Immigration is a policy, prostitution is a choice

A prostitute has a choice, unless forced by some adverse situation or being victims of the mafia world. Many have resigned to the knowledge that they could not become ministers, professionals of knowledge based trades, and thus chose to be a professionals by trading their endowments. All they need to do is to dress up, powdered themselves to look good and they are in business, just a little skin deep packaging. And as prostitutes, they have little choice but to please. They have to accept everything from their clients who pay them the money. The moral of the story, if one chooses prostitution as a trade, you have no right to set the terms, the customers dictate and you adapt.

France and other European countries are having second thought on their immigration policies after the Hebdo Charlie shooting. Europe in general and France in particular, have a serious immigration problem, of having too many foreigners of diverse culture and faith in their midst. When the immigrants were small in numbers, it was easy to be generous, and the immigrants were easy to toe the line, to live in their little corners, not to be seen and not to disturb the peace. When the numbers are big, they want a say, they want to be accepted, they would not take no for an answer, and ridiculing them, making fun of them are not acceptable. When the host went overboard in the so called freedom of expression, to insult and shame the immigrants, they could be killed by the very immigrants they took in out of compassion and generosity.

The Europeans are now questioning if they should change this policy, that the immigrants adapt and be like them or they adapt and be like the immigrants as some said. They have a choice in their immigration policy, to open or close the door. If they choose to open the door, then they must accept the consequences, to be a bit more like the immigrants when the immigrants did not want to be like them.

Singapore too has a choice to open or close the immigration door. Actually it is not as simple as that. The political rulers decided for the people. The govt has a choice, the people did not. The people objected to the indiscriminate immigration policy and did not want the 6.9m in the PWP. The govt decided to go ahead with more immigrants against the wishes of many Singaporeans, like deaf frogs. But this is one major part of the immigration policy.

The second part, to open legs wide wide, like a prostitute, Singapore is in a way given up the right to dictate to the new immigrants how they should behave. There are just too many of them and Singaporeans are already a minority in the island. It is very difficult to impose the Singaporean way of life on a minority of new immigrants. It is futile to impose on them when they are a majority.

Singaporeans can no longer hope for the new immigrants to be like them but more to be like the new immigrants. And is there anything good in the new immigrants that are worthy to emulate or be like them except by being hungrier, looking hungrier and willing to work for a couple of dollars, to slog day and night for it. What is there that is so good that the Singaporeans should give up their first world way of life to trade with the 3rd world way of life? How about punching taxi drivers and hitting cyclists, shouting everywhere, shitting everywhere and smelling everywhere?

Why should Singaporeans want to be like the new immigrants, integrate with them and be like them when these people were running away from their shitty way of life to be like us, to enjoy our quality of life, our way of life? Are we stupid or what?

Are we that stupid? Or have we really become prostitutes and have to take everything the new immigrants offered, including VD, that we have no choice and must be grateful and say thank you to them, to become like them? Oh, I forgot, we are daft and they are the talented ones, coming here to help us.

Prostitution is a choice. And since we are good for nothing and have come to the conclusion that prostitution is the only way to make a living, we should not be complaining.


Anonymous said...

We are prostitutes alright. Not by choice but forced by our government. We send our sons to NS to protect the rich and foreigners so that they can live peacefully. We opened our legs wide to anyone who wants to find a job here even when they are on tourist pass. When they complain, our government will side them but when we do the same, our government will tell us to keep quiet and treat those who bullied you nice. Does this sound familair? Any protitute will tell you this is what they go through day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

Right, don't be a fool.

Anonymous said...

Slow Down Now! Slow Down Now!

it took us years to enjoy racial
harmony among the major races

we know each other very well,

yes, we need immigration....

but, we really need to SLOW down.....

do not disturb the peace that we
now enjoy.....

please remember, growth with
increased social ills and
disturbed peace in No No for
the nation......

please take stock now before it
is too late......

Anonymous said...

Sinkies not enough and have low fertility rate is like a cancer disease.

Hence it is not surprising that PAP apply chemotherapy treatment through mass importing of foreigners to treat this disease mah.

