Are you a ‘no body’?

Please don’t say yes. Being a no body is a very shameful and depressing thing, that you would be despised and looked down upon, maybe not in your face but surely behind your back. Some were too unfortunate that they were told right in their face that they are no body and better shut up and go hide in a corner. As a no body, as a failure, you should not even be talking to the public, to the world. Only successful people, people that are not ‘no body’ has the right and honour to blow their trumpets, to stand on high pedestal to lecture to the no bodies.

Some say failure is the mother of success. Many entrepreneurs, professionals, even world leaders, were no bodies until they achieved fame and glory over their failures. And many successful some bodies ended in oblivion, in shame, in disgrace. But that is not the moral of the story. The wise always say things to encourage the losers, the failures. Do not be dismay or despair if one is not making much headway in life. Life is full of up ups and downs, unpredictable. At your worst moment one could turn around and be helped by some fortuitous events to make it good. And they have been many instances of people born with golden spoons but ended in the gutters of life.

The moral of the story is that when you are down, you are not out if one is willing to fight on. On the contrary, when you are up and successful, be wary that you could trip and fall very badly. Nature likes to poke fun at people, especially very successful and arrogant people. The pride goes before the fall.

How many of you are no bodies? How many of you used to be some body? No need to kee chiu. We see you, especially the PMEs and the pioneer generations. Many used to bathe in glory, money cannot finish, chauffer driven, calling the hot and cold when they were around and sending shivers down the spines of those in their company.

Life is full of surprises and upsets. A little humility will go a long way. Don’t ever be cocky. Don’t write people off so easily. Do not be dismissive of people who are still struggling to make their mark. Until your last breath, there is time to right the wrong, to be successful after a life of failures.

Ha, my Sunday sermon.


Anonymous said...

I like what Dr Chee wrote in his
recent reply to Minister Chan.....

"when we attain our goals in
life, we should not look down
and criticise others who have
yet to achieve theirs"

"we must not be afraid to fail,
as it is from our failures that
we learn and become better
persons and go on to achieve
great things"

best of luck, Dr chee.....

Anonymous said...

Good Handsup sermon.

Anonymous said...

In Singapore, if you are not a card carrying member of PAP ... you are a no body.
True or not?
At the minimum, we should all aspire to a grassloot leeder.

What are Singaporean citizens good for you tell me lah?
- If you are male, maybe good enough to work for derisory wages during National service.
- if you are female, maybe good enough to produce more babies for the PAP economy.
- and for sure Singaporeans not good enough for all the high paying jobs in Singapore.
- Singaporeans also not good enough to manage our own Sports Hub.

Is the above true?
I don't know.
What do you think?

Anonymous said...

But then hor, and talking about Dr Chee, he already tried and still trying for more than 20 years but still not yet succeed yet. And after Hainan Ah Ko and gang left, his party is not any stronger than it was in 2011.

20 years, and even in politics, is a long time, u know. And Myanmar Aung San Suu Kyi, who tried for just as long as Dr Chee, had already succeeded.

Hence if Dr Chee still cannot succeed by next GE, my advice for him is to just retire from politics and be a nobody, and a proud one. Because, unlike most kiasi Sinkies, u are courageous and have already tried your utmost, and so be proud of it.

Anonymous said...

"Until your last breath, there is time to right the wrong, to be successful after a life of failures. "

Tiok. And Dr Chee at 52, as compared to 90+ PAP MP LKY, is still relatively young, and so still has time on his side.

And if even LKY is still trying to remain as MP and in politics, why not Dr Chee to strive to be one?

But ultimately it is still up to majority (aka 60%) Sinkies to give Dr Chee the chance. However, I am not optimistic about his chances, given the past precedent that even Presidential material Hainan Ah Ko under Dr Chee party did not succeed last GE and even PE.

Anonymous said...

And Dr Chee at 52, as compared to 90+ PAP MP LKY, is still relatively young, and so still has time on his side.
Anon 1:02 pm

Tiok. And after languishing for 27 years in prison, Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa at the age of 76 in 1994.

So Dr Chee still has a chance to become Prime Minister. But then hor, Sinkieland is not South Africa and South Africans are not Sinkies. So Chee may not succeed like Mandela had succeeded.

dotseng said...

