Huffington Post is unfair

How can Huffington Post be so unfair and published only articles written by Dr Chee Soon Juan, an opposition party leader? Even if the articles were well written, Huffington Post should be wiser and fairer, and be more balanced to post a few articles by leaders of the ruling party. In that way, the paper will be seen as more even handed, like our local media that published the govt’s articles and also those of Dr Chee. I did not check on this and so please forgive me if my information is not accurate. But quoting from a minister, Chan Chun Sing, who said that the Straits Times has been fair and has published Dr Chee’s articles, it must be true. Our ministers would not dare to lie in an official letter to a western media like the Huffington Post.

The ball is now in Huffington Post’s court. It would be seen as a biased news media if it does not publish some articles from the govt to give its side of the story, or the right to reply. I am also not sure if the Govt has asked for the right to reply or want to make any reply. Just curious, has the govt tried to rebut Chee’s points in his articles and rejected by Huffington Post? Huffington can take the example of our local media to publish two sides of a story, both sides count. I don’t think Huffington Post is that unfair and would only post articles from one political party and ignore the rest or selectively post articles that are irrelevant or inconsequential when it does so.

Or is Huffington Post exercising some kind of censorship, to print only what it deems fit and decide what its readers can read and what its readers should not read? There is a need for more transparency, accountability and honesty from a reputable media like the Huffington Post. If our local media can be transparent and fair, why can’t the Huffington Post?

Where is the fairness? Or is it that fairness is selective? Huffington Post has a good reputation and so has our local media, except of course the social media, the latter only spread misinformation and lies, and drumming, completely unreliable.

You people agree with my chastising of the Huffington Post? Ouch, don’t anyhow throw stones can?


jjgg said...

Rb..often wonder..why smart people make dumb remaks. Oops...maybe it's a plp moment that makes them smart..maybe they'll try to designate huffington now....hahaha

Anonymous said...

Maybe written by the press secretary, sent out by the clerks. So he didn't know what was written.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Small boy big talk.

patriot said...

Please Chin Leng.

There are good kids and there are spoilt brats with poor upbringings. This is to be expected. To expect all kids to be good is abnormal, the Natural World is not as ideal as god believers like to portray.

Btw, soldier boys are deemed to be most difficult to reason with, they are born dodgers, in Hokkien Parlance 'keng kah liao'(use every means to edcape/dodge.
有理讲不 清。
Surely You must know or at
least heard about the Adage.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> Huffington Post has a good reputation

You have to be joking lah. Ariana Huffington is one smart business woman---one of the smartest.

So it depends what you mean by "good".

To me the Huff Po is the left-liberal version of the right-conservative Fox News---they are both fucked and biased because of their political leanings, so everything you read or see coming from any of these media giants....take with a huge pinch of salt.

That being said, a free press is a free press and a privately owned media corporation is free to publish, editorialise, be judgemental...print whatever the fuck they want. They don't even have to be "right" or even get their facts "correct".

Freedom of speech and expression are ENDS IN THEMSELVES---i.e. no reason or justification need be made for them, just like you needn't find a reason or justification for you being able to move your arms or legs.

Go Huff Po! Wrong or right doesn't matter. Don't take shit from anyone, least of all some failed politician or some wannabe superstar minister from a tiny rich city-state in the Far East. Let the two have at it like 2 village idiots fighting.

Anonymous said...

Silly Matilar. Cannot compare Huffington with the reputation of our supremely good media meh?

b said...

The more shit ( ie attention) HP can stir up, the more it will want to publish. It is a profit organisation, not fair or not fair organisation and also not there to judge.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Huffington Post and CSJ so much publicity.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it s a PAP ploy ? You think they don't know what you know ?

jjgg said...

Anon 5.58...don't presume that this present bunch of fat cats know what they doing...if all is honky dory, would there be so much kpkb? heaven's mandate been given them and Gabriel will be on hand to save their souls...hehe

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

In response, HuffPost replied Minister Chan by explaining that Chee’s contribution of two articles in reality made up only 0.0001% of content they published in any given year, and therefore, the accusation that he received undeserved space is uncalled for.

This is compounded by the fact that Chee’s articles were competing for eyeballs against cat videos and other shorter articles on HuffPost showing people face-planting that were more shareable in nature.

Moreover, as an American media, HuffPost said it is not up to them to judge people based on how well they did in life thus far, but what people can do to contribute to society in the future.

HuffPost then wrote that they would allow Minister Chan himself to contribute articles to them if he is so inclined to be heard on such a platform, but that time spent writing articles for a blog-like website might not justify his ministerial salary.

HuffPost then wrote: “We wonder how much did it cost taxpayers for Minister of Culture, Community and Youth Lawrence Wong to write this article for The Straits Times?”