North and South Korea, an invitation to dance

After all the hypes about how irrational and crazy Kim Jong Un is, the West must be knocked off their balance by the goodwill gesture of Kim Jong Un to Park Guen Hye. Kim has invited Park for a meeting of the two heads. Unbelieveable, this is a notorious beast, insane and obnoxious character, a murderer, as the West would want the rest of the daft world to believe, and now he is offering an olive branch to the South. Cannot be true, must be a trap or some evil scheme. He must be having too much whisky and drunk. This guy cannot be trusted.

The South Korean President Park Guen Hye is not going to believe the Americans. She is taking Kim Jong Un and his offer for talks seriously. She has replied positively for a talk with no condition attached. Now this friendly response is going make some people in Washington and Tokyo very nervous. There are people and countries that would not want a reconciliation of the two Koreas and a united Korea.

Three have been flagged as possible candidates that would not want a united Korea. The West had been selling the notorious fiction that China would not want it. Then there are the Americans and the Japanese, both have vested interests to want to keep the two Koreas divided.

In the case of China, that is on good terms with both sides, though the West is singing the song that China is unhappy with Kim Jong Un and is distancing itself from him, even encouraging China to fix Kim for the sake of the Americans, the Chinese would not have anything to do with the Americans. The Chinese would remain the staunchest supporter of North Korea to keep the Americans from the Yalu River. Even a united Korea would not put fear to China as China has been living with a nuclear power North Korea for ages. A united Korea would see the redundancy of American troops in Korean soil, which is what China wants and which is what the Americans and Japanese dreaded.

The USA would have a lot to lose with a united Korea. No more justifications and fear mongering for military bases in the Korean Peninsula, no more control over the South Korean Armed Forces, no more bargaining power to keep the South Korean as a perpetual semi colony. No more force selling of expensive weapons and making the South Koreans paying for them And no more leverage to coerce and threaten China.

The Japanese share the same interest to keep the two Koreans divided and more. A military and economically strong united Korea would be a threat to the Japanese, an arch enemy. A united Korea would be able to take on the Japanese on its own very comfortably to avenge its past. A united Korea would give the nationalistic Koreans a united front and common enemy in Japan and would not bow to Japanese pressure. And they would resist Japanese encroachment and also have an axe to grind against Japan for half a century of brutal and humiliating colonization. Japan cannot afford to live with a united Korea.

The invitation to a dance party by Kim Jong Un, and the acceptance of the invite are sending shivers to the Americans and the Japanese. If they could have a hand in it, this party must not be allowed to proceed. The unification dream must be killed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Park Chung Hee, the former President of South Korea, the father of Park Guen Hye, was assassinated for toying with the same idea of a united Korea. Kim Dae Jung was removed as the President because of his sunshine policy that could lead to a reunification. Park had to be terminated and the Korean CIA, with connections with the American CIA, was made to do the execution. Now Park Guen Hye, the daughter, is reviving the same dream and acting dangerously to the American and Japanese interests. Would she suffer the same fate as her father? Are the South Koreans prepared not to allow a repeat of the assassination of another Korean patriot, another President?

The South Korean govt and all its security agencies must take serious precautions to protect the safety of their President embarking on a reunification path. She is in danger, clear and present danger, of being terminated, like her father. Would the South Koreans allow it to happen? Would a false flag incident be hatched to finish her off before the reunification dream takes off?

Who will determine her fate and the fate of a united Korea?


Anonymous said...

Never trust the North. Not until there is a leadership change and KIM lineage is overthrown,

Anonymous said...

What do you know about the North except what the western media told you, and have they been inside the North to know what cock they are talking about?

Don't be a silly ass and take everything the western media wrote as the truth. You got brain or not?

People feed you shit you also eat, feed you poison you also take and very glad and grateful for the shit and poison.

Matilah_Singapura said...

The fucking MDA have banned the frat-boy vulgarity-infused but wickedly funny stoner-friendly movie "The Interview".

Geopolitics is often best understood thru the lens of comedy---even if that comedy offends anyone.

Got Netflix/ iTunes?

Anonymous said...

Just don't go overboard with your comedy and free speech to insult people's religion and God.

You want to be Je suis Charlie?

Anonymous said...

Always Remember united we stand and divided we fall!

Matilah_Singapura said...

Yes, me along with hundreds of millions of like-minded folks are Jes Sui Charlie!

Fuck your god/ gods and those who murder and rape kids in their gods' names. Fuck them with the broken cross of jezzus the jewish zombie! :-)

@ living in the past 1057:

>> united we stand and divided we fall!

United ==> herd mentality. All DIE together! Divided ==> you have a chance to run and hide and then observe and laugh as the herd gets slaughtered!

Got independent thinking?

The said...

Yes, the North and South should dance to the tune of Arirang. Better, still, make Arirang the official national anthem of the united Korea.

Virgo 49 said...

High time the North and South become one. Separated for sixty over years just because of being manipulated by the others.

Some many of their kins separated just by a barbed wired zone unable to unite with another. After all they are one people. See the many tears when they met on special occasions.

South Korea males no need to so national Slavery. Just have the north armed forces been the main force.

South Koreans initially support them with their enconomic power and end sufferings on both side.

Hope that blood is thicker than water and common sense prevailed. They be a force to be reckoned with.

South freed from americunts interference and maybe make japanesse yew kee (ladies) to be their comfort women.

b said...

imho, the way to go is to accept each other differences and similarities. humans to learn to be less stubborn and thus more flexible. chit chat, negotiate, trade is part of our dna and not raid, rape, rob. that is barbaric.

patriot said...

If the Koreans, both North and South, are foolish to choose to remain divided, they should NOT blame any outsiders.
Oriental Culture tends to have a Saying that to fight tiger(read enemy) only brothers(born of same parents) will stay to fight together.
血濃于水blood is thicker than water to denote the kinship, meaning to unite as a family tribe to prosper and propagate is the Ultimate ideal of survival.
Koreans, regardless of North South or anywhere in the World must have the Wisdom to progress. If they choose to kill amongst themselves, THEY MUST NOT BLAME ANYONE FOR INTERFERING OR INSTIGATING.


Anonymous said...

reunification of korean is a greatest threat to japan

japan cant say such thing publicly.

usa regime has interest to save their alliance - south korea, japan

each time north korea try to mend ties with south korea,

usa regime would forced south kroea to do a military drill,
any provocative action

to spoils such goodwill from north Korea.

all previous goodwill between south korea, and north korea had been shattered.

read the history.

japan try to drive wedge between north korea and south korea

abe had visit north korea without informing south korea.

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