Foreigners do jobs that Sinkies did not want

‘Prof Borjas reminded me of PAP ministers who constantly exhort Singaporeans to be grateful to foreigners for making the creation of jobs possible. They and their apologists even claim that the immigrants are merely doing the jobs that local citizens shun.

Prof Borjas said he heard a similar argument in the US but retorted that it was a false statement, stating categorically that “immigrants do jobs natives don’t want at the going rate“.’

I quoted the above from an article by SFP and I can only say how true, how true. But I must confess that I am quoting these two paragraphs out of context to prove a point in what daft Sinkies have been made to believe in. Would any daft Sinkie refute or disagree with me when I agree with the same myth that foreigners only take jobs that Sinkies did not want to do? Now you are getting the idea. You are not daft after all.
We have 2m foreigners working here. Are all the jobs not wanted by Sinkies? Sinkies do not want to be ministers and MPs? Sinkies did not want to earn millions or the miserable MP allowance of $16k pm? Maybe politics is not the Sinkies’ cup of tea except for the selfless and self sacrificing immortals that would step forward to serve the daft Sinkies.

Let’s move to the private sectors. There are a few jobs that Sinkies did not want, the CEO of SGX, the CEO of DBS and CEOs of several other banks. Yes, no Sinkies want these jobs so they were given to the jobless and hungry and desperate foreigners. What about all the top management jobs in banking and finance and other industries? Sinkies also didn’t want these jobs? And the poor foreigners have no choice but to accept them and have to drag their whole families, papa and mama and papa and mama in laws here to suffer with them. And since all these jobs no Sinkies want, so they were encouraged to bring their whole village to come here and suffer, to do jobs that Sinkies did not want to do. These nice people are doing the Sinkies a real great service.

And you see how happy our retrenched and sacked PMEs are driving their taxis and becoming security guards and not having to shoulder the heavy responsibilities in their previous jobs that they did not want. Now they have so much free time to sit in the kopitiams to enjoy themselves, sipping a cup of kopi hoping it will last 3 hours. And having so much time to talk cock and scold the govt. That must be a great and care free life that these daft Sinkies desired.

Every PME jobless is one that did not want his job. So the poor foreigners have to be recruited to fill up the vacancies left by the choosy Sinkies. Remember Anton Casey or Edz Ello, or Sambath Kannan? They are doing jobs that Sinkies did not want. They must be suffering quietly and very unhappy. Sinkies must feel sorry for the plight of these foreigners, having to swallow their pride to take on jobs that Sinkies did not want. And Sinkies need not feel bad about IT jobs that they did not want too. Just throw them to the foreigners. Since Sinkies don’t want to do, we will give it to the Gentiles. And one job that Sinkies definitely did not want to do is Human Resource Manager. Many of the Human Resource Manager positions have been reluctantly offered to foreigners as no Sinkies like to do this job.

Did I prove my case? Dunno how many more jobs that Sinkies did not want to do have gone to the foreigners? Maybe Tony may want to give up his job also. Maybe Hsien Loong may want to give up his job also. So, which unlucky foreigners will end up having to take on these jobs that Sinkies did not want? Oh, Grace Fu also did not want her job too, and Hsien Loong got to beg her to stay on. If she said no then it might go to the foreigners too. And several ministers were also got fed up of being ministers and have quitted. They would even quit as MPs. There are so many jobs that Sinkies did not want and waiting for the foreigners to take over.

Tiok boh?

Kopi Level - Green


Anonymous said...

We live in the era of smart phones and stupid people.

Virgo 49 said...

What's a load if BULLSHITS!!!

SINGAPOREANS shun jobs that taken over by these foreign trashes!!

My daughter spent twelve years with A* Star research labs snd later NUS lab doing genome and diabetic research.

Going back as late as two to three am just for the tests results.

Later due to fatigue and poor prospects of just only washing test tubes as claimed by Philip Yeo, she applied to be lab assistant for doing simple duties of blood samples testing in SGH and TTSH. Also wanted to be trained as radiographer but was rejected completely.

Singaporeans shun work that done by foreigners???

Anonymous said...

As Simple As ABC!

in Singapore, it is useless to

kpkb also like lah.....

actually life can be very very
very simple......

if you are comfortable and happy
with your present life in this
city state, you know who to vote

but if you wish for a change, you
also know who to vote for......

it is straight forward.....

so come 2015/2016, you decide
what you want, your future.....

"Just Do It"!


Veritas said...
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Veritas said...

I am in a small country oversea helping them to build part of a research lab in one of the most prestigious MNC. The engineers here are ALL local, and many are JUNIORS.

Meanwhile, my company search for 4 months to find a buddy engineer for me but up to now my managers CANNOT find someone here.

Why others can staff their engineers with Juniors and why we must find experience and expert engineers?

I give 2 reasons.

1) Our managers are so pampered by PAP FT policy that they now want nothing less than expert.

2) In oversea, I still can see REAL technical expert managers. In Singapore 99% of managers are political appoint and they can have 0% technical domain knowledge.

Many oversea managers can train and guide engineers themselves. Our managers cannot guide engineers and they cannot hire juniors. They need to hire expert engineers. They are also fearful of expert engineers and they play politics.

And they ability to procure Engineers oversea make senior managers hire incompetent middle managers because they know they do not need to train engineers.

In short, FT policy in current form screwed and corrupt the entire engineering culture.

Anonymous said...

Contact Number: 83765519
Address: Blk 83 Lor 2 Toa Payoh, 6 floor.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Last year they woke up and realised that they have forgotten to train our people to be bankers and they just started to do it.

Can you believe it when the whole industry has been taken over by foreigners.

What the fuck is happening?

patriot said...

Too many nerdy Sinkies is detrimental for the Country.

Unfortunately, nerdy Sinkies who managed to get top jobs in the Country are also vain and greedy. This is a recipe for woes and calamities. There is no need to wait for the Polar Caps to melt before our society sinks or is endangered. Sinkies will sink it without having to rock it.
The more the Fears; kiasu, kiasi, kiabobinzi(面子in Hokkien), the faster the Sinking.


Anonymous said...

alamak RB, the more posts you posted on this topic, the more depress I get but knn, the 60% still don't know leh and dragging the 40% with them!

Anonymous said...

But then why are Sinkies, or rather the Sinkie opposition, not ready to be PM and ministers to replace the current bunch of incompetent ones?

So you see, it is not a matter of don't want to do but rather not ready to do. Or in the case of jobless Sinkie PMETs, not even ready to fight to get back their jobs, let alone fight and replace the incompetent PAP.

Anonymous said...

Well, repeat a lie often enough and people will believe you, according to Adolf Hitler

b said...

No need to be a genius to understand that all politicians lie. Whatever they tell the ordinary folks is to make themselves rich and the rest of us in debts.

b said...

Its been like this for many years. First, the youknowlah likes malaysians pussies and then this youknowlah son likes ahneh pussies. There is nothing the voters can do except to stop voting for them/him. Think deeply who you vote next time.

Anonymous said...

Time to hire cheaper MPS ministers and president