Chan Chun Sing, the PM in the making

Today’s front page material on the ST, nearly half a page, plus another three quarter of the page inside, with beautiful photographs of Chan Chun Sing must be a very clear indicator that this is the PM PAP is preparing for the Singaporeans. No minister has been given so much coverage by the media other than him. And he is being rotated quickly around the ministries, army style, to get him familiar with their workings to give him an overall feel of the job. This must be familiar to Chan Chun Sing as well. Mindef did that to all its Overseas Scholars, especially SAF cum President Scholars, to rotate them around quickly before putting them in charge.

Now Chan Chun Sing is going to be the Labour Chief, a post held by several top notch ministers like Lim Chee Oon and Ong Teng Cheong. His career path is cut and he is warming to his destiny in time to come. He is full of confidence especially in the Huffington Affair. Who in the whole world would dare to write to a controversial American newspaper that could show you the middle finger and to tell the newspaper what it should do and could write about? I don’t think Obama would dare to do that. That separates the boys from the man. You need a man brave and confident enough to tell the Huffington Post off. Remember, the Huffington Post is not any media to trifle with.

And it was no holds bar when he talked about Chee Soon Juan as a failure and with questionable integrity and character. This is all about confidence that he is The One, the PM to be. If you are not The One, you would not have the audacity to stand up above the crowd to say and do those things.

Hsien Loong must be pleased with his performance and must have said job well done, and time to take on a new portfolio, as the Labour Chief. This is a man on a mission, a man that means business. He is the PM to be by all readings and signs given by the govt and the media. After this exposure in the Union, his next post will be somewhere up there, very likely the Minister of Defence cum Deputy PM. Just my guess. And this is likely to be soon after the next GE when the PAP scores another big victory and Chan Chun Sing being carried on the shoulders by the workers, a privilege LKY used to enjoy. He is a political titan in the making.


Anonymous said...

Is this a seat warmer for the 3rd Generation PM Lee?

The said...

Or, PM in the unmaking? Just like those in beauty contest - if you are given subsidiary title like Miss Geniality or Miss Photogenic, then you can kiss the No. One shot goodbye.

Of all the NTUC chiefs, only one made it to DPM - Ong Teng Cheong. He was made DPM because of the Chinese votes and not because of NTUC. And even then, he did not have a happy ending.

The only NTUC chiefs are drama kings and clowns. One cried when he realised his million-dollar salary is coming to an end. Another was singing up-turn the down-turn - and it got bad, badder and badderest. And the one from the Lanfang Republic had to keechiu to get the job.

Looks like being shunted aside.......

Anonymous said...

As the Sinkie opposition is not ready to be govt, I think there should be no problem in the making of Chan Chun Sing as PM.

In fact, I would say, no problem for any PAP MP, feet stomper Tin Tin included, as PM in the making that PM Lee wants.

Anonymous said...

The fact that in last GE, even feet stomper Tin Tin won, and Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko lost, speaks volumes about the high regard, no matter what, that 60% have for PAP candidates over opposition ones.

That's why I am 93% in doubt whether Aung Juan Soon Chee could even win a seat next GE, much as he wanted to speak in Parliament and to prove Kee Chiu, who see him no up, wrong.

Anonymous said...

If you can't even convert one friend or family member to vote Opposition;
Then you must be ready to accept Ah Seng as your new Prime Minister.
40% cannot become 80% unless you can convert one friend or family member to also vote Opposition.

Anonymous said...

Let him get into Parliament and higher office by standing in a SMC by letting the people to decide

Anonymous said...

Is Ah Chan the LKY's voice in NTUC?
Does he ensure the long term continuity of "The Hard Truths" within the labour movement?

patriot said...

Just my personal feel that Sinkies who love the Country, especially the Younger Voters, will NOTvote for Chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan Jin in the Next General Election.

These Two Young Ministers have too much air of self importance aka conceit.


Anonymous said...

Would PAPig traitors understand treason when treason spits them in the face?

Anonymous said...

What is an OB marker?

