Distressed PMEs - Return my dignity!

Many PMEs have been sacked, told they were no longer useful and no organizations would want to hire them again. They are left to their own device. Many just resigned to their fate and retired into oblivion. Some swallowed their pride and dignity and took on whatever manual jobs or low level jobs that they could find. Some became taxi drivers and security guards. And these were men that were professionals, managers and executives that run big corporations and MNCs.  These were our local talents that Tommy Koh mentioned in his article today in the ST, the men and women that built modern Singapore. They have been reduced to become unemployable. They have been reduced to has beens. Once we have many local talents, intelligent and hardworking people according to Tommy. Today we have turned into a non country with no talents, no intelligent people and need half bake foreigners pretending to be talents to shit on us. Is that what Tommy was saying?

At least half a million decently paying jobs were given to foreigners, many don’t even have the equivalent qualifications or experience and expertise, many were fakes. And nobody cares. And they insult and bully us daily. The govt is very happy with the situation. We have full employment. The unemployable PMEs are obsolete, it is their fault for not upgrading to new skills like becoming waiters and salespersons.

We need to return some pride and dignity to these PMEs. They have many more good years to go. Many are healthy and mentality sound to continue working in the same jobs or something similar. Why degrade them and push them into the rubbish dumps and replaced them with fakes and half baked foreigners?

The PMEs and many are part of the Silver Brigade needs an existence. They have been defeated by insensitive and callous people and policies. Return them their pride and dignity. Don’t be silly and ungrateful. The govt must form an agency to look at this group of PMEs and put them back into the job market. Many of the good jobs given to foreigners for all the wrong reasons can be given to these PMEs. The govt owes these citizens a responsibility to lead a decent and respectable life. The wayang cannot continue past the next GE. It will be exposed.

Yes, return them their dignity and a place in the main stream of life. The govt owes it to them, not to the foreigners, not to silly foreigners, not to fake foreigners, not to rogue foreigners. Vote them out if they think they don’t have to look after citizens but foreigners. It is so sad that foreigners are walking around like peacocks while citizens are like helpless lost sheep walking around jobless, like zombies. I have never seen so many ex PMEs looking so lost, undignified, dejected, when they have many more good years to live and to support themselves.

Who should be held responsible? Don’t you dare pass the buck to the ex PMEs. These were the staunchest supporters of the PAP in their heydays.

Many PMEs are in the state of ‘keow kar yeo lan par’. You can do that for a few months or a couple of years. When you have to do that for 20 years, it is not funny anymore.

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Anonymous said...

This is Our Country!

Anonymous said...

Many PMEs are in the state of ‘keow kar yeo lan par’.

I think this happened even way before 2011.

Hence they must be angry enough not to vote PAP.

But assuming so, it was surprising that they were not even majority, maybe 40% or less, even in worse times during GE 2011.

So will they become majority angry voters this round?

What do u think?

Anonymous said...

"Retrenchment is good for singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry."
-Goh Chok Tong, MP and former PM

Anonymous said...

Distressed Sinkie PMEs are angry with PAP no doubt but some are also very scared that they may accidentally vote PAP out in a GE because WP is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

I think they are scared to vote PAP out as they will never be able to get a job again. With PAP there is still hope.

Anonymous said...

There are also many PMEs who are new Sinkies and of course they are happy with PAP.

Who knows, maybe by design or by chance, they may even outnumber those distressed real Sinkie PMEs.

Don't forget, it's not for nothing that even Teochew Ah Hia praised PAP govt for being competent, u know.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

Because Singaporeans voted wisely to be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

PAP is competent in winning elections, and win big. No doubt about it.

Maybe Teochew Ah Hia was actually referring to this when he praised PAP govt for being competent?

Anonymous said...

Life in Singapore is not the same again.......

Just look around us.....

Everyone is on the rush.....

Cost of living is on the up and up.....

Is this the life we wish for?

Is this the life we wish for?

How much longer can you last?

How much longer can you last?

Sad! Very Sad! Very Very Sad!

Anonymous said...

How much longer can you last?
Anon 11:00 am

As long as even the strongest Sinkie opposition party is not ready to be govt.

Anonymous said...

The same applies to this govt.

Retrenching some of the non performing MPs is good for Singapore. It doesn't matter whether they come from the PAP or Opp as long as they can perform their duties for the country and people.

Start with the person who said it
and another. They are too expensive.

Unfortunately many Singaporean doesn't know they have the mean to do the retrenching for these MPs every 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

We got rich at your expense.

Virgo49 said...

Hi Anon @11.04

How many MPs in Parliament is performing???

For donkey years, did not even hear a whimper or whisper they ask any issue that affects the lives of Singaporeans.

Just put on a serious face when the cameras are on them.

Scowl to look serious and intelligent. Smirks when opposition members speak. Haggled when their chiak liao bee Ministers or those eyeing for higher office or their Ah Quay PM debated with LTK.

Even the Nominated MPs speak more than them.

In charge of what nonsense Sports Councils or Associations and go overseas extensively just to cheer the second rated teams of foreign talent sportsmen and women.

Ponteng, until no quorum and yet passed so many Bills into Laws without the daft Sinkies know about them.

Even National Day checked CPF and Bank account whether monies credited or not.

When faced with serious issues with no more solutions to solve the problems tells Sinkies and Opposition members- Just do not criticize, you must also come out with solutions.

Lived on tax payers monies and asked tax payers to offer solutions to issues that in the first place created and shit by them.

Do not even lay an egg and yet shit all over.