As u know, chemo destroys both good and bad cells in the body and has bad side effects. So some good Sinkie PMEs are being destroyed to become jobless or as taxi drivers and security guards lah, and Sinkies also suffer overcrowding and shitty behaviour side effects lah.

It's like that one lah, when treating cancer.

Anonymous said...

For cancer, the effect of treatment can be even worse than the disease.

So to treat, or not to treat, that's the question.

To have foreigners, even if only shitty ones are available, or not to have, that's the question.

Anonymous said...

"How about punching taxi drivers and hitting cyclists, shouting everywhere, shitting everywhere and smelling everywhere?"

But what choice does PAP have, u tell me lah, if these are mostly the ones available, and don't get is not an option?

patriot said...

Me likes to say that Singaporeans were quite reluctant to be prostitutes. However, they were sneered for being fisherman and jeered for working in the farm. They were cajoled and promised by PIMPs that working at Geylang, Boat Quay, Orchard, Robinson and the Casinos are lot more glamorous. And opening the legs wide wide shall fill the pockets and have plenty of funs. Vanity set in and Sinkies were proudly living with the PIMPs leading and controlling them.

Today Sinkies live in a country that has gone beyond First World. Most are worth no less than a quarter Sin Dollars in assets. Living is wonderful with entertainments round the clock.


My Answer is we need more customers from abroad.


patriot said...

My apology

'a quarter Sin Dollars..... '
should read 'a quarter million Sin Dollars... .....'


Anonymous said...

Deaf frogs can hear?

Anonymous said...

Why the young adults are not getting married and not producing?

Very simple!

They have the KPIs to worry about at work. They are worry about their rice bowls taken over by cheaper sources.

Therefore, they have no time to socialised and play "football" on bed!

Many also have to wait for the very long lead-time completion of the BTOs.

You tell me! You tell me!

How to marry early?

How to play "football" on bed?

Look around us.

Many singles!

This is a very very very serious national problem in this city state that really requires immediate attention!

Sad. Very Sad.

Anonymous said...

That Fu is still telling Sinkies to support and integrate with foreigners.

lust for love said...

LOL! Seems like Singaporeans especially those who loyally voted for MIW are like prostitutes, whether they like it or not, they still voted for their 'big client' !

The government is actually behaving like prostitute all the while, if you're a filthy rich foreigner, the door is always open wide wide, just like a prostitute spreading the legs wide open.

If you're free, just make a visit to Mount E, you will see lots of those filthy rich foreigners who include foreign dictators, despots, drug trafficking criminals, money launderers.

As a country, sad to say, we're actually prostituting to the world. The whole of Singapore is actually Republic of Geylang !

Anonymous said...

"If you're free, just make a visit to Mount E, you will see lots of those filthy rich foreigners who include foreign dictators, despots, drug trafficking criminals, money launderers."
lust for love 11:18 am

U mean they got labels like dictators, criminals, money launderers on their head? If not, how u know?

They may be rich no doubt, but to label them that way may be a bit sweeping. And do u know there are already 21 billionaires in this tiny red dot, and of course many, many more multi-millionaires and millionaires?

patriot said...

Rich or poor, many are customers of SINGAPORE POOLS, me included.
May I shamelessly admit that me is also a patron of vice. But, not a pimp.


agongkia said...

Hop out of our coconut shell lah.
Learn to appreciate our gardeners' effort to put in more amphibians into this little garden so that daft toads can have more exposure and choices to interact,integrate and intercourse so as to produce more smarter and chubby frogs .
Dun be pessimistic and think only of prostitutes.
Toads hop out of coconut shell can become colourful frogs.

agongkia said...

It is not shameful as you are contributing to charity anonymously.

Anonymous said...

If you want less immigration;
Maybe you will have to vote Opposition.

Voting PAP may leave us with no choice.
Because PAP is maybe a religion.
And maybe PAP's Bible is "The Hard Truths".
Maybe PAP represents the Lee Family and the Lee religion (Hard truths) in Parliament.
Maybe PAP does not represent Singaporeans in Parliament.

