Huffington Post, Chan Chun Sing and Chee Soon Juan

What is the issue? Is Chan Chun Sing chastising the Huffington Post for giving space to Dr Chee to publish his views? Or is Chan Chun Sing attacking Dr Chee as a person or disagreeing with his views in his papers? Or is Chan Chun Sing saying that he is a successful politician while Dr Chee is a failed politician?

What is the issue or what are the issues, I leave it to the readers to make their own conclusions. My question is why is Chan Chun Sing not happy with a foreign paper publishing the works of a Singaporean that as a minister, he has to write to Huffington Post to object to it? And what is the reason for objection? Is it because the points raised in the two papers were flawed and Chan Chun Sing is giving another version of the truth as his right to reply? Or is it because Dr Chee is a failed politician, someone who was charged in court, so he is not good enough to have his article published in Huffington Post?

A lot of questions ran through my thoughts. When a newspaper published an article, what is the basis or reason for the editor to decide otherwise? The Straits Times would have its own guidelines on who and what articles it deems fit to publish. Should the Huffington Post also use the same principles and guidelines for its publication or can it used a different set of guidelines?

I am wondering what Huffington Post editor would say to Chan Chun Sing’s objection. What do you think they would say? Would they reply?

As to the issues that Chan Chun Sing raised about Dr Chee as a person, as a failure, maybe this can be put to a test by the two standing in a single constituency ward to fight it out. Then we would know who is a winner and who is a loser. And the judge as to who is a success or a failure would be the people.

How to measure the success or failure of a person in politics? A simple yardstick would be the person in power, who won the election. The winner is allowed to sing his song and write his success story. Chee has lost three elections. Chan Chun Sing won his election? Chan Chun Sing is a success as he is a minister and Chee is not.

I think the courts of public opinion will have a field day talking about Chan Chun Sing’s letter to Huffington Post. I find the need to write such a letter a bit bizarre.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

If CCS vs CSJ in a smc
the result will be....

CCS 100% vs 0% CSJ


Anonymous said...

I find the need to write such a letter a bit bizarre.


If that is bizarre, then the strongest Sinkie opposition party not ready to be govt and its leader even praising the ruling party being a competent govt not bizarre meh?

A 90+ Sinkie who need to be propped from behind just to be seen "standing" for a photo session and still remain as MP not bizarre meh?

Like the Chinese saying: Less seen and heard, more bizarre, more seen and heard, not bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Its election play RB. In the article chan repeatedly mentions chiam, even calls him an honourable man and deliberately contrasts chee to him.

The objective as I see it is to diminish some opposition figures in comparison to others. PAP by now knows it cannot expect a full slate with no opposition but it can divert the ppls attention to some opp parties over others.

The letter is not for huffpost
Its for ppl at large to read. Its not a bad move actually.

Anonymous said...

What you want Chan Chun Sing to do?
- go out into his constituency and make sure there are no more rats to endanger public health?
- Are you implying that Chan Chun Sing is a public servant?
- accountable to serve Singaporeans because he is paid with Singaporean tax dollars?

Limpeh kali kong hor.
Chan Chun Sing is a PAP Minister.
He has to do God's work ... I mean Lee's work ... I mean PAP's work ... I mean Singapore's work here on earth .... okay?

Anonymous said...

"Like the Chinese saying: Less seen and heard, more bizarre, more seen and heard, not bizarre."
Anon 11:28 am

Tiok. I think Chee Soon Juan don't find such things bizarre anymore.

And he really needs to do something, and bizarre - contest and win a seat next GE! And this happens, it will be really bizarre, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

The ONLY test to prove that the PAP has the "best" people is to let them all contest in SMCs, no more GRCs.
But the PAP knows fully well they would lose a lot of seats that way

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish Mr Chiam best of

Since it is said that Mr Chiam is
a honourable man, do something
for him from the state, NOW!

Don't just talk talk and more

Anonymous said...

When I read that article, especially the part about Chiam
my first thought was , Did Chan
got this information from 3 in 1 kopitiam or someone in 3 in 1
Kopitiam got the idea from Chan.
It is so childish and irrelevant
arging like an Ah Beng.
Anyway, thanks to him,I now have to look for the articles to read.

Anonymous said...

