Be deaf frogs for once and do what you think is right

Funny for me to make this the title of my article. Singaporeans have been asking for change for the better in the last two decades more or less. Some may go to the extreme to say Singaporeans have been asking for change for the last 50 years. Let’s be reasonable and sensible and when things were right and good, we have to admit that they were good. And when things are not right and not good, we have to face them squarely. The pain and unhappiness did not happen over night nor did it happen 50 years ago. We were doing well, people were getting better off, life was good, everyone was upgrading, in education, in jobs, in income, homes and lifestyle.

The change started only two decades ago. We hit our golden age two decades ago and many things started to come back down to earth. Today the mantra is about downgrading, don’t aspire for university education, go for job retraining to become waiter or security guard. And if you are stubborn, and did not want to downgrade, go and become taxi drivers. Sell your homes and down grade to smaller homes or go to Batam, Bintan and JB if you cannot afford to live here. And pretend that cycling is good, car ownership is bad. So buy bicycles instead of buying cars. If cannot afford to eat in restaurants, hawker centres are just as good. You got to do that fast before the big boys buy them over and upgrade them to foodcourts.

My apologies to those doing exceptionally well and are sneering at this kind of loser commentaries. Yes there are many winners, but many more losers. And the losers are kpkbing for change. Actually change is easy if you only believe in yourself. Trust yourself, trust your own judgement and trust your own intellect, that what you see is real and you cannot run away unless you do something about.

It is time to be deaf frogs, act like deaf frogs, and do the right thing. Do what is right for you, for your children and grandchildren. It is as simple as that. Don’t expect the daft to do anything for you. You have to do what is right and ignore the noises around you.

Daft Sinkies must wake up and know what they want and do what is right. Start by being deaf frogs and act like deaf frogs. Or you would be boiled and turned into dead frogs.

Are Sinkies ready to be deaf frogs?

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agongkia said...

Deaf frog is better than being a dead frog.
Learn from the Hokkien Peng in those NS days .
Anything that is advantageous, go for it.
Anything disadvantages, just say tiabo or wa erm chai.Dunno inglis.
Like that 2 years easily passed and ORD with good or outstanding record in testimonial.
Not everybody can afford to kpkb and end up in guardroom .
Better to be deaf than dead.

Anonymous said...

How do you know WP can do better than PAP and deliver you a better life ? The rich need to do well, then the poor can do better. If the rich cant prosper, how and where can the poor do better?

You think by having deflation, your life will be better? You think the alternative party will chase away all the foreign talents so that the MNCs will employ locals?

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ on a peaceful, beautiful Monday morning, RB he doth scribe:

>> And the losers are kpkbing for change.

Losers are always kpkbing for something, and it is unfortunate that they haven't "got it" yet.

Firstly, change is always happening, especially now where it is super-fast. You really have to pay attention to your environment and society, and not get lost in the blue-light of your iPhone, scrolling the newsfeed on Facebook and posting pictures of your last meal...or some other entitlement-minded narcissistic activity.

To make your life better requires one thing: ACTION. Specific action toward specific value-creating goals, with a high degree of tolerance to FAILURE and persistence to keep going (intelligently) especially after repeated failure.

In Singapore, the entitlement mentality is alive, well and growing but it is not yet as bad as it is in cuntrees like the US or Australia. Here is an episode of Insight aired on the public SBS Network about 6 months ago.

Just watch a bit, and if you're a working person struggling to get ahead, it will make you mad. Do not allow your cuntree's culture to degenerate to these levels. Here we have really arrogant, entitled people who refuse to work in any other field except the one they've chosen, the one of "their dreams". And until they arrive at their chosen destination, they expect the bleeding Aussie taxpayer (aka people like ME!) to support them and fund their waste-of-oxygen daily existence.

No one is entitled to happiness, or a good life.

Wake the fuck up lah. Be a deaf frog if you so choose, but please, fund your choice yourself. Don't expect others to pay for your self-imposed "victimhood"---you are definitely not entitled to that.

Matilah_Singapura said...

America's entitled children, Singapore not too far behind.

Free healthcare, free education, money for retirement, low taxes for myself, high taxes on rich people....

....sama sama.

