Reflections 2014 – Leave Your Future Behind

“We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” ― Joseph Campbell
Seize the Day After Tomorrow

Returning to MIKOspace from a 2-month’s break on business and other matters, I am glad to welcome many new readers as well as the many loyal readers who continued faithfully to visit myBlog. Nearly 10,000 page views have been recorded since MIKOspace’s debut on 7 September 2014. Your support has been truly generous and I sincerely appreciate your encouragement.  The last 2 months’ restful and productive break from blogging also provided opportunities to reflect on 2015 and beyond.      

Our conversations will continue over a wide and wider range of topics, I promise. Education continues to top my first loves. The stealthy insidiousness of bogus World Universities Ranking Standards would be engaged even more ferociously. Singapore’s Global Brand of Authenticity and Integrity should never be misused and abused to mask their lack of credibility, validity and reliability. It is my belief that our fine Universities should not participate in lending and associating Singapore’s pristine and impeccable credentials to otherwise fraudulent and bogus standards of dubious criteria as adjudged by the United Nations and Eminent Professors of Education and Higher Learning.   

We owe it to our Founding Generations to be a Nation of Law, and never to cheapen our Reputation, painstakingly built over the past 50 years, in any manner.  

And on our 50th birthday in 2015, the future course and fate of our Singapore will be put to before the people in a likely General Election with a significant distinction. The decisive vote to determine the fate of Singapore over the next decade and into the mid-21st Century will rest with an electorate whose vast majority are born after 1965.  They would remember little of the 3rd World Singapore at their birth, and have enjoyed the rapid prosperity growth of Singapore over the past 40+ years.  Fresher memories instead exist among most younger and new electorate of the increasingly harder and difficult years over the recent 25 years when over-crowding from immigration and migrant workers compounded increasing living costs associated with food, transportation, medical, private housing, vehicle ownership and education together with decreased opportunities for universities admission and choice job opportunities.      

The Pioneer Generation (borned 1949 and before) and Post-Pioneer Generation (borned after 1950) would bring to the 2015 General Elections the active aging issues of retirement, mobility, geriatric care, medical and the release, and possible topping-up, of CPF.  Already some are making a fuss over the CPF.  

The social and national issues that could impact the 2015 General Elections shall be monitored closely by MIKOspace who would enjoin the conversations to enhance the debate quality and factual truthfulness of the discussions.

In 2014, Hong Kong students startled the world with their failed sit-down (with mahjong) protests presumably for more democracy.  I expect these protests to return in some other forms, despite of their lack of agenda, problem definition, credible issues and glaring absence of possible solutions. Democracy in 2014 – Hong Kong Chapter concluded that they therefore failed to garner the popular support of the vast majority of HongKongers to their doomed cause.    

Issues of Tibet and the Dalai Lama as well as Racial Harmony and Malaysia’s Racist Politics would continue to surface, and MIKOspace would continue to assert the truth with pertinent facts and our usual persuasiveness, in our Panorama – Singapore’s Battle for Merger.

Indeed, 2015 would be much more exciting than 2014. Carpe Diem. We must be ready to seize the Day after Tomorrow.  And, as Joseph Cambell puts it, “be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us”.
Thank you, one and all, for 2014.
Have a Great and Bountiful Life Ahead.
Share your Abundance, Respect the Environment and be Compassionate to those who are sick, younger, weaker and older.
Love all, for Love conquers all things and circumstances.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, 2015 would be much more exciting than 2014.
MIkOspace and reposted by RB

How much more exciting will really depend on Sinkies, or rather the Sinkie opposition lah. It will not fall from the sky, tio bo?

If they are just like in 2014 or earlier, how exciting could that be, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are not only daft but also boring.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, MIKOspace.
Will vote you Best Newbie Blogger for 2014.
Your posts are refreshing, especially with references and fact-checks.
Good model for democratic dialogue.
I think you and Redbean make best couple ... hehehe!

b said...

MIKO sounds very jap. Something that brings a bitter taste for me.