Political entrepreneurship is supreme entrepreneurship

Many entrepreneurs are struggling in the very competitive world of business to make their marks and their first million. Some made it eventually but many failed and got lost, became unknown. The casualty rate for failed entrepreneurs is very, very high. We only hear the success stories but no one would want to know the failures.

Count the odds, and it is very surprising why many are still struggling to compete with, in many instances, against the best in the world. And not only exceptional talents are needed, some require huge financial resources and risking to lose everything.

There is an easier path, lesser competition and could make millions and many millions that is available only to Singaporeans, at least for now before the door is thrown open to the whole world. Entrepreneurship in politics is something so close, and relatively easier knowing the competition, that somehow the daft Singaporeans did not think of venturing into. Let me point out the advantages of political entrepreneurship as a career and as a means to getting rich quick, and maybe more Singaporeans would want to consider this as their top career choice.

First thing, it is a multi million dollar industry and the pay for the successful is beyond your imagination. Many became multi millionaire after a couple of years in office. Now isn’t that attractive? And to make it even more attractive, for those with exceptional business acument, money is everywhere and it is only limited to their intelligence to scoop as much as they could in a single term in office. Everything, every policy, can be turned into a money making machine. And it is all done within the law, or the law can be changed to one’s advantage. Perfectly legal, and no need to resort to criminal activities, cheating or corruption. How’s that for a start? Of course there is great temptation and danger of going the crooked way.

Then look at the competition? There is really no competition if you look at every one of them. Everyone is just like you and me, many like boy scouts and girl guides. And there is no need to fear big titles as Hougang and Punggol East have proven, Ah Lian and Ah Huat could take on anyone with glittering credentials. All it takes is a bit of organization, getting organized.

And what is the start up cost? What is the barrier to entry financially? Very little really. A $15k deposit and some money to buy chicken rice for the helpers. This is unlike the American election where hundreds of millions are at stake. The small stakes involved is like buying Toto, spend a few dollars and hoping to strike it rich. And here the pot of gold is huge. Top price of Toto is peanuts. Once in power, striking Toto is like a monthly affair or better with no odds but guaranteed to win. And these are the known knows. The unknowns are something else. There are the incidentals, just happen to come along with the office and be in the right place and right time, knowing the right people or people wanting to know you, and the right connections. Again, everything is legal and above board. Don’t try anything under the table, not worth it. In fact the system is designed to make it unnecessary and for politicians to remain clean. How nice can it be?

And the chances of winning come once every 4 or 5 years, and one can repeat and improve on one’s position and strategy to make the chances betterer. This is unlike the general entrepreneurship in the industries when there is no certainty or predictability. Many entrepreneurs could strive for a life time without getting anywhere near. In politics, every four year there will be a chance to bet, to make that winning kill. And the odds can be 50:50 when the contest is one against one. Think of the chances of winning a Toto bet or a Big Sweep? It doesn’t make sense right?

Alright, did I paint an attractive enough picture to make more people interested and turn to political entrepreneurship? And you don’t really need to be a genius. No need to be a professor, no need to be a lawyer or a doctor. No need even to be a super talent. The real qualification is a good heart and be acceptable to the voters, to win the hearts of the voters. No need paper qualifications, but a reasonable one will be helpful. No need to invent the wheel or create a new product or a new app or a new computer game. Are these that difficult?

How, there are many political parties out there waiting eagerly to receive the good men to come forward. No need to wait for an invitation for tea. Just knock and the door will be open.

Political entrepreneurship is a viable career route and the rewards are very handsome. And for those who really care for the people and wanting to help the less able, to do charity, to show your compassion for the people, even to fake it is alright, political entrepreneurship offers everything for the head and the heart and the desire, and the ego for fame and fortune.

Go for it. Opportunities are knocking at your door. Why are you waiting? What is stopping you, to do good for country and people, and to improve your bank accounts? It is a very attractive career choice, and comes with a lot of glamour and glory. Everyone wants to take selfies with you, wants to shake your hand, wants to know you, and wants to be seen with you. You became a political celebrity, better than a movie star.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be a multi millionaire? Oh, don't answer yes. Just say you are sacrificing to serve the people. It sounds more correct.

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Anonymous said...

Sounded Very Good! Sounded Very Good!

The political entrepreneurship
painted by you is indeed a very
interesting and a viable career

The attached rewards as described
are very attractive and provide a
easy way to get RICH, fast!

Worth considering! Worth considering!

Our ITEs, Polys and Us should
quickly start courses related to
political entrepreneurship as the
demand is likely to increase in
coming years.


Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

We made it possible for Singaporeans to have a lucrative political career.

Anonymous said...

"Entrepreneurship in politics is something so close, and relatively easier knowing the competition, that somehow the daft Singaporeans did not think of venturing into."


That's why they are not called daft for nothing, u know. Because the smart ones already know how, be it in business, political, or govt related entrepreneurship.(eg SMRT CEO earned $1M in just 6 months despite train delays and depot breakins!)

patriot said...
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Anonymous said...

Vote for WP.

WP is way way better .

WP exists only to serve people.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

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patriot said...

Some in politics are not oni thick with unpenetrable hides, they are shamelessly avaricious.


Anonymous said...

More dangerous is thick in the head. Trust me, one can be very good academically but still an idiot if he cannot make use of the knowledge acquired or the heart is missing.

b said...

But not everyone can lie well for a living, so 'good' politicians like youknowlah are hard to come by.