No need for nursing homes

There is this kopitiam talk that nursing homes will go out of business when Medishield Life is in operation. How so, the oldies are now working their feeble minds on how to capitalize on this piece of ingenius legislation. Many of them would not be able to pay for the costly nursing homes and the medical fees that they will incur. Medishield Life is a life saver that comes right on time and would be something to celebrate for during SG50.

You people still wondering what I am talking about. See, the Silver Brigade may be retired, but their minds are still functioning well, though a bit slow. With a few days to contemplate on this compassionate and caring scheme, they have worked everything out and are now smiling. They are going to say a big thank you to the govt and the committee members for coming out with this wonderful scheme.

They are going to tell Redbean that his thinking is all wrong. They will go to see their MPs on this scheme but would want their MPs to vote for the scheme lock, stock and barrel. They would want the Parliament to pass this bill especially on the part of jailing those who refuse to pay. And they would object to Redbean’s suggestion that there should be a cut off age where seniors need not have to pay. There shall be no cut off age and seniors shall continue to pay until they die, with no subsidies.

And when the bill is passed, all of them would not want to pay a single cent for the Medishield Life. And they will be invited to stay in the big bungalow in Changi, free lodging, food and medical, for life. With high cost of living, housing, medical and security, Changi Resort is the ideal abode for the Silver Brigade. Why waste such a big piece of real estate on the criminals? Boon Wan would have his nursing homes problem in JB solved instantly. In fact he would have to build a bigger Changi Resort, an entire estate, for the Silver Brigade, half a million of them at least.

How come I did not think of this? And all their children will visit them regularly to show them their tender loving care, without having to pay for their Medishield Life premiums and no need to feed them, clothe them, house them and no need to pay for their medical bills.

Changi will become a famous resort for the Silver Brigade to retire, another Jewel in the making. With the money saved, the children and grandchildren will have more disposable income to shower luxuries on their parents and grand parents when they visit them in Changi. And they will be so grateful to the govt that they will only vote one way in the next GE.

Sorry opposition parties, you would not stand a chance with this Medishield Life Scheme. The PAP is going to sweep every seat and GRC at stake. It will be a walkover! Brilliant, just simply brilliant and deserving of every million paid to them.

Who needs nursing homes anymore? Where can you find nursing that is so safe, with 24 hour security services and doctors and psychiatrists in attendance, and preachers telling them stories about heaven and paradise?


Anonymous said...


But then hor, Changi Resort may not allow u to stay long long. Maybe for a week, a month, or so lah, then they throw u out, and onto the streets if u don't have a home to go to. Next please, to Changi Resort.

So u see, Changi Resort need not be bigger, but will always be fully checked in, and of course not by the same elders lah.

Anonymous said...

....then they throw u out, and onto the streets if u don't have a home to go to."
9.35 am

It has already happened to some from Changi Resort, and they need not even be elders, can be anyone age 21 and above.

Was wondering why there are so many tents pitched all day along East Coast Park? Anything to do with those booking out from Changi Resort?

What do u think?

The said...

Welcome to Changi Hilton!

Food, lodging and exercises provided. You will love it here so much that you would not want to leave.

Anonymous said...

Elders, in fact anyone above 21, can always do something that will give them a lifetime stay at Changi Resort.

Anonymous said...

Some more ah, for females and males above 50, there is no caning by rotan at Changi Resort, no matter what they do outside that entitled them to stay at Changi Resort.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Redbean for spilling the beans on the silver brigade's ultimate plan. The govt will now include in the legislation jail and 3 strokes of the cane without age limit for every failure to pay up! Unless they have very thick skin, this may deter the silver brigade.

Anonymous said...

I also want to enjoy life there.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

Promises, promises.
I promise that you can withdraw all your money at age 55.

Anonymous said...

At least not die of hunger, or better still to die immediately when the 3 stokes executed.

Virgo 49 said...

Sick, also got medical staff. Attend "B" or "C" Rest bays not in cells.

Warded in dormitories free medication.

What more you want??

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

With the high cost of living, and a place to sleep in peace, Changi must be the idea place.

Anonymous said...

Just vote out any Traitors.
Do this for the sake of your children.

agongkia said...

//What more you want??//

Want free wifi ? Can surf net n read my singapore news:-)

patriot said...

哈哈, 想得美。

It is said that there are
many ways to skin a cat.

Be reminded that they
will have more ways to make
You pay than skinning a cat.


2015/16/17 SHALL BE YOUR


patriot said...

A General Election will have to take place within 2015/16/17.

Do what You must to save yourself and your children and grandchildren from suffering further.


Anonymous said...

cat ???
I want to know how to skin a pig.
An old pig.
A senile pig.
And a whole bunch of traitor pigs.

VTO Aliens & Traitors.

Anonymous said...

We become a laughing stock:
'In uniquely Singapore, a
Singaporean if you are poor and cannot afford
to pay his/her premium for Medishield Life
(a Health Insurance)will be sent to jail! This is
year 2015 biggest joke.'