Mirror mirror on the wall

How many of you are comfortable looking at yourself in the mirror?  Many people don’t like what they see in the mirror. If they looked on a little long, it is likely to squeeze out a pimple or trying to contort their face to look better. For those who enjoy looking in the mirror, many are deluded to think they are looking at a movie star.

It is quite uncomfortable really to look at our flaws and blemishes. Some choose not to look at the mirror. Some did not even bother to hang mirrors in their homes.

The reason attention on the AHPETC is a case saying that many people did not look at the mirror or did not have mirrors at home. So it is very easy to tell others of their flaws and faults and exaggerated them but not of their own faults. It is not a case of them not knowing that they are just as ugly as the people they are criticising. They simply did not know or did not want to know. Or maybe their friends and fans have been flattering them, telling them how good looking they are. In their deluded state they gained enough confidence to think they are really good looking and can go around criticising others.

Some got a rude awakening when they were shown the mirrors. They could not believe what they saw, just as ugly as those they condemned. I think some ran away, some went into hiding. Some may be reflecting or may consider buying a mirror to look at themselves carefully. It is advisable for them to have a mirror at home. Their friends and fans should buy them a gift, a mirror.

Unfortunately friends and fans are only good at flattering and would not want to say the truth. And these people may continue to think there is nothing wrong with them. A mirror is indeed a very useful object of vanity and also for self reflection. It may make a conceited fool come down to earth and feel that he is just like those people he criticised, sama sama.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Do they sell mirrors to the rich, powerful and vain? Or these people really think that they are so beautiful that there is no need for mirrors?

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Anonymous said...

The reason attention on the AHPETC is a case saying that many people did not look at the mirror or did not have mirrors at home.

But does it matter whether junior minister Desmond look or not look at the mirror?

Will he lose in the next election, or WP become ready to be govt, if Desmond does not look at the mirror?

If not, this is what really matters, and not whether he look or not look at the mirror.

Tio bo, u say lah?

Anonymous said...

I think it is precisely because WP is not ready to be govt that Desmond did not look, or rather did not want to look, at the mirror.

Anonymous said...

He is so handsome. Every inch a super talent politician. Another born to rule.

Anonymous said...

Desmond is the son of former minister Lee Yock Suan.

Maybe he is one of the few, or rather the only one, who agreed to be candidate last GE, out of the many who are children of, or related to ex ministers invited by PAP to contest last GE.

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

So honourable of him to come forward to serve the daft. We need more like him and be grateful for the great sacrifice. You people don't anyhow tarot him. He is doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

Who is Lee Yock Suan?
What has he ever done for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Now he has. Give you a minister.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon at 0940am

Been reading Mr RB interesting articles daily and you seems to harp that if WP is not ready to be the ruling Govt then seemed ALL HOPE IS LOST.

Do we really need the WP to form the next Government???

Have you heard or learnt of COALITION GOVERNMENT which runs the Nation just as well???

No One is indispensable. Good to have a COALITION GOVERNMENT where the politicians are balanced and even handed and NOT OUT TO SCREW THE PEOPLE WHO VOTED FOR THEM.

Rather a ONE PARTY RULING GOVERNMENT in a matter of time after been in power for too long will soon be just like the PAP.

Anonymous said...

Hope that the SOMEONE looks into the mirror with the balloon hat on.

It is not pretty!

Wearing the balloon hat that way is really not very kind to YouKnowWho!

Anonymous said...

Dumb. Who made him look so silly?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard or learnt of COALITION GOVERNMENT which runs the Nation just as well???
Virgo49 11:02 am

In other countries yes, but not in Sinkieland lah.

And why is Teochew Ah Hia not even willing to meet and talk to Hainan Ah Ko, despite Ah Ko's olive branch?

Like that how to form coalition govt even if 60% give them the chance?

Anyway, 60% Sinkies will only either make a party win big (if the party is ready to be govt by contesting 100% seats) or if not, lose big. Hence coalition govt not possible one, not in Sinkieland. I think even minister Desmond knows this, that's why he did not look at the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Even the PAP is not ready to be government.
Just look at all the screw-ups over the last 10 years.
Using PAP's track record and standard.
Every Opposition Party in Singapore is ready to be government.

Anonymous said...

And they think protecting foreigners whom they called talents is the right thing to do. Wondering how many foreigners are being given citizenship every month to prepare for the GE?

Virgo 49 said...

Bro, any elections any party got no clear cut majority will form a coalition government with members of any other parties as also elected.

Not necessarily they must joined an alliance to contest to contest the elections.

Normally the Party with the most seats will invite smaller minority members to be part of the ruling government. They definitely got the chunk of the meat with their members holding more ministerial posts.

So not necessarily Teochiew must speak to Hainese and vice versa.

Only not to jepordise their chances that they try to have a goodwill "coalition"

The hunting season is open to all.

Anonymous said...

I always told my friend WP in the long run will be like PAP so we need another one not SDP ......

But someone from no party truely represent the interest of the people

Anonymous said...

"But someone from no party truely represent the interest of the people"
January 04, 2015 4:21 pm

You mean someone like a President?
Like Tony Tan?
He represents Singaporeans.
He is on our side.

b said...

PAP only hobby is to screw competitor and not to serve the people. After 50 years of ruling, still do not understand? they will spend every resource they have to screw competitor because thats what they love/like to do. After 50 years of ruling, the people still cannot attain basic standard of living. Is that a good party?

Anonymous said...

"After 50 years of ruling, the people still cannot attain basic standard of living. Is that a good party? "
January 04, 2015 4:59 pm

A better question is why are Sinkies so stupid?
Keep voting for PAP again and again?
Even when PAP is no longer good for Singaporeans?

patriot said...

PAP loves or prefers foreigners.

Most Sinkies prefer PAP over Alternative Parties. How come the People blame the PAP for foreigners invasion?
Singapore is as good as invaded, why are Singaporeans claiming that they must and need to defend Sin by serving National Service?


virgo49 said...

Right Patriot, likewise, why should Singaporeans served National Service just to defend their fellow Singaporean employers who preferred to employ the foreigners just for the bottom line???

Are we not suckers?? After fifty years of so called Nation building, we are still selfish in only our personal interests.

No wonder the nationalites of others made the butt of jokes on us.

Hong Kongers which years ago are been accused of self centred without a NATION
to call their own are now the Pride of many when they are so united now.

Anonymous said...

Stop National service.
Vote Opposition.

b said...

"A better question is why are Sinkies so stupid?"

- if not stupid, why still sinkies? already aussies, english or zealanders.