Neo colonization: Is Singapore a republic or a colony?

When the British and the Japs were here, they formed the govt and took charge of everything. Two of the most important roles of any govt are the distribution of power and the distribution of wealth. They took all the important jobs and distributed the good jobs to their own people. The locals were shunned except for jobs that they did not want to do or needed the locals to do. The best jobs that the locals could expect from the British were Chief Clerks or ‘tua chye hoo’. In the Police, staff sergeants or station inspectors were possible.

In the case of the Japanese Occupation, jobs for the locals were even more scarce. Other than labour intensive jobs, the best job that the Japanese would offer to the locals was perhaps as interpreters. No chief clerks or police NCOs. Informers yes.

We gained independence like the animals taken over the farmer’s farm. We gave ourselves all the top jobs and good jobs. We took over the govt and the country and the future and destiny were in our hands. We were happy. Our own citizens were in charge, placed in all the good jobs like the British and Japanese did for their citizens, not for their subjects. The subjects were given jobs they did not want to do.

50 years after independence, have things changed? Is there a new colonization in the making? Why are the top jobs and good jobs taken over by the foreigners? Not only that, they are in charged in many professions and called the tune, decide who they want to employ. And many Sinkies were simply sacked from the good jobs so that the foreigners could bring in their kinds to fill up the good positions.

If this is not colonization what is? It has not reached the top political jobs yet but signs are there that it would be. Then the colonization would be complete when the newcomers would take over the govt and all the top jobs and give all the good jobs to their own kind.

Several industries and professions are already in an advanced stage of this new colonization. The banking and finance industry, the IT industry, the recruitment industry, the academia, where foreigner are filling up the top management positions and calling the shots and often the locals were asked to go. How many of our local professors and academics have been left on the shelf and how many foreigners are filling up their positions in the universities? Cherian George, Michael Ho, to name a couple of the outstanding academics we have lost.

How far would this neo colonization be allowed to go on? And it is happening right before our very eyes, with no resistance, and the daft Sinkies are still having that silly smirk on their faces. Everything is fine, life is so good without know that foreigners are screwing their asses and soon it would be their turn to go.
Sinkies are called daft not for no reasons. The Silver Brigade must stand up and teach the young asses and tell them right in the face how stupid they are. They must right the wrongs. They have seen it before and must not let history to repeat itself. The kids are glued to their iPhones and did not know what is happening around them.

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Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> The kids are glued to their iPhones and did not know what is happening around them.

You know your cuntry is rich when you see school kids engrossed in $1000+ iPhones and $200+ sneakers. Add to that the mega-bucks "Beats" headphones, snappy cool "streetwear" and cafes selling $6+ coffees packed with young 'uns tapping on their MacBook Pros.

They may not know what's happening to them, but the GREAT THING IS: the shit will happen.

Social/Cultural Observation: Singaporeans in general LIVE TOO MUCH IN THEIR HEADS.

What do I mean? By my observations (I find observing human behaviour fascinating!) Singaporeans--especially the young ones---are rarely present "in the moment". They bury their attention, and their minds in their smartphones and tablets wherever they are. i.e. their attention/ minds and self is LOST in some "constructed electronic reality"---completely IN A TRANCE and totally DISCONNECTED from the "here and now".

Over the long term, this has serious psychological consequences, especially with ATTENTION, AWARENESS, and MINDFULNESS. How so?

When you are lost in the constructed electronic landscapes of your phone/ tablet/ computer you are psychologically PRIMING yourself moment to moment. When and if you have to return to the here-and-now present, you are still primed with your "cybermind" and still not present in the moment. This affects decision making, causes anxiety and stress, lousy sleep and a sense of not being "centered" in the present.

Solution: Put the fucking phone away, and start noticing what the fuck is going around you. Instead of having FaceBook relationships and interactions with Angry Birds, try connecting with REAL humans in the real world, fully present in the moment.

As to the question:
>> "Is Singapore a republic or a colony?"

The people always get the cuntree they deserve. If it is to remain a republic, then the people (i.e. you, me, every citizen) must pro-actively support and defend the constitution.

If you are going to be "lost in your phone" rocking out on "Candy Crush", FaceBook or whatever ridiculous time-wasting app...then you are putting your mind somewhere else.

Got attention?

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. @RB;

Change the kopi level to red lah. If the bulk of the population can't even manage a few minutes of MINDFULNESS in their daily lives, the fate of the cuntry and its sheeple are heading down the shit-chute.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed worrying.

Our leaders are allowing foreigners to snatch good jobs from locals. No protest, no enforcement. Just keep blaming locals for not being competitive and being paranoid. Sad!

lust for love said...

Indeed, what is there to celebrate for this year's 50th birthday?

Don't you find this insulting to all the NS men who spend time (the best part of their lives) to serve the army to defend a country which doesn't offer a respective job for them?

What are NS men defending for ?

Defending for a society or a system that works against them?

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Yes Matilah, the young are lost in their make belief world. All of you here, young and old, please wake the young and tell them to be more aware of the real world and what is happening around them. The future is theirs and if they lose it by default, by not knowing, by disinterest, when they work up, it will be gone forever.

Get involve with the real stuff, the things that is happening in the country that would shape their lives.

Those young people reading this blog, please do your part to get your generation to start reading social media and feel the pulse of their country and where it is heading.