You can do it Singapore! You can beat the USA in the entitlement mentality stakes. No need to do shit lah, just DEMAND the government provide everything fro you from cradle to grave.

Anonymous said...

We are proud Singaporeans. We worked hard, very hard from young. Fuck your entitlement mentality.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ shoot the messenger 1011:

I agree that there are many Singaporeans who do work very hard from young.

But there are also growing voices from the changing culture screaming at the govt to provide them with FREE EVERYTHING including a job or career of their choice.

I agree, fuck the entitlement mentality ;-)

Anonymous said...

The word proud is unnecessary.

Anonymous said...

We are proud PAP citizens. We worked hard, very hard from young. Fuck your entitlement mentality.
We need our million dollar salary for a sense of dignity.

Anonymous said...

Choose WP then. I am sure your life will be better.

For a starters, I would advise you stay in Hougang or Aljunied. You get immediate discount on your SC & C liao. You can also see your friendly MPs every week who only earn $15,000 a month nia.

Matilah_Singapura said...

POLITICS is the process where the dynamic is based on a competition of ENTITLEMENT.

"Vote for me, I'll give you FREE {fill in the blank}"

Matilah_Singapura said...
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Matilah_Singapura said...

2 examples of Singapore entitlement mentality I encountered over the weekend from The Pioneer Generation:

1. I was out having makan with some of my fellow (older) uncle bros. One of them, a stockmarket and property multi-millionaire was so THRILLED about the fact he just paid for dental services at a highly discounted (i.e. SUBSIDISED) rate.

Here is a man who made it from rag to riches, never asking a damn thing from the state. Now being in The Pioneer Generation, the state gives this millionaire WELFARE to fix his teeth, and he's now ben seduced by the entitlement mentality. His self-reliance and work ethic is now RUINED.

2. I was at the 4th floor food court at Clementi Mall. There I spotted a section of tables specifically reserved and labelled "for Pioneer Generation only".

WTF lah? This stupid govt. policy has now caused the society to be yet-again "divided" into "us" and "them". And the smug attitudes of those sitting in their pre-assigned "reserved" place. OMG! Unbelievable! There was no doubt that these old fucks looked down on the rest of the patrons of the food court as if they're so fucking special. The narcissistic and entitlement mentality fused together in some kind of TOXIC mind-fuck:- "Hey you lesser mortals, bow in respect to us....we're special...not because we achieved anything of import, but because the government made us more fucking special than you!"

Seriously, I wanted to go over there and smash the faces of every one of those arrogant, self-aggrandised assholes with my tray. Luckily I managed to muster the self control to finish my food and get the fuck away from these TOXIC people.

Fuck you lah, entitlement-mentality Pioneer Generation. So what if you had to "work hard". Working hard used to be the norm lah. Everyone can work hard---it doesn't make you "special".

Anonymous said...

You silly fart. The examples you quoted are entitlement mentality?

Which school you attended that thought you how to read silly?

Anonymous said...

We will vote opposition.

Anonymous said...

We are proud PAP citizens. We worked hard, very hard from young. Fuck your entitlement mentality.
We need our million dollar salary for a sense of dignity.

jjgg said...

So..what's wrong with having an entitlement mentality...we are just following the govt..they reckon that they are entitled to everything..u subscribe to that?

Anonymous said...

If we serve National Service for 2 years at slavery wages ... what are we entitled to?

Anonymous said...

If we vote PAP, what are we entitled to?

Anonymous said...

Daft Sinkies must wake up and know what they want and do what is right.

If they can do that, then they are not daft in the first place.

But then, u also cannot expect 100% Sinkies to be smart what, or PAP to receive 100% votes in a GE, can u?

If only 60% are smart Sinkies and hence not being boiled by PAP to become dead frogs, it is very good already. Cannot expect 100% one, unless Sinkies become God lah.

Anonymous said...

Tiok, only 60% will be good. Then they will not be called daft Sinkies.

Anonymous said...

If we vote PAP, we get Inflation.
Bad !

If we vote WP, we get Deflation.
Cool man !! That's what I want !
How cool it is when things get cheaper every year ! And Salaries too! Today mee pok cost $5, 4 years later, mee pok only $3!