Its a final assult on Chee before the next GE. For years Chee was largely left alone as he was not able to stand for elections. Now he is ready to lead the charge, a warning light starts to flash. What more there is rumous that he will lead the team in TP where CCS is a MP. It is therefore his job to open the first punch before the GE. Unfotunately, the argument is poorly used. Writing and publishing an article has nothing to do with one's failure in his political pursuit. Its opinion and interest.

lust for love said...

That minister still doesn't realize what age is he living in, still thinks that as a politician, he can have absolute control over the media.

By making a fuss over this matter, he is giving Chee some additional publicity and that also means that as a minister, he is treating Chee, quite seriously, also this is helping Chee in some ways.

Not a wise minister and politician, can't be blamed, because he doesn't need to fight for what he has now!

It's only through hardships and lessons learned that a person gets wiser!

Kaffein said...

What would Huffing Post say in response to Ah Chan's objection?

"Screw you!"


Anonymous said...

Should read CSJ's reply letter
at TRS. It is very interesting!

Anonymous said...

It is also a divide and conquer strategy from CCS.

TJS Singfirst party already did a walkabout in Tanjong Pagar. If both TJS and Chee contest there it can only be good for PAP and CCS.

At best, CCS will benefit for a vote split. At worst, he loses, but he also pull down one opposition A-lister with him.

One can see why he is challenging Chee in this way.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

WOW! The young minister has stepped up to the plate on the world stage.

Bottom line is this, regardless of all the alleged bullying the PAP's done to Martyr Chee, the bottom line is....after all that....after all the celebrity from the internet....after all the "self-promotion" in the international media....yes, after all that shit, publicity stunts of getting arrested, hunger strike....after all that...

...the people didn't choose him, or his party. They chose the PAP---with all their faults and arrogance---apparently not an issue. The PAP and its members are talking point and convenient whipping-boys for ranting and letting off steam in kopitiam conversations. Kopitiam philosophers --- we are a nation of them. Talk plenty, do nothing.

Tough break man. Life is like that sometimes: disappointing. Anyway, that doesn't mean Martyr Chee is a "bad person".

Anonymous said...

The minister made a complete fool of himself by believing the editors of Huffington post are like the Kwai Kwai folk who run the ST.

If only he realizes what all the regular readers of Huffington think about his response. This morning a regular reader emailed me and asked about this fellow. I just told them, I've never heard about him....he's an unknown.

I was embarrassed for Singapore and Singaporeans.

How sad, all it takes is a fool with a pen to let the whole side down. Very sad.

No guesses whose the winner here.

Darkness 2015

Anonymous said...

Is it true that PM is abandoning AMK to defend TP?

Anonymous said...

As for Dr Chee being a failed politician. I am not so sure about that. The man is still relatively young and seems to be able to stand unassisted. That bodes well for him. I read what he had to say in Huffington post. In my opinion it was a well thought out piece with plenty of thought provoking insights. Besides when one considers Mandela languished nearly 30 years as a failed politician behind bars...Gandhi close to 25 years as a failed activities running around in endless circles against British imperial run.

As you can see for yourself, Dr Chee seems to be in very good company. I say what's the harm in it all? Why did the ministar so insecure, why even get his knickers in a twist over an apparently trivial matter.

After all it's not as if he can ever win?

Or maybe......LOL

Relax breathe it's Friday.

Darkness 2015

Anonymous said...

Once in a while an idiot will raise his hand.

Virgo 49 said...

Just a ploy to confuse the PAP.

only party fight.

Anonymous said...

What would you make of a person who stood at the rooftop with a megaphone to sneer at someone whom he claimed is a failure?

Anonymous said...

Marcos was a winner, so was Suharto and so was Chen Shui Bian.

Virgo 49 said...

Bizarre for PAP in Parliament if Chee becomes MP.

If Teochiew Ah Hng don't want to be Opposition chief then let him.

Anonymous said...

That letter to Huffington Post was really a silly thing to do.

Who asked him to write or did he think it was a smart thing to do?

b said...

A failed leader is still a leader. You have to admire his guts and sacrifices to do what he is doing. In contrast, the other one is a follower/parrot riding on the coattails of youknowlah, earning huge income at the expense of the welfare of the people/taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Maybe CCS thinks Huffington Post is the ST, and he is the general commanding them. Order them to Kee Chiu they will Kee Chiu. But they are not. They will probably show the paper general their middle finger !