It is a life and death situation and is happening NOW.

Unresolved Grievances said...


Anonymous said...

Singapore is not a nation. It is an economy plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

What Singapore really need is a Strategic Office (comprises of experts from the various industries) in the PM Office to advise PM on board strategies over short-term, medium term and long term.

Grace Fu can be better tasked to head this office rather than wastefully appointing her to look after littering of fish-ball sticks.

Anonymous said...

how can you be so daft ? Didn't PAP teach us that it is possible to have both ?

How about this ? GIC and TH can be both government or business corporation whichever way as long as it fit its agenda. What GIC and TH flout the law, opps , it is government-linked, so how can it flout the law whether is run as government ? What not making money, so how can it not make money when it is business corporation. But it is a government company, opps... never mind what the public thinks, claim PAP.

Oppss ... it is a temple with columbarium, or columbarium with a temple. never mind, what is called as long as it fits PAP's agenda.

So redbean, "Is Singapore a republic or a colony?". It is republic with colony, or colony with a republic according to PAP's logic.

Redbean, does that enlighten you ?

Anonymous said...

We must make PAP a official religion because its teaching is so profound.

"GST to help the poor"
"Buy high, sell low of gic, th"
"Increase transport fare so to reduce unnecessary travel"
"five years to repent for not voting the incumbent party"

read this to make your blood boils

Anonymous said...

singapore should exploited the foreigner, ( their talent, expertise, money for singapore future )

not foreigner exploited Singaporean( for their own individual gains)

this is major difference between a good policy and bad policy.

b said...

I'm Bill Hicks and I'm dead now. -
"The elite ruling class wants us asleep so we’ll remain a docile, apathetic, passive herd of consumers, and non-participants in the true agenda of our governments —- which is to keep us separate, and present an image of a world filled with unresolvable problems, that they, and only they might one day, somewhere in the never-arriving future, be able to solve. Just stay asleep America, keep watching TV."

b said...

IMO - Singapore is a minirepublic colonised by foreigners because she has a greedy, anti-sinkies and entitled pm.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

Singapore is a PAP colony.
PAPigs are the citizens.
Singaporeans are the slave labourers native born in Singapore
Foreign talents are the imported labourers brought in to divide and rule over Singaporeans.

Virgo 49 said...

When Dr Goh Keng Swee was the DPM/Defence Minister in the late 60s and early 70s, every NS reservists ROD was offered a job in the civil service and priority in the selection of any HDB flat in any estate without any hindrance.

We felt that we are been valved for our contributions and gladly will served to defend the country.

Even the employers employed their fellowmen and comrades in arms and supported them in their reservists training.

Now NS is a liability and disadvantage to our males having to compete with jobs even with the foreign fakes.

HDB flats priced out of their reach and a miserable token of extra 200 bucks in the GST credits.

Somemore Woody Goh at one time gave ex ex NSmen less than the current serving NSmen.

Our ex late old Ministers dared to implement policies for their ministries boldly for the benefit of the citizens who contributed to the Nation as they are equal in weight and made decisions without getting the nod from the old man.

Gone are the heavy weight ministers of Hon Swee Sin, Lim Kim San and Rajartnam.

Now which minister dared to do so without getting executed??

They are just yes men who only follows instructions.

Virgo 49 said...

And just collected their millionsS$$$$$$ salaries.

Do not upset my lifestyle if you cut my salary some more.

I cannot live without my millions and I was supposed to serve my countrymen who earns only 800
dollars a month collecting crockery.

I may not served you know!!

Ok ok we shall retire you soon.

Matilah_Singapura said...


The problem with HDB is when the govt decided that this "socialised subsidised housing" was a path to wealth creation for the Singaporean.

Now every HDB "owner" (hey, it's a LEASE lah!) is so totally embedded with the idea that their HDB is a substantial part of their net worth.

The "free market" in public housing has caused prices to go crazy (ok, it's down now but that's an anomaly due to global market conditions and govt policy).

Have you seen the cars parked in "subsidised public housing" multi-storey carparks? Beemers, Mercs, Lexus, Audis...WTF?

This has been discussed here before. Public housing should REMAIN subsidised public housing---this is NOT the place to make money/ increase net worth free-market style because it leads to a situation of those who bought previously at low prices (like me) to those who have to scrape and save to afford to "buy" one now---i.e. a form of "class warfare".

Matilah_Singapura said...

P.S. By allowing the prices of HDB to rise according to market-based dynamics causes a huge diversion of capital into housing, and is a drag on the productivity of the economy.

Now HDB is a political football---a tool of political manipulation used by savvy politicians to influence the way people vote.

What a fucking mess. There is no turning back. If HDB returned to affordable public housing, there will be a rioting and blood will flow freely in the streets as current "owners" will see their net worth drop like a rotting durian.

Anonymous said...

Painting into a corner. Unwindable. It can only get worse until the system breaks. Then like it or not, blood everywhere, dead bodies everywhere.

b said...

HDB housing is a scam - a high debt based housing scam. pls stop being naive that its an asset. its a liability all along.

b said...


during sars and after 97 crisis, the housing market also went down but we see no blood on street. perhaps only foreign blood because they are the ones that suffered most. sg does not have any obligation to protect their housing investment.

Anonymous said...

Compare the prices now and 97. Today a crisis in housing prices will kill a lot of people. All borrowing up to their necks.