Born to rule, made to rule or you are told they are Good to rule?

The debate as to why PAP is seen as the only political party fit to rule, to be the govt, or PAP candidates are simply ruling material, talented politicians while the opposition parties and candidates are NG is still very hazy in the minds of Sinkies. Why would anyone put up by the PAP is a political talent, an unquestionable talent to rule? Maybe I should use a very simple elaboration to clear this myth.

Let me put up a few famous sons of Singapore as potential candidates in the GE, Quah Kim Song, Fandi Ahmad and Sundram Moorthy. There is no intent to show any disrespect to any one of them. Assuming the PAP would to invite them for tea and found them suitable to stand as its candidates, they will instantly be deemed as good catch, good enough to sit in Parliament as MPs or maybe even ministers. Tiok boh? Every PAP candidate is either born to rule or made to rule by wearing the PAP badge. Their ability simply manifest itself, just like that.

On the other hand, if they are chosen by the WP or SDP or any of the alternative parties, what do you think? Would they be ridiculed and called names or condemn as unfit to be MPs? An easy line of attack will be not enough As or not distinguished academics or professionals. Footballers are a different type of professionals. Only academics and industry professionals, civil servants and uniformed chiefs are worthy to be politicians. You can bet the PAP would not put up any non academics as their candidates.

Maybe change the three names to some academics or professionals like Eugene Tan, Yang Razali Kassim and Janadas Devan. It would be quite easy to see these people as government material with very little doubts. But if they are to put on the badges of SDP or WP, would they be seen as the same good candidate material for political office? Anyone got any doubt of their abilities to be able to run the country?

Why are people forming different opinions of candidates immediately not because of the quality of the individuals but by the badge they wore of the party that put them up? Why are those wearing the PAP badge become instant good politicians, Born to rule and Made to rule but not those from the alternative parties?

Branding, brainwashing, conditioning or because the Sinkies have lost the ability to think and judge for themselves? Why is a duck better than a chicken as a politician or vice versa? Why choose a duck over a chicken? Any difference, or what is the difference? The badge, the party? Because someone said the duck is good and the chicken is no good?

Have the people forgotten how to think for themselves?  The people of Hougang and Punggol East have started to exercise this innate ability to think, to think what is good or NG, and to make their own judgement. Yes, the people are starting to think, and it is as simple as that. When the people start to believe in themselves and dispelling the myth that they are daft, there is hope. Remove the shackles and set yourself free from the evil spell of being daft.

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Anonymous said...

Before we can expel the Aliens.
We must first vote out the Traitors from the Singapore parliament.
True or not?

Anonymous said...

Every PAP candidate is either born to rule or made to rule by wearing the PAP badge.

It's a fact what. Why then do u think even feet stomping Tin Tin could win and Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko could lose an election? Why? U mean Tin Tin and Ah Ko are born like that?

And why even the strongest opposition party leader said his party is not ready to be govt? U mean he is also born like that?

Anonymous said...

The real question is:
Are Singaporeans ready to vote in a change of government?

Virgo 49 said...


My pioneer generations benefits kaput!!!

My monthly flat rental collection kaput!!!

My GST growth rebates kapu!!!

My 800k valued flat brought at 46k also lose value and kaput!!!

Now servicing my car loan of 80k still with job, never mind est bread and plain water daily.
But if PAP kaput, maybe my job also kaput!! This is what they told me every election time. So better play safe.

My children still got good salaries jobs, our lifestyles not affected. This redundancy will not affect us so not our business to care for others. So better play safe. If opposition becomes ruling government,
Not sure what will happen. So vote PAP

You like to add any more scary stories?? Be my guests.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Unless there a radical change, the only party which has stepped up to the plate, swung and consistently hit the ball is the PAP.

They've won and continue to rule---by fair means or foul---and the people---in whatever speculative mental state you're imagining---have given their approval on a moment-to-moment, daily basis. This is DESPITE criticism, disagreement and dissatisfaction amongst some citizens.

Politics is a zero sum game lah.

Just as a reminder,

The Entitle-minded Sheeple Get The Entitle-minded Rulers They Deserve