Maybe that is why PAP Minister can say "we are deaf to all criticism."

Anonymous said...

Don't assume, you better check with the opposition first. The last time I checked with them, they said no comment.

Anonymous said...

Agongkia, since u so expert, is it save or not to book the vietnam girls by Internet in geylang? They are cheaper versus the China mei mei leh. Knn sometimes they advertised $90 two shots.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Every govt policy is based on ideas---largely UNTESTED.

Arse-kicking governments, of which Singapore has in spades are unafraid and even REQUIRED to EXPERIMENT with their respective societies to create a better place for their citizens. Long-term planning is good, but as no one can predict the future, govts and cuntrees are required to remain FLEXIBLE to deal with whatever present situations they find themselves in.

Immigration is WONDERFUL, but it does have some drawbacks. In the European case, it is culture clash. All govt policy must be reviewed to ensure that the "ideas" the policies are based on are still relevant to the present.

Islamic culture in the extreme is INCOMPATIBLE with other freedom, liberal and democratic-based cultures. The Muslims who have integrated in various non-Muslim cuntrees have moderated themselves, and the societies they've emigrated to have also made accommodations for people of Islamic faith.


Same deal with Singapore: yes, you can have a nation of 9-10 million filled with a vast plethora of foreign culture---but bot foreigners and locals have to ADJUST THEMSELVES to accommodate one another or there can NEVER BE any peace.

To Singapore govt: Keep on experimenting. Fuck the naysayers!

Singapore, do you have give and take tolerance?

Matilah_Singapura said...


Eh uncle, what is this "thing" you have against prostitution?

Prostitution is LEGAL in Singapore lah under a damn good framework of the govt.

Warning: Massive generalisations ahead:

Women are graded on their looks. Men are graded on their net worth. High net worth men pull great looking chicks, both parties engage in DHV (Demonstrating High Value).

In a commercial sex scenario the requirement for men to DHV is severely reduced. You dun have to be handsome or rich. All that is required is that you can pay the fee for service. For women the DHV rests on how sexy/ beautiful they are: the more they are, the higher the price.

This dynamic has been working well for tens of thousands of years---it is BIOLOGY expressed through the lens and filters of CULTURE, just like food (the requirement for energy) is expressed through culture---for e.g. the use of spices, methods of preparation, types of produce---beef, chicken, cats or dogs etc etc.

Are cultures which eat dog (Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino ) "worse" than culture who don't eat pork or cow (Islamic, Indian)?

Please lah, you can't make a comparison. Just like you cannot rationally judge prostitution as "bad". Sure there is bad stuff associated with prostitution (as there is with food -- e.g. high cholesterol, fat, excessive carbs) like gangsters, disease, sexual slavery. But under a framework like Singapore legalised prostitution is a much better alternative than having it illegal and underground.

So relac lah uncle. Many uncles out there who like to bang young juicy mei meis. And power to the mei meis for performing such valuable services!

Anonymous said...

I say fuck the matilahs.

agongkia said...

Dun understand why u still need to pay to get what u want.Many FOC out there.
If u still like to spent on that.Go to those backlane like kck or ks and help those who hope to retire but cannot retire.
They are the most pathetic one that have made sacrifices and serve many of our PG in the past and is being neglected.
Today they are still charging the same fees like what they did in 30 years back.
Supporting watlumpo and dragon girls will only encourage them to flood here. They are meant for FT n FWs.Stop supporting these mei meis.
Hop out of your coconut shell.
Go and integrate.

Me prefer Korean n Taiwanese mei mei :-)

b said...

Immigration, religion and race have always been a tool used by politicians to control the masses, covered their incompetence, amass unreasonable amount of wealth, built an army etc. The root of problem is a class war : the elite class vs exploited class (aka policy makers vs policy takers). The elite class will create discrimination to divide the exploited class to continue to exploit them. This is nothing new. Been there for thousands of years.

b said...

It is useless to blame the immigrants because they are also victims from their home country. The main culprit is the policy maker.

b said...

