Hng Khiang: Singapore will benefit from lower oil prices

This must be true. How can it not be went the cost of oil goes down and industries paying for lower oil cannot benefit from it? SIA is a big beneficiary of low oil prices. All transportation companies using oil as fuel will have lower operating cost which will translate to higher profit margin. Taxi operators, bus and train operators. School buses, heavy industries that uses oil and electrical power must also enjoy big savings.

On a personal basis, car owners must by paying must lower petrol prices at the pump. I can vouch for that as my petrol bill is coming down. And surely train and bus commuters must also be direct beneficiaries of lower oil prices.

Everyone must be waiting eagerly for bus and train fares to fall. Petrol companies have been slow but eventually have to lower pump prices. Just wait, the bus and train companies are slow but the prices must come down. This has proven not to be with this morning’s announcement that public transport fares will rise by 1 ot 10 cents.

I think it will need a super genius to explain why bus and train fares must go up when oil prices gone down by almost 50%. And it would need an exceptional idiotic people to believe the reasoning is sensible and logical. It can only happen in a country where the leaders are gifted with super intelligence and the people are so daft that they would believe and accept every disingenuous reasons coming from the leaders. And the leaders knew they could get away with it and the people would not be able to do anything about it, not even voting them out of the govt. Because the leaders knew that the people idolized them and wanted them to be the rulers come what may.

And some people are very happy with the increases, especially those that are not taking public transport or are high income earners. What is a few cents? See, the commuters are benefitting from lower oil prices by having lower fare hikes. And they are exclaiming, 'Heng ah, or else they will have to pay much more.' So lucky, so grateful for the little mercy.


jjgg said...

Rb...if u don't milk the masses..who do u milk. Why the fuck we continue to pander SMRT can best be answered by opening the Pandora's box aka Singapore's Book of Secrets..

Anonymous said...

'Heng ah, or else they will have to pay much more.'

Tiok. Also heng ah, because of the 60%, or else it will be much more worse if the Sinkie opposition, which is not even ready, is voted in as govt.

Anonymous said...

Simon told me that his sons aged
10 and 12 do not understand why
the bus and mrt fares are going
up when told oil price has come
down by 50.00%.

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

agongkia said...

Who knows maybe transport fare is suppose to be increase from 10 cents to a dollar to realize some profit but because of lower oil prices they only increase by 1 to 10 cents.
Can oso consider benefit mah.
Pass by labrador at about 8am and the street lighting to labrador is still not off even its bright.
Lower oil prices mean can on generator or power supply longer so Sinkies can benefit a brighter day.These are all benefits.

Anonymous said...

The fare did go down by 0.6% mah, Tio bo? So very lucky already mah

Anonymous said...

Up! Up! Up!

Everything is Up Up Up!

Up! Up1 Up!

Never come down!

Up! Up1 Up!

Welcome to the "Up Up Up City"!

Up! Up1 Up! Up! Up1 Up!


Anonymous said...

A few cents a person a day together can pay for million dollar salaries and big bonuses.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Hahaha. Bullshit. Being a fucker who buys at least 10 tickets a year to Singapore, I can tell you the airfares haven't decreased...none of these companies are passing on the savings from lower fuel.

That's capitalism lah. Maximum profits, especially if you have a monopoly or a cartel.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone holding a demo to protest against the impending increase in the price of transport?

Anonymous said...

You forget that old man who says 'What's wrong with making more money". from the God of Wealth

b said...

All politicians are evil lah and they are all working for the elite class. The exploited class will continue to be exploited by politicians who facilitate the cause for elite class gets richer and the exploited class gets exploited and debts.