Singapore 2015 (1) – The Beginning

Some Ramblings of a 50-year-old Nation

In a flash, we will be celebrating our beloved Singapore’s 50th (S50) Birthday.  For a nation, our history is very brief and yet so exciting and rich for one little boy who lived through this epoch.  Having passed my own half-century a while back, I can understand the festive joy amidst the angst, trepidation and expectations accompanied by our perennial national past-time of worrying about important trivia and inconvenient mundane stuff, punctured occasionally by serious matters of the heart, community and the world in that order.

This Post shall kickoff a series of free flowing thoughts through the events and policies in the past 50 years, before capturing the transformative imagination for our beloved country in the next 50 to 500 years.  

We shall begin, as usual, from the beginning.

9 August 1965 – The Day of Infamy which No Singaporean should Forget.
We were at the edge of our Hope, the end of our Destiny and the Dissolution of our Vision. Earlier, we had fought and won our Battle for Merger with Malaysia.  It was to be our finest victory!  But, it was short-lived.  Looking back to my 2 years as a Malaysian “Singapore” Citizen, I am glad that it was not a very long victory.  I was not even entitled to Malaysian citizenship!  A longer victory would have been very bad for me and millions of fellow Singaporeans.   

It was better this way, Really. The early joy of Merger Victory had been followed by two years of love-hate, bittersweet honeymoon disputing the conflicting visions of a meritocratic, multicultural “Malaysian Malaysia” vs a Malay-dominant, racist, ethnic supremacist “Malay Malaysia”. With no ethnic group then exceeding 50% in the population, a Malaysian Malaysia would have made the most sensible choice, but not to the powerful Malay political elites and their interest groups.  A saline mixture of fresh and sea water would still taste salty, even if we had remained in Malaysia.

The Promised Land of Malaysia two years earlier had turned into a Desert of Acrimony. The Mirage of Mutual Prosperity clouded the Reality of sandy Political Interests.  We could not be forced to drink the sand of political racism to quench our thirst for justice and equality.  And we refused to mistake it for the precious water needed to nurture our dream of Nationhood.

National Day 9 August 1965 – Leaving Our Future Behind
From the Ashes of a Failed Vision, we had emerged more Prosperous, Stronger, more Rugged, more Resilient, more Robust and Independent.  Our RIGHT to Survive with Independent Sovereignty CANNOT and MUST NEVER be compromised or sacrificed. Our Authenticity as a Nation providing Exceptional Value to the World MUST Always be visibly Demonstrated without Any Equivocation.

Our Greatest Moment as “One People, One Nation” was in picking up the Pieces of our young Nation when so Many had written us Off.  We had Believed in One Another when we Failed in our Merger Victory, and we Prevailed.  It is always easier to keep our faith and believing when we are succeeding.

In 2015 as we approach our Jubilee 50 years old, and grappled with new Survival issues, let it not be forgotten that we once had a Difficult Birth, a Risky Delivery, a Vulnerable Existence And a daunting Struggle to continually assert Our Right to Live among the Nations as a Sovereign Nation Deserving of Their Respect, Friendship and Admiration.   

We must continue to believe in Each Other and Ourselves as we march into the next 50 Years and beyond.  Together, our strengths always synergise in the face of Adversity, and we become stronger, more united and more resilient when we trust and depend on one another.   

Kopi Level - Red


Veritas said...

I wish to add another to this Malaysia kick out Singapore thing. This issue can also be interpreted as a sold out of Sarawak and Sabah by Kuan Yew.

Not many people know that at one time, Malayan Malays were almost at par with Chinese demographically.

Then Islamofascist like Tungku and gangs started a sectarian war against Singapore.

If we are ready to fight a civil war with Malay, Chinese may have won. Then MCP was lurking at the jungle.
Sarawak Iban and Kadazan were very piss with racist Malay Islamofascist and may be counted as ally.

