bank and might not understand the plight of ordinary Singaporeans who earn much lower salaries….
What is more, netizens later discovered that many of Mr Sambath's colleagues at Deutsche Bank are also many Indian nationals who hold positions of vice-presidents and directors, like he does.

This angered even more Singaporeans.

Questions have been asked about why Deutsche Bank hires so many foreigners in their high posts and why the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) hasn't yet taken action against the bank.

It is known that the financial industry in Singapore is being taken over by foreigners and replacing the jobs that Singaporeans use to fill….’

Singaporeans should not get angry unnecessarily. Singaporeans should not get angry with this Sambath Kannan. He and Deutsche Bank are just symptoms of the disease affecting this island. Think carefully about what all these meant to Singaporeans and their children and vote wisely. Only Singaporeans can help themselves and protect their children’s future. Singaporeans must decide and decide quickly if this is good for their country and children. No one is going tell you the truth on how this will impact them in the negative and will hit them flat on their faces. Your future and the future of your children depend on what you think should be done to this high population problem and where you want it to go.

Kopi Level - Blue, thank you


Anonymous said...

"Only Singaporeans can help themselves and protect their children’s future."

But then why are Singaporeans not helping their opposition to be ready to be govt to replace the PAP next GE?

What are they waiting for? Waiting for foreign talents or new Sinkies like Mr Sambath to help them do it? Hahahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

"Singaporeans, use your votes wisely"

But is it wise to vote in the Sinkie opposition to be govt when even the strongest opposition party is not ready for it, and its leader publicly stated that he has also no ambition to be PM?

Then might as well vote RB or even me to become PM, tio bo?

Anonymous said...


vote wisely for Singapore.....

vote wisely for your own future...

vote wisely for future of your children.....

Sincerely.....Are you happy?

vote for a happy city.....

vote vote vote.....


Anonymous said...

In 2011, PAP already knew that majority (aka 60%) Sinkies do not want to vote in political parties which are not ready to be govt, and also new Sinkies like Mr Sambath will support PAP. That's why since 2011, PAP had made many new Sinkies to improve on the 60% next GE.

Some more PAP also knew that even if Sinkies wanted to vote opposition, most will vote for the kaki lang Teochew Ah Hia party, and not Aung Juan Soon Chee Party. That's why even Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko from Soon Chee's party was rejected by 60% last GE.

Anonymous said...

RB,it is the CECA that George Yeo so proudly signed that allowed these people into the little red dot to displace our PMETs. So where is he today? In HK enjoying the high life. Maybe we should ship him off to India.

Anonymous said...

Dear RB
Be it Kannan or Kiri, just leave him alone. This cartoon is trying to "curry" favour our government of the day, be it ABC Party, DEF Party or HIJ Party. Pun not intended. If he wants to dispense words of wisdom for his fellow countrymen, he would have done it long ago in his land of birth. He did not. He would work towards the growth and prosperity of India. But alas, he did not. He did not fight for his fellow compatriots. He chose instead to leave for ready made Singapore with the safety net of his motherland should anything go wrong. This is a fair weather citizen. Di ko liang, di ko zhuo. That's what the Teochews would say. In actual fact, I pity this man. Let him go. Ask him...would he give up what he's doing now, pick up arms and serve the Army at S$90 per month minus 40 cents for Pioneer magazines for 2.5 years, bearing in mind the possibilities that he might die from peace time training or permanent injuries that would change his life forever? Then followed by the cycle of Reservist Training & IPPT disruptions. That was what we went through to be here today. That gives us the rights to bitch about anything and everything that goes on in this little red dot when we find something amiss, something that is not right that needs to be put right. Unlike Kannan, I have no advice for him. To my fellow true blue Singaporeans, my advice to you is, "Leave him alone and he would leave by himself".

fish 'n' chips

Anonymous said...

The question is not whether the Opposition Parties are ready to be government.
The question is whether Singaporeans are ready to change the government by swinging the votes to Opposition.

