Get out of my elitist face!

Tommy Koh, Ngiam Tong Dow, Lim Chong Yah, and several others have been talking about the inequalities and the flaws and faults in our social political system. They are just a few in between, too few to count. They could be the few proverbial black sheep in the pen.

What would be the real thinking in the minds of the elite? By the look of things, they are all thinking alike and all very pleased with the great jobs they are doing and probably congratulating themselves for the millions they deserved to be paid. They worked for them. And what have they done that was so good for the people and country? The daft Sinkies may disagree as their mental capacity would not be able to understand the goodness of the policies crafted by the elite. Never mind, they would just do what they think is right.

The big population drive, to bring in more and more people here, to convert them quickly to be citizens, must be top on the list as an essential policy for growth and prosperity for the people. You want growth or not? Sure you want growth.

With growth, a little inflation is normal. Inflation is good. Without inflation, how to inflate the prices of your homes and cars, the former can be relied on for retirement. These are carefully designed plans and policies, not child play.

Income equality is natural, and good. Must be. How would you expect our super talented ministers to promote policies and income inequality if they are bad? They may be arrogant, but not stupid or clowns as the daft may want to call them.

As for the PMEs losing their jobs, good riddance. They deserved it. They are not talented and still demanding to be paid like super talents. How can that be when millions of hungry and jobless foreigners who can’t find employment in their screwed up countries, are begging to take over their jobs? Just keep quiet, and let the PMEs kpkb until they are no more. Let them be security guards and taxi drivers and be grateful to be working. This country does not belong to them, it belongs to us, the elite.

Our expensive medical and education are expensive because they are the best. You need to pay for quality, there is no other way. And our standards are still not high enough, that is why we need to import foreigners from better schools and with medical trainings to take over the industries and professions. We must quickly raise the cost of education and medical services to keep up with the 3rd world countries or they will take over everything. And that is also good, no choice.

Oh, a little secret, just con the daft that no car is good. Make them believe that they should cycle to work or take our world class super efficient public transport in style. Never mind the smell and the squeeze, by unseen hands. They should be thankful. If not careful, they would be hanging on the outside of trains and buses if the population goes up to 10m and 20m.

It is a must to keep the roads free for the expensive million dollar cars that we elite are driving. We need space to drive in comfort. We also need space for our mansions. The public flats must be built taller, and the rooms smaller, to save on space for us to live a bit more comfortably.

And the best part, not only the elite would be thinking in these terms. The sycophants that are taking public transports, with their jobs waiting to be taken over by foreigners, are also thinking the same. Either they think they could be the elite of the future, or they may be thinking the elite would look after them in times of need. They are feeling really comfortable and feeling very grateful. Servitude is a privilege and an honour.

I must say the above are mere fictions of my imagination. Our elite are very caring and selfless people. They are all working so hard, cracking their brains, to make life better for the daft and the unthinking, on one condition, their good life must not be affected. The rest can be make beliefs but who cares. Their great sacrifices must be worth it for themselves and their families.

I am elite.

Kopi Level- Red


Veritas said...

Singapore elitism is Indian caste system. Similarly capitalism is caste system. And Indian caste system will never work. India is a shit hole.

The traditional Chinese culture is socialism in another name. It works fine for 2000 years and for most of the time in history, China is the most prosperous in the world.

The outcome of Kuan Yew-ism will be the formation of Dalit caste.

Kuan Yew believe that making elites breed will make Singaporean IQ higher. Giving these high IQ people more education and more monies will make them reproduce more.

Starve the poor and they breed less and eventually breed themselves out. Unfortunately, it is the poor and uneducated who keep having babies while the high IQ people are sterilize.

Unfortunately for Kuan Yew-ism to work well, it would necessary for the poor to be culled.

Under the current status quo, the elite will breed with one another creating a small number of brahmin caste. Meanwhile the low IQ will fuck one another mass producing Dalit caste and their people will have low IQ.

The 2 caste will stratified over the years. Eventually Singapore will be a shit hole.

The Chinese used to have a quasi-caste system not unlike Indians but how come China go the socialist way instead.

One big reason is Chinese have more guts and Chinese killed every single elites in peasant uprising, having frequency of once every 300 years.

The last occurred in Mao's time and almost all elite class were wipe out. The culling of elites have surprising effect on China as it intimidate the rich not to go overboard.

Virgo49 said...

The culling of the Luo Kwang in ChinaTown, the Bukit Ho Swee, Beo Crescent Redhill, Geylang other Luo Kwangs and Hanh Tuah also now made the elites scorned the peasants.

Must have balance of some in every society as it intimidate the Rich, the elites and also the Foreign Trashes not to go overboard.

Just like the balance in Global Power.

Americunts as the sole superpower will stir shits to every nation and now with the PRC and also a lesser extent Russia and the handsome boy with four by two hair cut as BMT recruit and his crazy but necessary antics stop the Americunts in its track.

Now, whimpering DOG with tail behind and between legs with their blacks waging a pay back war against the Whites.

GOD HAS EYES- Believe in KARMA- Shit stirrer

patriot said...

Personally, I would not lump Mr Ngiam Tong Dow with the Rest in the List.

Mr Ngiam is a Oriental Cultured Man.


Matilah_Singapura said...

The self-proclaimed "elitist" individual of the political ruling class is an unmistakable expression of a huge ego-driven entitlement mentality. i.e. they think they are "special" and way above everyone else, and therefore deserve "special treatment", and that the rules and norms don't apply to them.

There is nothing to be concerned about. One thing the elites hate (although the profess "meritocracy") is someone from a non-elite background succeeding and doing well. Seriously, the bang-balls bigtime. Buay tahan. Jealous like fuck.

Once you accept that Life is not fair, the "power" of the elites can no longer intimidate you or cause you to feel small or be the victim of their bullying.

Living well is indeed the BEST REVENGE Haters are going to hate, no matter what. So better that you simply ignore them and carve out your own life, and in Singapore, you can do that...despite the elites attempting to get in your way and try to "sabo" your plans.

Anonymous said...

Right, right. If they put Jack Neo and Fandi Ahmad on their ticket, they will call them super talents and good quality candidate to rule the country.

But if both were put up by the oppo parties, they will be denounced as jokes.

Anonymous said...

The only good PAPig is a dead PAPig.
Once they are dead, they can't harm & hurt Singaporeans anymore.

b said...

Thats the reason why people must always support and vote the underdogs. To the rulers in this world, the people are just for milking just like the cows to a farmer. The rulers never feel anything for the people, the people are just economic produce for them. The rulers, just like the farmer, are emotionally detached from the people. For ages, they sent the people to die for selfish causes that only benefit the rulers and their empires.

"Orwell also described the source of the idea of setting the book on a farm:[25]

...I saw a little boy, perhaps ten years old, driving a huge carthorse along a narrow path, whipping it whenever it tried to turn. It struck me that if only such animals became aware of their strength we should have no power over them, and that men exploit animals in much the same way as the rich exploit the proletariat."