Then Kuan Yew and Tungku decided to back off. Reason being there is a high chance the entire Malay elites will lost their pants in this wager, with MCP within, and Sukarno trying to create Greater Nussantara.

The Malaysian Malay offer us a peaceful way out for their own survival, not out of any charity. This is the only time Islamic people peacefully ceded such an important territory.

Veritas said...

The secession of Singapore is a win win especially for Malaysia, but the nuthead Islamofascist shit in Malaysia keep crying foul and keep feeling being short changed.

If Chinese and Malay fought a civil war, the outcome could be an initial win for Malay while they may suffer eventual defeat, because of there were large numbers of MCP, who were veterans that even Japanese were not being able to defeat them.

Second, when Singapore is out, the implication is Sabah and Sarawak were being delivered to the hands of Malay Islamofascists.

Since then, the Malay Islamofascist shit on Iban and Kadazan who are even Malay people themselves to this days. The oil wealth and natural resources of Sabah and Sarawak were plundered. Those who demand oil wealth to remain in the states were murdered.

Sabah is today the poorest state in Malay and one of the biggest contributor of federal wealth. Sabah is like a prostitute being fuck by Malay and instead of receiving payment for being sex slave, pay the Malay.

While Tungku and gangs may have conquered Sabah and Sarawak for Malay people, things are getting so unbearable these days that the talk of sucession is again ring increasingly louder each day.

Its time for the wicked Islamo-(fake bumiputera-ist) Malaysia to be dis-integrated.

Why fake bumiputera-ist? Malaysian Malay are so sicko that Ibans are being deprive of bumi status but are now considering of granting FT islamist like Bangladeshi Bumi, in addition to dishing out bumi status freely to Indians and Arab Muslism.

Anonymous said...

But last time a lot of Matland non bumis came to Sinkieland to earn a living or to study what. Some were actually talents, many became professionals and some later even become Sinkie MPs and ministers. They helped to develop Sinkieland and there were also no complaints from local born Sinkies then. Perhaps culturally they are more similar to Sinkies than those best available PRCs and India Ah Nehs we have now.

And due to lots of talented non bumis getting out of Matland in the past, Matland also did not progress better than it would have, hence allowing Sinkieland to progress and prosper without too much competition from Matland.

Anonymous said...

Minister Khaw Boon Wan was formerly from Matland (Penang), u know. So are MPs Irene Ng, Janil Puthucheary and Foo Mee Har.

No local born Sinkies talented and available to be in their position?

Anonymous said...

It's an Animal Farm recreated. Nothing surprising. The ruling pigs will tell the rest of the animals lies and live the lifestle they desired. Lessons learnt from farmer Jones are quickly forgotten. While the pigs sleep in the comfort in farmer Jones' house, the rest have to weather storms and cold wind outside. When they complain, the pigs will tell them all sort of lies and if they protest, dogs will be sent to silence them. Promises? They are just promises.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I tell you lah, people criticise racism for being something ugly and bad. While that might be the general case, I want to thank Ah Lah for guiding the pig-headed, barking mad UM-No! Kepala Butohs for kicking 'lil 'ol Singapore out of the Federation Of Racist Cunts, and hoping (praying?) for our collapse, demise and total annihilation...sorry lah, your wishful thinking and prayers actually fucked you up and made us a success beyond imagination :-)

Although no one really likes nor trusts the Straits Times, at least they are "better than" Utusan Makpuki -- famous for overtly racist screamers like this.

However, I do like Malaysia---generally speaking. Umm-No! is completely thrown in the same bin as all the other garbage I loath, but I spend lots of time in Malaysia, and despite its "quirks", I usually have a smokin' great time.

I also like the freedom of expression in Malaysia when it comes to political matters. You can "protest" in ways which will have you jailed or sued in Singapore. For example: [1], [2] , [3], and of course my all time favourite, the rapper who calls himself Nam Wee.

So regardless of the corrupt nature and actions of Umm...No!, I appreciate the Malaysian people for their COURAGE by constantly slamming their government, and the racists in power.

