Kiddy Stock Exchange

Parents should be happy with a stock exchange for the kids where the premium shares cost 5 cents a share and the happy go lucky shares cost 1cent per share. And to make trading cheaper and easier on the pockets of kids, the board lot should be 100 so that 1 board lot of a 1 cent happy go lucky stock will cost $1 and $5 for the premium stocks. The kids would be very happy to play in such a stock exchange.

The grandpa and grandma could play fund managers. Premium funds like LOL Fund will comprise of 100 premium stocks at 5 cent value per share. For the adventurous, a FBN Fund can be set up for the 1 cent and below stocks. A BS Fund will be for the ‘in betweens’ 2 cents and 3 cents stocks. Investors can come up with $500 to invest in the premium LOL Fund. You can’t invest in anything cheaper for premium quality stocks. The not so rich mama and papa can invest in the FBN Fund for a $100 minimum outlay. Of course the initial outlay for the BS Fund should be $300.

At these affordable initial outlays, the mama and papa can use the angpow money of their children to invest for their future. Imagine after 10 or 20 years the value of the investments could be 10 or 20 times. Actually every grandpa and grandma could be a self appointed fund manager to manage the savings of their grand children. It is so cheap to invest and very low risk some. No commission charges, no fund manager fee too.

By the way, FBN Fund stands for Fly By Night Fund. Make your guess for BS
Fund and LOL Fund. But for a Kiddy Stock Exchange, it is all just for a bit of fun. The grandpa and grandma fund managers can call themselves specialist fund managers and print their gold gilded cards to pass around too. Stylo ya.
It is all masak masak lah, kid’s play.


Anonymous said...

Why are you writing about our Sovereign Wealth Funds?

Anonymous said...

Singapore is a small country. Most of the local SMEs are peanut companies which can hardly employ anyone. If you wait for the local companies to grow big enough, u wait long long.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Please don't say that the Kiddy Stock Exchange is more like a Kiddy Casino where the "chips" are taken as a tax from the relatives whenever they work and get paid, like a Ponzi Scheme.

SWF? Please don't allude to the SWFs (plural) as "Your CPF dollars working hard for the nation".

Please don't say these things. You might get sued. ;-)