I am Singaporean.
I am ready for a change in government.
I will be voting Opposition.
So will my friends and family.

Anonymous said...

Better vote opposition.
Before the PAP government sells more columbarium land to non-religious public organization.
And we end up paying $50,000 to put our ashes in an urn.

Anonymous said...

Hey redbean
Look. Bill Gates Foundation also got smart technology.
Turning shit into drinking water.


So PAP government.
The smart technology already exist.
Stop wasting our Singaporean money building more smart cities in India.
India needs more toilets.
Not your PAP mental masturbation.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi fish n chips,

I like your optimism but the truth is that he would not go away but stay. If he did returned to India eventually, it would be after he made his fortune and cashing out from here. He has no better place to go unless US or UK wants him. Spore is his next best choice.

I can't pity him. He did the right choice to come here. I can only pity the daft Sinkies, nothing against the foreigners coming here to make a good life, for not knowing that it is all at the Sinkies' expense.

If Sinkies do not wake up, their days of good life are numbered. Sure, a few will still live very well on the fortunes their parents amassed.

Do your parents amassed a fortune for you to live on, and how long will it last?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10.14am pls note......

Your $50,000.00 may be just enough to pay for the space to house the urn in the columbarium.

How about the usual monthly maintenance fees and festivals fees, etc?

You are correct. It is no more cheap to RIP!


Anonymous said...

To all the friends & family of Singaporeans who have been unfairly sacked by Aliens and Foreigners

Vote Opposition to support our fallen Singaporeans.
The Alien in your organization may be targeting you to be sacked in the near future.

Instead of donating Singaporean money to the next disaster in Philippines or India.
Let's set up an Unemployment Fund here in Singapore and support our fellow Singaporeans instead.

Let's kick out the aliens and traitors

Virgo49 said...

The present shits by the current PAP ministers to be felt by the younger generation is frightening .
Hard time for the next ruling government to clear the mess.

Eggs not a single one laid by them but all shits.

They be enjoying their millions in far away paradise

Virgo49 said...

Right right, sometimes don't understand sinkies.

Willingly to help foreigner rather than their own kind and
Get screwed by them

Anonymous said...

Dr Lam Pin Min
(Minister of State, Ministry of Health)
Member of Parliament, Sengkang West SMC.
Do you think this PAP Millionaire Minister will lose his SMC at the next General Elections?
Do you think he should lose his million dollar salary?

Do you think he represented the Singaporeans in his constituency over the columbarium issue?
Or do you think he represented PAP and their business friends' interest?

Do you trust him to represent Singaporeans?
Do you think he will protect our CPF and national reserves against a rougue government?

Anonymous said...

"Dr Lam Pin Min...Do you trust him to represent Singaporeans?"
Anon 1:20 pm

For the majority voters in Sengkang West in last GE, the answer is yes, they trusted him. PAP Dr Lam polled a comfortable win of 58%, vs WP Koh 42%.

So why would Dr Lam lose next GE, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.40pm >>>>>>>>

U considered 58% majority


b said...

Lots of americo empires now threatened by chino empires. Thus, they are working with the ahnehs, europo, pinoys, japo and others to retain their empires. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to betray each other like how americo took over the colonised kingdoms of the europo after ww2 after making used of them.

b said...

Small country like sing can only do what the americo tells them. Until the day arrives, the rules of the game can change.

Anonymous said...

Some of the comments made by this Mr Sambath Kannan is true. The saying goes " Truth hurts ". Here in Singapore, many of the banking jobs are in the hands of foreigners. The Indians are much better at the banking business. The Singaporeans are usually not up to scratch when compared with an Indian. The main aim of every bank is to make money and who better to employ than the Indians who are very capable to make the most profit for the banks?

Singaporean should accept the fact that they cannot compete with the Indians when it comes to banking. Moaning and whinging about the FTs in Singapore will not make things better. Singapore needs people like Mr Sambath Kannan who has uprooted himself from India to come to Singapore to help grow the GDP. The good economy of Singapore as a result of Mr Sambath Kannan's contribution will benefit ALL Singaporeans.