Singaporeans are far too docile, and probably too afraid . IMO Malaysians are more "chill" than Singaporeans and have a lot ore freedom to speak and express.

Malaysia boleh? Definitely boleh...a few cock-ups here and there, maybe a scandal or two...but still can "boleh".

Singapore has done well in the the 50 years since forced secession. Malaysia also...not too bad lah...IMO a decent 2nd place.

Neither place has a "perfect" political system. But can you live, pursue your "happiness" and generally enjoy "upward social mobility"?

Most definitely.

Michael Heng PBM said...

Just FYI, Veritas.
In the 1960 Malaya Census, Malays were 48% and Chinese 38%. Merger put Malays vs Chinese both in the larger Malaysia at about 30+ish, with Malays still a few more than Chinese. If just Malay Muslims, Chinese would have been many more. That's why the term "Bumiputra" or "Sons of the Soil" was used so as to include the Paranakans, the 18 Orang Asli tribes, Dayaks, Kadasan, Ibans and other Natives of Malaya, Sabah & Sarawak for Bumis to become more than 50% of the Msia population.
Of course, to include Malays as "Bumiputra" was a disingenuous move by UMNO and the Malay political Elites since the early Malays only came to Malaya in large numbers from the 16th Century, and could hardly be considered "sons of the soil" like the 16 tribes of Orang Asli, while the early arrival Chinese were already in Singapore, Malacca and Penang, and Java, from the 11th and 12th Century, or earlier.
In fact, if the latecomers Malays were really "Bumis", so must be the Chinese too!

Veritas said...

The peranakan despite being there longer than the families of God damn Mad-hater are not Bumi.

And today, Islamofascist nutheard Malayisan Malay are masturbating the law coming out with many funny by-regulation to make Bumi Iban not Bumi.

Meanwhile large numbers of bangladesh and FT Muslim indians, Arabs are made Bumi.

Malaysia is an anti humanity anti civilization shit state. She is going to blow up as now Sabahan and Sarawak Iban are piss.

patriot said...

The Migrant Malay Rulers and Elites lord over the Original, read Indigenous Malay Tribes in Malaysia.
The Ruling and Elite Classes in Sin similarly exploit and manipulate the Commoners of Similar Ancestors. Some even worked for Japanese Imperial Army which was out to annihilate the Chinese everywhere they went during WWII.


agongkia said...

//A longer victory would have been very bad.....//
I dun quite agree.At least not for me.My Ah Kong said to me that if merge forever I would have a fair chance to become datuk , not to mention professor who only know how to sweet talk .

Seperation cause me to become poorer and become a gongkia instead of possibilty to become Agung.

patriot said...

Find it very hard to agree with the Conclusion of the Article.
Clearly, the Native Sinkies are getting more agitated as more Policies Favouring Aliens got implemented.
Cracks and conflicts shall be become more severe as day goes.

I will not be surprise that Autumn(Gloom) will be suceeded by Scorching Summer rather than Springs(Cool) that happened in the Middle East, Taiwan and Hong Kong etc.


Veritas said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veritas said...

Hi teacher, I heard Prof Yeo Kiat Seng left NTU (amicable or bitter?).

I do not know what came to pass and I am not familiar of Prof Yeo's research. But at least in lesson delivery, Prof Yeo has shown himself to be extremely sharp. He has taught me in Digital Electronics, and one more module that I have forgotten.

Also he is very prolific in publishing many books. This is an extremely exceptional quality among lazy and stupid NTU junk academic.

Being something like a head in NTU, I can be quite sure Prof Yeo for all his talent can be a shrewd politically.

Maybe you can share more about NTU shit.

patriot said...

Me likes to say that Miko sounds much alike Tommy Koh as Chin Leng had writtened about.


b said...

Religion tension is growing all over the world. Religion, created many thousands years ago to control the naive population has thrived despite the development of science and internet. Its quite scary to think that the medieval age will return with a vengeance.