2015 – Would it be the same all over again?

One year has passed. I must have written between 800 to 1000 posts in 2014 at the rate of 2 or 3 posts daily. I don’t think anyone is happy after reading what I wrote, but many would be unhappy for the right or wrong reasons. My apologies, I did not set out to write to make anyone happy. Some may feel sad, some may even get depression after reading my posts.

My objectives are very different. I hope that those who read my posts would at least be questioning what kind of nonsense I was writing. If they bother to ask, to think, to get angry or feel annoyed, to feel uptight, to want to say something or do something, that would be good enough for me. If they agree with what I wrote, good. If they disagree with what I wrote, very good. At least they were listening and have some ideas of their own, to agree or to disagree.

What would be pathetic would be to feel nothing, unmoved or unemotional, just numbness. It could mean that they did not know what I was writing, did not bother, did not want to bother. This is unlikely as anyone that bothered to read my stuff must already be motivated, searching and thinking, wanting to know another perspective of things. My greatest regret is for the unthinking Sinkies to end up like unthinking parrots or tape recording machine. Just listen and repeat or regurgitate whatever that goes into their heads, GIGO. GIGO is a common terminology used in the computer language, garbage in garbage out. It is expected of computers and machine to act like GIGO. It is so sad to have human beans getting this GIGO disease, whatever goes in just comes out, unprocessed and did not benefit them in anyway.

Can you imagine people eating hamburger or roti prata and shit out the same, in the same form, unchanged, unprocessed? The unthinking human body is better than that. It absorbs and processes food entering the body, takes out the useful stuff and only releases the shit. What would happen if the body takes in and releases the same stuff unprocessed? It would be a big pity and a big waste of food.

I would be very glad if people disagree with me and start to form new ideas from the garbage that I posted. The very objective of my posts is to provoke the lazy and dull mind, to make it angry and to start ticking, to elicit some thinking process, to form new ideas and views of what is happening to our country. Not to be led or misled for the wrong reasons or false logic and false truth.

I would likely to be following the same path and methodology, to agitate and to make people uncomfortable and even angry. And hopefully something good comes out of it. It is a bit like reading the Animal Farm. The brief moment of liberation and hope soon turned to drudgery. The only animals that were having fun and enjoying life were the pigs. The readers looking from the outside could see the trickery, treachery and deceit and the injustice on the rest of the animals, a sense of indignation, the same way as reading my blog.

2015 is unlikely to be as peaceful and uneventful as 2014. Hopefully the ideas that were planted in 2014 would bear fruits, good fruits, for the good of the people, to make them smarter or at least thinking people. 2015 cannot be like 2014. 2015 is going to be a very active year, a year of actions and activities with the people taking the lead and not being led.

A Happy New Year to all my friends here. No need any hypocrisy to greet the dogs Happy New Year. It will be a waste of time. Let’s see how many of them will start snarling after reading this New Year message.

While we are greeting the New Year with big hopes, spend a moment of silence for the victims of QZ8501 and their families. 2014 has closed tragically on them and changed their lives completely.

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Raymond said...

Nah, Chin Leng, you're wasting your time preaching to the choir here. Those who you agitate are likely already agitated. Those who are not, well they're not here! :)

How's that for wasting what's left of your life?

Happy New Year! :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to Mr Chua and all of you.

The said...

Should be GIGOLO - Garbage In, Garbage Out, L.... Out.

Anonymous said...

The difference between the church of Redbean and the church of PAP is that one is gaining believers and one is losing believers. And the PAP preachers are here but instead of proselytising and recruiting new members, they are revealing themselves to be devils in disguise and making enemies of everyone.

Happy New Year RB.

Anonymous said...

And the PAP preachers are here...
Anon 10:28 am

PAP preachers? But even so, I don't think they are hired by PAP lah. With only kaki lang Teochew Ah Hia party in Parliament, why would PAP need to hire preachers, u tell me lah?

Just like RB is not hired by the Sinkie opposition, tio bo?

Anonymous said...

With only kaki lang Teochew Ah Hia party in Parliament,...
Anon 11:26 am

That's why one of my New Year wishes is to have Aung Juan Soon Chee, even if only just he alone, being elected into Parliament.

Just too bad that in the past, due partly to PAP, the 60% and also himself, he never succeeded, despite being leader of a Sinkie opposition party for more than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

" Deregulation was eventually a disappointment even to Greenspan, shocked at the bad behavior of financial leaders who, incomprehensibly to him, were not even attempting to maximize long-term risk-adjusted profits. Indeed, instead of the 'price discovery' so central to modern economic theory we had 'greed discovery. "
Jeremy Grantham

Please learn to control our politicians.
Don't be blind to their greed.

Anonymous said...

Our politicians are like Matilah Singapura, thought very highly of thmeselves, but actually kosong in between their ears. Their only expertise is to follow what the western 'experts' claimed to be good. They said deregulation is good, we went deregulation. They said no regulation is good we went no regulation. They said drinking poison is good we drank poison.

And they would quote all the big names and acted like they knew because the big names said so.

Big is good, they went big. Now big is a big failure, too big to fail. Deregulation is also a big failure, now they didn't know what to do but patiently waiting for another guru to say something.

That is how talented are our super talents. Kosong, kosong, kosong, but collect a lot of millions.

Anonymous said...

Kosong, kosong, kosong, but collect a lot of millions.
Anon 1:46 pm

But this in a way is also a form of talent what, tio bo?

How many Sinkies who are kosong can collect millions, u tell me lah?

b said...

No one year is the same as another. I predict the ISA will be in full force this year. Youknowlah will be gone for good. Sheeps will become more restless. Let the whole truth be told. Have a great 2015. Sante!

dotseng said...

Happy new year Chin Leng and all. Keep up the good work.

We will win!

This you must believe.

Darkness 2015

Anonymous said...

Thanks for lost everday i can wait what you have to say keep it up i will be starting my own blog n blog until election end n rest my cade

Anonymous said...

Oh yes the joke of my last year

My mother said cannot anyhow scold the government else they catch you n oh kong

Ha ha ha ok mum i will write to wake singaporean up that my mum dont know how to use the internet


Anonymous said...

Ease up, Raymond (if dat's your real name?!)
Maturity requires acknowledgment of good opinions. Redbean has quite a lot, and you very few.
Any idiot can take pot-shots and snipes from some assumed name.
U not happy with RB, step up in 2015 and engage him with good arguments please.
Otherwise, put your foot where the mouth is .... pleaze!