If he is really somebody, then what accounts for his terminal ambivalence to run his own enterprise and prove to us all he has to mettle to stand on his feet without having to suckle on the teat of taxpayers. Talks as if he and his ilk represent the gold standard of what it means to be a man of consequence.

As for Dr Chee being called a failure. Many of us including myself have at one time or another being labelled at such. Life is not so bloody simple where you hang a label on someone and everyone just believes you. That may well be the case in Kuan Yew's and even Chok tongs generation, but people these days have a much more rounded sense of how to connect the dots. So good luck lah to any political outfit that cannot see the wisdom of changing their communication strategy to prosper in this new digital age, where the electorate is much more perceptive and well versed about their objects of interest.

There is however one redeeming feature about all this - the beauty about life is it's not a sprint as much as a marathon and one doesn't really know how it's going to turn out till the very end.

As how chun sing attitude and mode of communication. I wish him luck when it comes to getting votes from the planters. If planters abhor anything it is the idea of a man who doesn't even have the honor to fight fair and square without resorting to hitting below the belt.

b said...

No one is no body lah. Everyone is some body to someone - parents, siblings, neighbours, school mates, colleagues etc.

b said...

"As for Dr Chee being called a failure."

- i think he will win a sit in the next GE if allow to contest and bring on more superior quality drama in the parliament session. petty man lee is obviously not his match when eloquence is concerned so petty man lee always want to get him. fear is the reason behind all those prosecutions against him.

Matilah_Singapura said...

@ RB:

>> Do not be dismissive of people who are still struggling to make their mark.

The wise thing to do is to help them---without expectation of "repayment".

The name of the "success game" in Asia (especially) is quan xi---"connections". The more you have, the easier it is to rise.

These days many people rise up very quickly. We have tech and opportunities to enable people to be successful is far less time than in previous generations.

Therefore, the person who is "down" today, potentially has the chance to be a billionaire by same time next year...so best not to piss this person off and instead make friends and assist.

i.e. CREATE VALUE for others.

Singaporeans (in general, and with exceptions of course) ===> very bad at creating value for others. Their KIASU-KIASI-ENTITLEMENT mentality is best observed: they cut you off in traffic, they interrupt conversations, cut queues, use handphone inconsiderately, mess up public toilets, are messy eaters and rarely clear their trays, etc etc...and worst of all they are LOUSY tippers.

Sunday sermon question: Do you ever tip the aunties and uncles who clear the tables at food courts?

HA. Singaporeans will complain "so poor thing" and then blame the govt. for these oldies still working in their 70's and 80's, but will not even give $2 to these old folk who work damn fucking hard.

Google, Yahoo and Open Source software give away BILLIONS in free stuff which enhance our daily lives, you stingy kiam sup champion complainers cannot spare 2 fucking dollars every once in awhile to tip the oldies? They're creating value, and you just take take take...fuck you lah!

Partly to lame is th government who in previous years BANNED tipping---starting at the airport, then taxis. WTF?

Kopi level red lah!

Anonymous said...

Matilar, no true lar. I have given $50 several times to very old auntie clearing tables and she can hardly walk straight. This despite I am PMET and jobless. I was somebody in the past and of course I am now a nobody.

Knn what to do only hope to do better next life but I worry for my kids as they may never be somebody in their life time. At least I was somebody once.

Anyway matilar are you going to write some books and may be becoming a some body?

Anonymous said...

I don't mind having Dr Chee in Parliament, at least he gives more bang for the buck than insipid WP. Some competition is always good to wake the WP up.

There is nothing wrong being a nobody. Everybody was a nobody sometime in their life. What is wrong is when the nobody blames others, the system, the govt, for their plight, and would rather crash the system than to look at how to get out of it.

patriot said...

Who in his right mind wishes to martyr him/herself?
If it is indeed able to improve the livings of others and or are able to remove villians, it is noble to crush the System and if possible, destroy them completely.


patriot said...

Any nobody shall have his/her
Name recorded in history for
Foolishness or Nobility whence
he/she sacrified/martyered for
the Peasantry.