HongKong Stock Exchange heading for doom?

All that glitters is not gold. HongKong has resisted the glamour and glitz of the so called new vibrancy of western model stock exchanges in the likes of New York SE. It is facing great pressures from the western media, international investors and global banks to adapt the highly manipulative and dangerous trading systems of the west. They are putting pressure on HongKong to be like one of them, to allow them to manipulate and raid the innocent investors. And HongKong is caving in to meet the ‘international standard’ of the west.

China must step in to stop the wavering. What is glitter is not gold. The so called ‘international standard’ is a fraud. They have turned the western stock exchanges into casinos and waiting to go bust just like the collapse of derivative markets.

China has offered the Shanghai model as a safer trading platform to the flawed western model. HongKong must not be talked into accepting the western model, with HFT, algo and supercomputers and toxic derivatives. At the moment their resistance is weakening as if not becoming one of them is wrong, that the HongKong system is not up to ‘international standard’.

The question is whether HongKong Exchange is doing well? If it is, do not be lulled or conned or pressurized into doing something stupid. A very good example is Tiger Woods. He was doing extremely well and winning competitions after competitions and setting new records. Then some smart guy told him to change his swing. And he has never seen daylight after that. His game collapsed and he is no longer the fear and respected Tiger.

When things are working fine, do not fix it. The ‘international standard’ is a trap to destroy the HongKong Exchange just like it has broken and brought down the Singapore Exchange. Everything that looks good is but superficial, a fa├žade and a mirage, a deception.

HongKong should follow Shanghai and do what it knew best and not be fooled to embrace the highly flawed western exchange model. Do not buckle under foreign pressure. Don’t believe in getting rich schemes. When someone is getting rich quickly, someone or many people are losing and getting poor quickly.


Anonymous said...

The ‘international standard’ is a trap to destroy the HongKong Exchange just like it has broken and brought down the Singapore Exchange.

U mean Singapore Exchange brought down and broken already meh?

But to me life outside looks like no change and normal leh. There are many cars on the road, good restaurants are crowded as usual, HDB flats almost $1M, MRT and buses also crowded, etc etc

So if u count this as the worst situation for Sinkies, it is still OK what? After being worst, things will only get better, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

Even Hong Lim Park is more peaceful now. No more rallies, protests etc, tio bo?

PAP Govt make it legal for suffering Sinkies to protest there, Sinkies also don't want, let alone protest illegally.

And this is the best indication that things are getting better for both Sinkies and PAP.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are too lazy to even go Hong Lim and protest. It is hot, sweaty to protest there.

Anonymous said...

Paris attack a staged event: http://terroronthetube.co.uk/2015/01/11/paris-hit-by-state-fabricated-terror/

b said...

Everything out there is a trap lah - all to make the elite class richer and the exploited class poorer.

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

I think DIVERSITY in models is great. You want Wall St style, then go to that exchange. You want to play Shanghai, then you choose lah.

Eventually all the exchanges are connected anyway, so it really makes no difference lah.

Anonymous said...

"Eventually all the exchanges are connected anyway, so it really makes no difference lah."
January 19, 2015 5:40 pm

Similarly, all PAPigs are the same.
You read one LKY book ... you already have read all of them.

If you vote in a PAPig MP, you know you are screwed.
Does not matter whether it is a PAPig Minister or just a tampon chasing PAPig girl.

Anonymous said...

You are screwed because you let others screw you. Even if you vote in WP, there will always be screwers and the kana screwed.

Anonymous said...

I've never been screwed by a WP government before.
I want to try.
After 50 years, very tired of being screwed by PAPigs.

Anonymous said...

PAP democracy is two PAP wolves and a Singaporean lamb voting on what's for dinner.
Liberty is a smart Singaporean lamb contesting the vote by supporting the Opposition.

b said...

I cannot trust a politician that has never experience poverty like lee junior and his gang will put in any useful policy.