No where to RIP

10 million anyone? At 5.4m, we are already facing the crunch of a different kind. The would be residents going to move into Sengkang West’s BTO flats are getting nervous and furious. They are not going to live side by side to a, though someone proudly proclaimed a state of the art columbarium. It must be an offshoot of our smart cities. You would not need high tech computers with pre programmed timer for the lights to come on and off. The lights would be on and off anytime the residents in the columbarium desired.

Bukit Brown is going in a matter of time. Bidadari is history. How long would Chua Chu Kang remain in service? We are eating up the space used by the wild, the flora and the fauna, and the dead. And you know what, when we invade and take over their place, they are left with no choice but to live among us. And Sengkang is only the beginning. More columbaria would be built in housing estates, more hospices and nursing homes too. They need space just like the living.

Can you imagine what would it be like with 10m living people and the unceasing process of people needing places to RIP? Having columbaria at the edge of housing estate or inside housing estate is anything but peace. They would not find peace like in Bukit Brown or Chua Chu Kang. The living will be creating too much din to make it unbearable to them to rest in peace.

When planning for 10m living, think of the more than 10m gonna to be dead, the dying and the undead. Going home late at night may not be so lonely after all. Does anyone understand why they are protesting and demanding money back?

Kopi Level - Red


Anonymous said...

With so many male FTs in Singapore.
Who do you think is providing them the sexual relief?
Your Singaporean wife and daughters that's who.

Anonymous said...

Want To Be SMART City?

Why are we still building columbarium?

We don't need state-of-art columbarium.

Think Out Of The Box, please.

In a SMART city, we need NO new additional physical columbarium.

People need not physically visit columbarium or places of worship.

Everything can be online, www!

You can pay your respect online in the comfort of your home, anytime and on any festivals.

So why are we still building columbarium?

Is this is worth considering? Too ahead of time? Think about it!


Anonymous said...

Your idea not suitable. Not much money to be made. One little high tech niche in a columbarium can fetch $10k or more.

It's business and money.

Anonymous said...

must sell this SMART idea to the people......

mind you, in the COMFORT of your home and yet can also pay respect......

it is really one stone kills many birds.....

Virgo49 said...

My neighbor kept his wife's ashes in urn in his flat.

No need to pay 10K for a niche.

First and Fifteen of the month just pray at home.

At night if lonely just talk to her.

Same time detergent cannot bring and female species home.

Staying alone.

Virgo49 said...

Sorry DETERRENT not detergent to bring any female species back.

Easy does it.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Many moons ago, when I was just starting out as a budget-concious "returned emigre", I was renting rooms to live in. One I eventually took was a spacious quiet room in house on a quiet street in the Balastier area overlooking the mortuary at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. The lady had many people come by to look at the room but there were no takers...because of the obvious "ghoul factor".

Being a non-superstitious ATHEIST, I took it. It was very big for the price of the rent. It was well ventilated and above all QUIET, as one would expect being next to a storage facility for dead people.

Please lah, there's nothing "creepy" about a columbarium. There aren't even real dead people there: it is the "leftovers" of the combustion of dead folks---ash and pieces of crushed-up bone stored in urns, and place in walls...like books in a library.

2015, and people are still so superstitious.

What the fuck lah?

Anonymous said...

If they cannot make more money out of you when you are alive, they are obviously looking at how to make more money out of you when you die.

Now, GST is one source of perpetual revenue for the Government, whether you are dead of alive.

When population keeps on increasing and land becomes more and more expensive leading to more and more expensive homes, the dead too will have to pay more for their resting place.

This red dot is fucked up for good.

Anonymous said...

best of all the PAP is still confusing the people of whether they are building temple or columbarium. PAP tell you that they decide what is good for you.

But PAP is deceptive party, repeating the same old trick of bullshit.

You see what they say they are building temple but deceptively hide the fact that it may be more columbarium than temple.

How about this . 1% temple, 99% columbarium in PAP's terms (since they choose what to call) is still temple because there is still element of temple there. last we heard that $1000 per month is affordable for by lesser mortals hdb yet the ministar need millions of taxmoney's money as salary just to survive.

Anonymous said...

no expert in properties.....

but I think the owners of the BTOs & others developments around the C may have great difficulties in selling their units in future....

most people are very very unlikely would want to stay near a C, even if the asking price is cheap.......

hope they can reconsider.....

b said...

Population so high and land so small. Staying near a c is inevitable. Vote for a party that does not want to increase population one lah.

Anonymous said...

We must educate the daft that the most hygienic, efficient and natural way is to return dust to dust. Get a monk or priest to conduct some prayers and scatter the ashes into the sea.

Remember the loved ones in the heart. No need to waste so much time and money to buy a niche in a columbarium.

jjgg said...

Methinks the Botanic Garden will be a good resting place for me.. Orchestral music every weekend, peace,serenity and flowers to augment my repose and most important...thousands of people to frolic with everyday..possible? No HDB columbarium for me please!!!!