An OB marker is anything that will threaten the dignity of a pig.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks this is a demotion is a fool.

He is being sent to NTUC to build his base. IS all about the base now..he needs the taxi uncles votes, the unions votes etc. And he is not exactly the most likeable person. So you are right, they are trying to shaft this horse face down our throat and force us to accept their annointed choice.

If singaporeans are first world electorate, they should see very clearly what is being pushed out into the conveyor belt for our picking. Just like Tony Tan. Just like Nathan. Just like TCH, TPL etc...are they really the people's choice?

Anonymous said...

Is this the people's choice?
Vote opposition for more jobs to Singaporeans?
Vote PAP to give more jobs to Aliens & Traitors?

Do you think this is true?

Anonymous said...

Like LHL, CCS appears to be a rare specimen among PAP ministers who are multilingual. He is conversant in English, Mandarin, Malay, and dialects like Hokkien and may be even Tiochew too. That,as a start, gives him some advantage in interacting with the populace. If he plays his cards right, he might just be the next PM? Just my 2 cents view.

Anonymous said...

Succession planning adds to political continuity and stability. That is good for Singapore and the world, irrespective your politics. CCS's remarks on Chee (who?) may be too forthright to some, but few can dispute the truths contained in his reply to Huffington Post. Chee (who?) is indeed a discredited politician without any credible standing among the electorate. Less of his exposure is better for Singapore's image. And if CCS continued to speak the truths with such characteristic openness and sincerely, I believe he would make a great PM, even if he's PAP.

Anonymous said...

" Succession planning adds to political continuity and stability."
January 25, 2015 10:12 am

- if the last 10 years is a good example of PAP's planning .... all the more reason to vote Alternative Parties like Singaporean First or SDP.

Anonymous said...

"He is conversant in English, Mandarin, Malay, and dialects like Hokkien and may be even Tiochew too."
January 25, 2015 9:26 am

Talk cock and nonsense in 5 different languages is still cock & nonsense.
Nonsense is nonsense whether it's spoken in English or Teochew.

Anonymous said...

" If we use a single poverty line to assess the family, we also risk a 'cliff effect', where those below the poverty line receive all forms of assistance, while other genuinely needy citizens outside the poverty line are excluded. "

This is nonsenses in both English and Teochew.
Pay him a million dollar salary.
And he comes up with an excuse not to do anything.
Which is the norm we have come to expect from a Pretend Action Party.
No real action.
Just wayang only.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I like this young fella. I think he might be a good PM.

I say we give him a shot. If he sucks, throw him the fuck out!

The said...

/// Matilah_Singapura said...
I like this young fella. I think he might be a good PM.

I say we give him a shot. If he sucks, throw him the fuck out! ///

Yes, agreed, he might be a good Post Man.

But if he thinks he is Pretend Minister material, then he has already sucked. You do the honour.

Matilah_Singapura said...


Pretend minister or not, doesn't matter. Singapore's PM is essentially a "caretaker"---he's got to keep the entitled assholes quiet by fair means or foul so that the "productive individuals" can go about their various private enterprises creating wealth, conquering the galaxy, and generally serving and saving humanity, occasionally by total domination.

Someone has got to keep the seat warm in the mean time. Young Lee Jr (son of LHL and Ho Ching) has still got a decade or two more "growing up" to do before he can assume the role of PM to continue Singapore's very successful dynastic rule.

I don't expect anyone to agree with me, but the Lee dynasty is a tried and proven formula for Singapore's mind-boggling success.

Hey, don't knock it. It works! ....on second thoughts, knock it all you want....it will still work :-))

Anonymous said...

Vote Lee out.
Vote Chan out.
Vote all of them out.

Wah! Suddenly I feel so shiok!

b said...

Vote lee out?

-It is easier to migrate out to oz/nz rather than vote lee out.

Anonymous said...

How you know if you never try?

Anonymous said...

General Kee Chiu's father's 2nd wife is Monica Lee, Pinky's aunt. Makes him a member of the Leegime.