Anonymous said...

Retrenchment? Jobless?

but a lot a lot a lot people seem to be happy

just to name a few

look at the x-mas and the new yr celebrations....all 101% packed!

look at restaurants.....FULL! long Qs!

look at property/BTO launches.... flooded with buyers!

look at the COE biddings........ fully subscribed!

many many many more......


Anonymous said...

Are the happy people in the restaurants Singaporeans or foreigners?

Anonymous said...

most of them singalangs....

Virgo 49 said...

Time not come yet!!

Fourth quarter only 1.5%.

Think employers keep foreign talented intelligent workers or daft Singaporeans??

Deported and shipped out the FTS who are already entrenched here or let sinkies yeo lan lar???

What you think??

Anonymous said...

Pretend Action Party

Our 50 year track record of affordable housing for Singaporeans speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

If all the displaced PMETs were to come together and shit on the PAP MPs, we'll drown them in shit. Lets do it before the next elections. We can do away with them, ALL of them. Lets start anew with a Parliament that puts Singaporean interests first !

Anonymous said...

Tan Jee Say boleh, Tan Jee Say boleh. Vote Tan Jee Say into parliament

agongkia said...

Moral of the story is to be humble when one is a PMET.
I see many of these so call PMETs abusing and showing colour to the elderly workers for no reason or abusing elderly worker in their
condos.Speak unusual language and not honouring their parents....
If one cannot stay as PMET it shows there must be a reason .
Go and become a guard.
A meaningful career .
KLKK and get paid.

Anonymous said...

GCT promised the 1985 Swiss standard of living come 2000. Came 2000 and 2014 and we downgrade, sell back etc our homes.

Anonymous said...

The PMET's when they fail. They are conditioned to be ashame. That is why till today not a single politician has taken up their plight....not chuan jin....no one. As Potemkin village sites such as Singaporedaily, five stars and the moon and IB's such as Matilah Singapura use shame as a weapon against this group.

The mantra is if you fail to succeed in Singapore. It is your fault....you are not good enough. if you cannot earn enough money....you are not good enough.

But I say to you all that blame game is not true! You are not to blame.

I hear you all. Even when the parvenu politicians refuse to acknowledge you all. What was word that I used...Parvenu!

They can sue me if they want. I happen to have a lot of land along with $. So much that I don't even know what to do with it. So Parvenu......Parvenu.

I see all of you. Every single one. I say do not be ashame!

Even when the spineless lackeys continue to deny your plight. Above all, I know what you are all going thru.

You are not to blame!...not at all...it was after all a massacre!

We will win!

Darkness 2015

Anonymous said...

Indeed the PMEs and the Silver Brigade have been conditioned to feel shame as if they have failed. So better bend down your head and don't say anything. Don't complain.

Return My Dignity! Stand up PMEs and Silver Brigade. Fight for your right to survive, to work with dignity, for your own justice.

Do not be sold short.

Anonymous said...

Hi RB, at the end of the day it is the bottom line that matters. Singaporean PMETs cost much more to any MNC or local Singaporean companies than the Pinoys, Supramaniams from overseas. If I were to own a business in Singapore I must admit that I too would be looking to reduce my salary bill and other expenses that employing Singaporean PMETs would entail. Right?

Anonymous said...

/// If I were to own a business in Singapore I must admit that I too would be looking to reduce my salary bill and other expenses that employing Singaporean PMETs would entail. Right? ///
January 03, 2015 11:20 pm

If I were a CITIZEN in Singapore I must admit that I too would be looking to reduce my GOVERNMENT bill and OTHER TAXES that VOTING PAP Ministers would entail. Right?

agongkia said...

Anon 11.20
Dun be shallow minded.
Sinkies PMETs should not think that the main reason they are replaced is because FTs are cheaper. My towkay has no Fts or Fws in his payroll.
Sinkies are over pampered with welfare like holidays,medical, annual, maternity, paternal leaves etc that make them less productive .
To reduce FTs Sinkies should work longer hours and learn to contribute more.
Not to be a chialeowbee, keng MCs or must be beg to contribute longer hours and complain as if those businessman or towkays owe them a living when they lose their jobs.
Bringing in Fws or Fts is to make sinkies more hardworking.But PMETs erm chai see.Till now still kooning.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20, our polticians are the most expensive in the whole world. Why don't we replaced them to cut down on the taxes we are paying?

Your line of thinking means that all Sinkies must be replaced by cheap 3rd world people. Is that what you are thinking, that should be the way to go forward? Obviously it has not hit you or your family member yet. Wait till you are retrenched or your children are retrenched. By then, as they said, don't come and kpkb.

You deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.20
Dun be shallow minded.
PAP Millionaires should not think that the main reason they are voted out is because Workers' Party MPs are cheaper.

Malaysia has no PAP Ministers or PAP scholars on its payroll.

PAPigs are over pampered with million dollar salaries, welfare like holidays,medical, annual, maternity, paternal leaves etc that make them less productive .

To reduce the number of PAPigs in the Singapore economy, Sinkies should vote Opposition and learn to join Opposition Parties.

Not to be a chialeowbee, keng MCs or must be beg to contribute longer hours and complain as if us Singaporeans owe them a living when they lose their jobs when they get voted out.
Voting in Opposition is to make PAPigs more hardworking.
But PAPigs erm chai see.
Till now still kooning.

Anonymous said...

GCT and his empty promises. Said Spore will be playing in the World Cup by 2010. Now already 2014, and we cannot even win Suzuki Cup ! Really Cannon king !