Prostituion whether legal or illegal is bad. It causes a lot of suffering and pain for families. I think the drug to control sex drive is there since the world can already effectively control contraception. All that is need to do is to make sure everyone consumes this drug so no sex drive, no need for prostitution.

Anonymous said...

Blame the immigrants? They are here to kick the Sinkies out. They despise the Sinkies. They are the talented ones.

What you talking?

b said...

Of cos all migrants want a better life for themselves and if the way is to kick the locals out, they will do it especially this is such a mini island. But a traitor is needed to facilitate that. But if 60% locals still voting the traitor then who is the main culprit?

b said...

The purpose is not to find out who to blame but to find the cause / main culprit of the problem and solve it. Tackling the cause of the problem and not be distracted by wrong stuff is the way ahead.

Anonymous said...

PAP democracy is two PAP wolves and a Singaporean lamb voting on what's for dinner.
Liberty is a smart Sinkie lamb contesting the vote by supporting the Opposition.

agongkia said...

I dun agree with u this time.Do you know legalise prostitution can help to reduce sexual offences and crime rate and thus benefitting the country?
Prostitutes are the one that helps to reduce such crimes and we should actually have a day to show appreciation.
Do you know how many pathetic Sinkies husband out there whose partners refuse to have sex or unable to satisfy them and even tell them to go and look for prostitutes?
To make sure everyone consume drug to control sex drive u might as well call for Sinkies to be turn into eunuch.
Leave me alone.I have not hug enough mei meis:-(

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ agongkia:

>> Do you know legalise prostitution can help to reduce sexual offences and crime rate and thus benefitting the country?

Absolutely RIGHT. Sex drive is BIOLOGICAL but societal "norms" and "mores" determine that you should only fuck someone you have a relationship with.

This is total bullshit -- not everyone has or can have a stable 1-on-1 relationship with a long-term partner. Thus sex workers are there to provide to keep these single folks from going bonkers when the sexual-biological urges overwhelm the self-control.

Sex, sexuality and the expression in cultural context is still being studied. No one knows how the whole thing works 100%---however we do know enough to ascertain that banning commercial sex is an extremely UNWISE thing to do.

The Singapore govt regulates commercial sex primarily for PUBLIC HEALTH and SAFETY reasons, also keeping a close eye on the "gangster" element -- which is almost non-existent now. Thankfully, in this case they don't regulate MORALITY, because any attempt to regulate "morality" which is an individual and personal thing will FAIL spectacularly.

Thumbs up fr the Singapore govt for taking an "enlightened approach" to prostitution.

b said...

I cannot agree that because someone cannot control his whatever shit drive, thus have to make another one (maybe a minor) suffered. This is no difference from unscrupulous politicians, druglords, pimps and murderers. Its all about mind over the body. Whack off if you need.

b said...

"No one knows how the whole thing works "

- yes but they do not want to upset the gov income from legal prostitution.

- its the hormones and it can be played around to display gay like inclination.

Anonymous said...

You have half a million foreign male workers here. How to deal with their sexual needs without prostitutes? You tell me lah.

Anonymous said...

How to deal with their sexual needs without prostitutes?
Anon 9:26 pm

Pak chiu cheeng lah or the "handgun" method. It is also much safer. But also need some privacy space, and problem is these foreign male workers may not have to do it conveniently when the urge arises.

agongkia said...

@b 8.54
if u ever ask the sex workers here on why do they choose to do it.8 out of 10 will see u as a country bumpkin or trying to be funny .9 of them can even ask you "Whats wrong with making more money?"
Dun be a joker to believe those angmo and think many are being forced here or being exploited.
For minor, the iphone they carry is few times dearer than my handphone.
Where got suffering lah.

Anonymous said...

Try asking an animal to pak chiu cheang when the urge came. It would probably rape you on the spot.

b said...

Taking advantage of someone plict is bad whatever the situation it may be. perhaps next time, ask those prostitutes you have sex with whether they have young ones waiting for them to bring food to the table. sex can be control else it will erupt and become so evil that many 5 year old kids were made prostitutes. once you master the sex control part, that dna will pass down to your next generation and bring more goodness to this world.