I agree with Mr Sambath Kannan when he said that Singaporeans complain too much and criticise the PAP government for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

"I agree with Mr Sambath Kannan when he said that Singaporeans complain too much and criticise the PAP government for a job well done."
January 09, 2015 5:46 pm

Spoken like a traitor dog.
Clearly it's time for Singaporeans to rid our country of Traitors and Aliens.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 09, 2015 6:08 pm

Yes, the truth hurts, doesn't it?

Stop bitching and do something about it. No one owes you a living. You have to earn it. Just sitting back and moaning all the time does not make things better. If you cannot compete, get out of the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

/// Stop bitching and do something about it. ////
January 09, 2015 6:15 pm

We are doing something about.
We will be getting rid of Aliens & Traitors.
The talking is over for Traitors.

Anonymous said...

My GE 2016 Prediction
Dr Lam Pin Min
(Minister of State, Ministry of Health)
Member of Parliament, Sengkang West SMC.

- This PAP Minister is going to get voted out.
- He is now a liability and none of his PAP friends will want him to join their GRC.

Gone case liao.

Anonymous said...

How many more columbariums will be built next to all the new HDB flats and HDB estates that's going to come on-stream over the next few years?
Will other PAP MP's be as helpful as Dr Lam Pin Min ?

Should we vote Opposition MPs to protect the value of our HDB flats instead?

Anonymous said...

Does PAP Millionaire Minister Khaw have to come clean?
Should he tell future HDB flat owners?
How many more columbariums will be introduced into HDB estates over the next 10 years?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:46, who built DBS, UOB and OCBC to what they are before the Indians came in? Indians? If the Indians are so good, can you name 3 Indian banks that are as reputable or bigger than these 3 banks?

No need to mention about BOC, ICBC, CCB, ABC, if you know what they are? No Indian banks can smell them.

Anonymous said...

You know what happened to all the big American banks and European banks when run by the Indians?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon January 09, 2015 9:49 pm

Talk no use.
Just focus on running the Traitors out of political office.
VTO GE 2016.

Virgo 49 said...

No one owes us living. Singaporeans also does not owe the government and obligation to serve NS if they do not owe us Living.

Why should we serve just to protect and defend others liberties, wealth and assets whilst we have to sacrifice our best part of our lives for them????

If we do not have the benefits first as citizens then why should we serve????

We not asking for entitlements but not be disadvantaged just because of our liability to serve NS.

So don't give the Farking excuse that nobody owes us a living.

Anonymous said...

You say very good.

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, Just a swing vote of 10% is suffice for the opposition to kick the party out.


Anonymous said...

In the next GE, it is possible to have a scenario where it is possible to have more % votes for opposition and yet fewer opposition MPs in parliament. One way thos will happen is fro the PAP to redraw boundaries before the GE. Right?

Virgo 49 said...

So many in camp training, IPPT, RT and mobilisation!!!

Away from family, spouse, mistress, children and dog some more.

Anonymous said...

I have said many times that Juan Jin is sleeping on his job. The Indians have indeed taken over all the high paying jobs in our banks & IT sector. Amongst the many foreigners are also potential rapists & terrorists. Our shopping malls, buses and trains are now so packed. If something like what happened in Paris recently were replicated in our MRT, good luck to this fook arse govt ! We may unconsciously have imported rapists and terrorists amongst our foreign talents

Anonymous said...

" The Indians have indeed taken over all the high paying jobs in our banks & IT sector."

The above statement is true because Singaporeans lack these skill.

Singaporeans are not equipped to do such high powered jobs.

Singaporeans are not smart enough.

Anonymous said...

" The PAPigs have indeed taken over all the high paying jobs in our civil service and GLCs."

The above statement is true because Singaporeans lack the technical know-who skills that PAPig citizens have.

Singaporeans are not equipped with the technical know-who to do such high powered jobs.

Singaporeans are not smart enough to vote out the PAPigs. "

I do not believe the above statements are true.
Do you?