Medishield Life – What is so comprehensive about it?

This is touted as a comprehensive national health insurance for all Singaporeans and PRs, a ‘health care safety net that leaves no one behind’. The only thing comprehensive, other than including all Singaporeans and PRs, is the collection of premiums. Here no one is left out, no one is left behind even if you are 100 years old. You PAY ok! And if you are working overseas, you PAY ok! Whether you are paying another insurance premium overseas that is mandated by the host country of your residence, you still must PAY. Any exceptions? I have not heard of any.

I will talk about what this Medishield Life is NOT comprehensive in another article later. So, what is the real intent of this Medishield Life other than the broadcast altruistic mission of providing every Singaporean and PR with a national health plan? Anyone wants to guess? And mind you, the govt provide the national health scheme, you PAY!
Oh, the govt is contributing $4b in subsidies. When is the subsidy money coming from? Where is the subsidy money going to? Anyone wants to guess? It would be more exciting and look more generous if the premium is jacked even higher and the subisidy, instead of $4b, make it $40b. Again, ask where is this money coming from and going to? Definitely not a cent goes into the people’s pocket.

Think what this Medishield is to you, what it means to you and your pocket. Who is the real beneficiary of this scheme? Must be You right? The answer is so easy.

The bill was passed after the mandatory and expected routine of asking questions but nothing change. The bill was passed lock, stock and barrel. The MPs may ask 100 or 1m questions, they will remain as questions. Period.

Would anyone want to know why the govt does not say it out loud that the scheme is a NON PROFIT making scheme? Is it so difficult to assure the people that this scheme is all about providing health care to the people and not to make money from the people?
Does anyone want to know why people must pay and pay until they die, if they are so ‘heng’ or so ‘suay’ to live to 100 or 200 years old?

Does anyone want to know why Sinkies must be made to pay for two insurance premiums if they happen to work in another country?

Does anyone want to know if excess premiums be ploughed back into the scheme to reduce the burden of the people or would it be, like excess S&CC be dumped into another dark hole, as reserves, and people continue to be made to pay happily ever after?

What is the assurance that medical fees are allowed to spiral uncontrollably, by ‘market forces’ and nothing can be done about it, like HDB property prices?
All the MPs are so happy about this scheme that they must be popping champagne to celebrate a job well done. And the people must also be so happy and grateful for this scheme. Any more great schemes in the pipeline?


Anonymous said...

What is so fair and compassionate when old folks are made to pay and pay? You think they are all ex MPs and ex ministers, with a lot of money, cannot finish?

Anonymous said...

Why don't the honourable Opposition Members ask these perfectly logical questions that Redbean is asking ? Medishield Life is a MAJOR bill to start with.

They are IN parliament right?

YES. And they are more than anytime we have been, have seen. There is even one Golden Catch PhD, equal or exceed the IQ of many Puppies there.

What are they waiting for ? Wait until the bill is passed, and then shout loud loud during election rally ? What then is the use ? It has already become law right? Where is the head?

Everyday quibble about accounting systems, blame others, but draw 16k a month.


Anonymous said...

Pay! Pay! Pay!

So it is now not so ‘heng’ to
live to 100 or 200 years old
because you have to Pay Pay Pay!?

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hooray! Another tax!

Anonymous said...

To Fernvale residents:


Anonymous said...

Ya. But what can you do?

Opposition members sleeping. Not asking pertinent and piercing questions. There are so many inside now drawing 16k a month each. Come out with all these problems like accounts and arrears.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 10.32am pls note.....

you asked what to do

but, what can you do

just pay pay pay lah

not to worry

sure "good" for you and all

just pay pay pay, understand

Matilah_Singapura said...

Relac lah redbean. There are still some issues to be worked out, for sure. The bill just passed lah.

Anyway, what are your worried about? If you're a broke-case there's MediFund if you cannot pay.

I actually support the idea of PROFIT---as long as they invest profits back in the system---after paying out bonuses of course, as a job well done ought to be rewarded.

I also support the idea that healthcare must in part be borne by the patient. i.e. they must be made to pay some of the cost. In Singapore culture, when you want something the catch phrase is Pay Lah!, and yes, there's an app for it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.38am

Not like that. We voted opposition in, is to ask questions. Like that, we all looked so stupid, right? How can just pay and pay? Are you ok?

We pay these Oppo people salary, they are suppose to fight for us. If they have done their jobs in Parliament, people like Redbean, Gilbert and Roy do not need to risk their bowl and fight outside right ?

Anonymous said...

anonymous 11.32am pls note....

Yes yes I m very very stupid.


Can I don't Pay?

Don't Pay, Go JAIL!

Don't play play lah.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12.10

I empathize with your situation. Maybe you can go see your opposition MP and tell them the same things you say here, and see what they say ?

Ask them what do you think ?

patriot said...

Oh, it is very comprehensive.

No Sinkie can avoid the Shield

Working and not working, all have to pay.

Comprehensive or not?


Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.01pm...

Thank you very much!


Anonymous said...

Actually this is a good scheme cause if u have no income or money and especially if you are old, u go to jail and the government takes cares of everything for you including food and healthcare. U ever see prisoners visit hospital or not? Got special transport there plus security services to protect u. Tio bo?

Anonymous said...

PAP means Pay And Pay.
SPP means Some People Pay
UPF means You Pay First!
WP means Why Pay?
SDP means So Don't Pay!
NSP means Never Say Pay!

Now, we have a new Party called
SFP, which means Sinkies Faster Pay.

Anonymous said...

"What's so compregensive about Medishield Life?"

It's a PAP policy. So by definition it will be comprehensive in making sure all Singaporeans will pay and pay dearly.

Pretend Action Party.
Because there is nothing wrong in collecting more money.

Anonymous said...

What is comprehensive about this is the payment and the consequences of non-payment... For the benefits, please read the small print and check back with MOH website as conditions to the scheme are subjected to changes without prior notice. Thank you PAP for being the BEST money can buy.

Anonymous said...

This money sucking scheme, the WP(Why Pay) say what ? They agree anot ? Or did they propose anything ?

b said...

Another great con scheme. In many first world countries, only need to pay S$2k pa and one can get all healthcare expenses coverage including kids.

b said...

Gov and politicians should stop screwing poor people. Without poor people, they will not have a job. The rich do not need gov and politicians. They can do their business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Right aso must pay!
Left aso must pay!
Top aso must pay!
Bottom aso must pay!
Pay pay pay pay.

Anonymous said...

If you think MediShield Life does not benefit you, then don't vote PAP lor!
MediShield life is a PAP policy.
With very comprehensive payment terms.
The liabilities to Singaporeans are very clear.
The benefits ... not so much.
Just like:
National service and PAP's alien immigration policy.

patriot said...

Cant think of more comprehensive item that covers old and young
sick and healthy
destitute and loaded
male or female
with income or no income
living here or oversea
with health insurance or

What can be more comprehensive?