Sin City the destination for the decadent rich

Everyday we are hit by reports and commentaries of turning this island paradise into a destination for the opulent rich to indulge in the worldly pleasures money can buy. Give them everything they want in exchange for their money. We are almost there. We have F1, casinos, Sentosa, the Durian, Garden by the Bay, 6 stars of everything, and we are going to get the must visit Jewel, and the next attraction, world class jungle paradise minus Tarzan and Jane, but all the animals that they can put into a confined space without the feeling of being caged, freedom for the birds and animals in an imaginary jungle paradise. It will cost a few billions though, just like the Garden by the Bay and the Jewel.

I still think something is missing. The rich and famous may not need all the artificiality of a desert or Antarctica here, or the African savannah or the Amazon jungle. They could simply whisk there for the real stuff at a moment of fancy. Those who would want to visit the imitations would be the peasants that cannot afford the real stuff, and grumble that the imitations are too expensive. The developers may not even recover their cost as the high price may deter the crowd.

A cheaper attraction to create would be a real Sin City in Geylang with all the amorous wants and desire of the flesh and the senses available to those who could afford to splurge without blinking an eyelid. That is where the money is. Turn Geylang into a lavish, grandiose and luxuriant paradise on earth where the super rich could have everything they desire or crave for, to satisfy their every indulgence and extravagance. It would be a real destination to cater for the hedonists with worldly pleasure. How about that as a start? Forget about the cheap foreign workers. They not only could not afford much, their presence is also unsightly for a world class city. They not only don’t fit in, they destroy the image of what this city is all about.

The developers could allow their imaginations to go wild and turn Geylang into a true destination that no one with the money would want to miss, must visit but would not want to leave once they are inside Geylang, the City of Sinful flirtation, exploitations, opulence and of human lust.

And I think it would be cheaper to develop but with unimaginable returns on investment, where the customers would never ask for the price but willingly pay for everything thing they fancy and to be pampered. Why waste money on the Jewel and an imitation jungle when the customers can have their satisfaction on anything of pleasure that they want in Geylang, and when they will be happy and grateful to part with their money, plenty of it?

Now if they really develop Geylang into a City of Sin, would I get any credit for it?
What, outrageous? Nothing can be more real and lucrative, and money well spent and well returned than a City of Sin other than a mini Jurassic Park in one of our islands. Want to spend a few billions watching a few wild boars and deer and antelopes running around?


Virgo49 said...

What a great idea Mr RB!!

The Hong Kong Movie Producers would set up base here and no need real Amos Kwok, Lau Ching Wan what macho male stars they have produced GREAT Live shows of Pinoys slashing each other lovers.

Lovers earn these type of monies, expect them to be VIRGINS???? and be faithful to you.

Ah Neys clashing and chasing the SPF like Planets of the Apes remake. The PRC on strike.

Hospital/nursing home nurses abusing our oldies.

We have Japanese Ah Mei Meis, Taiwanese Chu Kok Langs, Korean comfort women, pinoy performing artists and what have you to serve the rich and wealthy.

We do not call SIN CITY for nothing.

See All destinations round the world put the sin "SIN" on those coming to Singapore.

The Government will have access to Trillions of S$Dollars!!!

Every month can credit to the Pai My Generation and the rest SIN bonus SIN credits to their accounts just like Macau.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Agree with redbean. Sin City (aka "Hotel Singapore") is THE PLACE if you have bucks and and crazy about partying and making more money.

That is the #1 reason why this place rocks like a motherfucker!

I like very much :-)

b said...

- i cannot agree. many years ago, sin city was indeed for the rich, well dressed angmo and asians swamping our airports bringing lots of money to spend with them. these days, sin city airports are swamped with badly dresses third world people who have no proper toilets facilities back home bringing their cv to replaced sinkies jobs.

Anonymous said...

RB forgot one thing. Leegalise it, licence it, and charge GST for every tryst! The cash register will ring 24/7. The G is already making money from gambling and liquor, go the whole hog. Wine, Women and Song! Woohooo, what's wrong with collecting more money.

patriot said...

Hate to say it but, no choice.
What's suggested by Chin Leng is more a forecast rather than just an idea.
It is no secret that vice industry has taken centrestage for Sin.

Sinkies had looked down on Primary Production and sneered at fisherman, farmer and artisan. Fishing village was eyesore to the Educated Rascals, farming was primitive.
Industrial production was deemed less lucrative compare to commercial and service sectors. SERVICE means to attend to the wants of customers and VICE INDUSTRY caters best to those wants and needs.
Paper trades such as financial products, stock broking, insurance, derivatives and what not that produce nothing edible or useful became hot and big. The People in the Financial Sector wear ties and blazers though the Weather is humid and hot. The Folks in the Vice Industry hardly have to sweat, put on beautifully and have fun in airconditioned comfort. Wow! What an improvement from fishing village to a First World Cosmopolitan Metropolis. Indeed Sinkie peasants pride themselves and became haughty. However, pride always come before the fall. And the Fall in the Destiny, 宿命 in the Chinese Language. Accept it as FATE.


Matilah_Singapura said...


Fucking 100% absolutely spot on correct right without a doubt: Far too many Singaporeans are JOB SNOBS.

I say this from experience from a time long ago when I was an essentially self-financed student, and after student days just another young guy out in the world looking for work in a shaky economy where the unemployment rate was 10%+ .

I did ALL SORTS of work just so I could make a living: house painting, bar and restaurant staffing, delivery driver, tourist coach driver, digging wells (damn siong!), volunteering in old folks homes, write for community magazine, part-time lecturing. I still keep, to this very day, a box of around 500 rejection letters from job applications just to remind me to never take life for granted, and to be grateful for whatever I have.

I received NO SYMPATHY nor EMPATHY from so-called "friends" in Singapore. "What are you doing? Come back lah! No dignity working as a __fill in the blank__, no future lah. Dead end job lah. Dirty job lah...You are wasting your life...."---so on and so forth.

The point is that eventually times got better, and I recovered.

As I've always said in this blog: If you don't have passive income or inheritance---having a job---any job---is better than having no job. For starters, your mental state and psychology is better Your self-worth is better because you are creating value and getting paid. Some people might not respect you for the "low class job" you have, but they cannot deny that you are making a living and keeping yourself alive and productive---in whatever small way. The best part is that it gives you a chance to REMOVE these people from your life, and form new and more meaningful relationships.

Singaporeans generally look down on "blue collar" work. They think that getting a finance job or working for some multi-national corporate criminal is the bee's knees. And yes, corporate life can be sweet---I spent about 10 years there and got a damn nice slice of tax-friendly cake as a drunk and horny "hot head" expat in Asia---exploiting every borderline legal loophole in the new Asian economies to make OBSCENE profits for The Firm.

The best part: when I was digging wells (Aust got artesian aquifers for water supply) my corporate "friends" in Singapore told me my job was "dirty job"---when they themselves were legally pillaging and plundering the Tiger economies by doing "dirty tricks". Can you believe that shit?!?

Singaporeans are too soft and spoilt to get their precious hands dirty. Fuck those people lah!