Medishield Life – Not a comprehensive health plan for sure

When Medishield Life was mooted, there were a lot of expectations that this is it, a comprehensive national health insurance scheme to replace all the bits and pieces that did not fit together, with a lot of gaps and a lot of unnecessary overlapping. Here there is, a newly cocked up, oops, I mean cooked up plan to take care of everyone from cradle to grave, no one will miss out.

And yesterday it was passed in Parliament in the second sitting like a miracle cure all drug. Everyone in Parliament is elated, so proud of being part of this process to bring this baby to life. A great achievement that would go down in history, a historic moment that everyone wants to be counted in.  No need to read the fine prints.

So, is it really that fantastic a scheme? What does it seek to achieve or to replace? Let me think, I thought, yes I thought, it would replace all the schemes in the CPF and those private insurance.  I thought it would replace the Medishield A and B plans. And I think that’s it. Someone was asking me, you mean this comprehensive, national, compulsory and mother of all insurance scheme that was praised sky high by the MPs only replaces the CPF Medishield Plans?

What about the Medisave, what about the Medisave Minimum Sum Schemes, still existing in toto, still got to put money in them like before, still increasing every year? So what, does it mean that the Sinkies would now have to pay for this comprehensive national health plan, and still got to sink in money into the Medisave and still got to have their money locked up in Medisave Minimum Sum, and the amount keeps adjusting upwards with inflation, with no age or time limit?

Wah lan, what is happening? Cover head, cover bottom, cover front, cover backside. The only thing that is not covered is the people’s money, keep going out into all the schemes.

So, are the Sinkies better off? Sure, except that their money in the CPF may not be enough for retirement. And for those who are not working, the jobless and retirees, got no money to put into all these schemes, maybe they would get some subsidies to help them pay for all these schemes.

Did Sinkies ask the govt for it? Did Sinkies ask the govt to help them? Never mind, the govt will help even if the Sinkies did not ask the govt to help them and then point the finger insisting that the daft asked for help, asked for it. It is another entitlement thing, the govt is entitled to come out with any schemes and make the people pay. Sinkies are also entitled to govt help for all kinds of schemes to make life better for the Sinkies, except Sinkies ended up paying. Sinkies must be very grateful for all the help from the govt. What a blessing.

Want the govt to help some more?


Anonymous said...

Singaporeans still don't understand the nature of our PAP government.
"What's wrong with collecting more money?" Lee Kuan Yew


If you can understand this PAP ideology "What's wrong with collecting more money?", then you no need to read LKY books anymore.
You will understand LKY and PAP very well.
Like Zhuge Liang, you can even predict future PAP policies.

I predicted to my friends there will be a public transport fare increase.
I predicted to my friends that Singaporeans will not benefit under MediShield Life.
How do I know?
Because I understand fully PAP's ideology of "What's wrong with collecting more money?"

Protest no use.
You have to change government.

Anonymous said...


They are very smart. When they want to sell an idea, they would praise, repeat the pros on MSM, conjole and include veiled threats to get citizens to accept.

After gaining acceptance through all the hard sell, then citizens had better butter up their arse hole for the pain.

But sadly, the dafts are easily swayed by the forked tongues with all the hidden agendas.

patriot said...

I remember people older than me, an oldie myself, pleading with the GOVERNMENT NOT TO HELP US.

But the GOVERNMENT does not listen to plea or even beg. Maybe too many hard headed EX-MILITARY COMMANDERS IN THE REGIME.
EVEN THOSE SEXY AH SOH MPs do not possess the Sympathy most ladies are naturally endowed with. As a whole, there is little or NO CONSCIENCE IN THE RULERS.


Now that Mr Chua Chin Leng had asked why the Need for Medisave and Medisave Minimum Sum, Singaporeans MUST WAKE UP TO THIS FACT AND ASK WHY WITH MEDISHIELD LIFE,

Is it not funny that when a claimed wholesome and comprehensive scheme is in force, an earlier inferior scheme for the Same purpose is not removed?

What's wrong with the Rulers?


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ 133:

>> "What's wrong with collecting more money?" Lee Kuan Yew

I keep telling you fuckers, Rule #1: You'll need money to live in Singapore. Don't run out of money in Singapore---make sure you always have sufficient funds or sources of cash flow.

>>1. Protest no use.
2. You have to change government.

1. Agreed, and proven by lots of empirical evidence. Go Hong Lim to protest on Sat. by Sun. morning, all forgotten already. Protest ends 6pm, Lup Sup bars in Circular Road open around 7pm, by 7:30 you can be hot, horny, naked and getting your cock sucked in Hotel 81 near Hong Lim. You'll do more for yourself by cumming all over some babe's face than protesting at Hong Lim :-)

2. Changing government won't make any difference. Govt people are the same as the cuntree's people. They are certain cuntree people chosen to govern by the rest of the cuntree's people.

>> Medishield Life – Not a comprehensive health plan for sure

Depends what you mean by "comprehensive". You define it one way, the government will define it the "official" way. At the end of the day, your definition no pakai lah.

The Benign Dictatorship has the last word and last laugh.

thicko said...

When the crooks offer to help be very cautious. Something else will increase. It's better to say 'no thank you, I don't need your help.' Every one will remember the GST increase was supposed to help the poor according to LHL. What happened. There are more poor now and they increased their salaries.

Anonymous said...


b said...

Just another case of the poor subsidizing the rich. Like the economy class passengers subsidizing the business class lounges. No airlines can fly just with business class.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi thicko, welcome to the blog.

When people are so helpful, beware. Yes.