Anonymous said...

let's not talk about deaf or dead
frogs for a while....

let's talk about rats....

everywhere you go, people are
talking about rats, rats, rats
and more rats.....

hope it is safe to eat in hawker
centres, coffeeshops, etc etc

indeed very scary, very worrying.....

Anonymous said...

Rats, there is one scurrying around in Roy Ngerng's thread.

Anonymous said...

Aiyah, everything is not right!

patriot said...

Other than rats that are making the people uneasy, the birds and bird talks about the ceilings at eateries do come under the Purview of NEA.

Minister Vivien Bala was not right to blame WP for one ceiling and overlooked all other ceilings, HDB and or Private, around Sin. The birds are as nuisance as the Rats which infest the Cabinets at food outlets and elsewhere.


b said...

If the people have been deaf frogs for 50 years, very difficult to change and become wise frogs. Can only become dead frogs. Read: silver fox experiment.

But sinkies are no longer blind, the internet has opened their eyes (at least 40%). The hard work that they put in should been paid off not con off. Asking for a right/fair/proper share is not entitlement mentality.

In general, there are only two classes in this world - the ruling class and the exploited class. The ruling class will invent terms such as discrimination (race, religion, age , gender) and entitlement mentality to cover up their incompetence and extreme greed.

Anonymous said...

This fucker MaTILAH is the king of `entitlement mentality. He wants to enjoy the life and freedom in Ozzieland without having to pay the taxes that supports the very lifestyle he enjoys whilst criticizing hard working Singaporeans. Well Matilah you are a fucking leech and a hypocrite. I pay 40% tax to enjoy my lifestyle in another country and am happy to do so because that is what a mature civilized society is about. The pioneer generation have sacrificed much to make Singapore what it is; the package is no where near what their contribution is worth. If anything it is just a FEEBLE GESTURE. They should be getting a lifelongf pension like in more civilized countries.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ barking mad and wrong 1125:

I must correct you on 2 facts you have wrong:

1. >> He wants to enjoy the life and freedom in Ozzieland without having to pay the taxes that supports the very lifestyle he enjoys

No one escapes the taxes in Australia. You may not like them, but you have no choice but to pay. The Aust Tax Office is very effective at collecting taxes---they have excellent data matching algorithms to catch anyone trying to evade the system.

2. >> whilst criticizing hard working Singaporeans.

WHERE have I EVER criticised "hardworking Singaporeans?" I criticise the lazy complaining fuck-offs who moan and groan about the world owing them a living.

>> I pay 40% tax to enjoy my lifestyle in another country and am happy to do so because that is what a mature civilized society is about.

I too enjoy my freedom and lifestyle in a mature civil society where I pay nearly 50% in tax. I don't like that high rate of tax, but I pay and enjoy anyway, complaining about the high tax every once in awhile---you know, freedom of expression and that sort of thing, like, you know, what people are FREE TO DO in "mature and civil" societies.

Apparently whilst you are "enjoying freedoms" --- like freedom of speech---you don't particularly like others expressing their views which are different from yours? So much for your "contribution" to "mature and civil society", you fucking ASSHOLE. Die in a fire, already!

Anonymous said...

Matilah, you`ve just comfirmed that not only are you a leech and hypocrite but also a pea-brain who confuses: a) being willingly happy to pay tax with not being able to `escape` paying taxes; b) enjoying a `lifestyle` with `enjoying freedoms - like freedom of speech` whern I am refering to the ability to live in relative comfort and with dignity with the support of an enlightened social syste ; c) my calling you a `fucking leech and hypocrite` with not `liking others expressing their views`. On the contrary, I thoroughly enjoying showing what a scatterbrain you are with your self-contradictory logic and grandiose pronouncements. Keep them coming Matilah, otherwise I might get bored. I love having a punch-bag to exercise on!!

patriot said...

Daft frogs
Deaf frogs
Dead frogs are
All frogs.
In the End,
none is wiser.

The Leveler
never fails.


Matilah_Singapura said...

@ still barking mad, and even more wrong than before 1110:

Dude, whatever floats your sampan man. Enjoy your punching ;-)

I'm living the dream man, so please keep your negative spirits on the boil, at least you're marginally funny...

Living well is the best revenge