Taiwan economy will suffer without Pinoy workers, warned Philippines Vice President

‘Manila Bulletin, 24 May 2013

Taiwan's economy will be disrupted without Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) according to Vice President Jejomar C. Binay.

This was stressed by Binay last Thursday as he pointed out that the Philippines and Taiwan are both benefiting from around 80,000 Filipinos working in Taiwan mostly as factory workers or caregivers.

"They (Taiwanese government) are giving our OFWs employment opportunities but at the same time our workers are contributing a lot to Taiwan's economy. Without OFWs, their economy will be disrupted. So this is not a one-way relationship. Our good relations especially on our workers is mutually beneficial," he stressed speaking in Filipino….’

Taiwan should be less emotional and not to demand for any compensation or punishment for the killing of its fisherman by the Philippines coast guards. The sanction to freeze hiring of Pinoy workers is bad. The Pinoys are there to contribute to grow Taiwan’s GDP and help Taiwanese people. It will hurt the Taiwanese and their economy.

Now, would Taiwan understand such a clever logic? I doubt so. I think the Taiwanese will just continue with the sanction until its demands are met. Such arguments will likely be more effective if apply to Singapore. Singapore’s economy will sure to be badly affected and our GDP will definitely go down without the Pinoy workers. Singapore is lucky that the Vice President did not threaten with the withdrawal of maids and Pinoy PMETs from Singapore. How work Singapore reacts if this thinly veiled threat is thrown at us? Would we go down on our knees to beg them to come back and help us.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Vice Pinoy Binay is correct.

Without cheap karaoke singing Pinoy labour we all suffer. What's more at least the horny Taiwanese guys have women to bang, just as our local S'pore boys do.

Anonymous said...

If I were the PAP govt, I will try not to offend foreigners as far as possible, maybe even bending over backwards or sacrifice Sinkie interests for them if necessary.

Now is this very difficult for PAP govt to do?

Or WP become stronger as a result?

No, tio bo?

So what's the issue? For PAP govt, that is.

Anonymous said...

Taiwanese are shits.
Everyday there is killing among themselves.
When their nationals got killed, ransomed and held hostage by foreigners, they got no ball to retaliate and seek justice.

agongkia said...

Kick the Pinoy out and let competent Sinkies take over their job.I will be the first to take up any job and replace the Pinoy if they allow me.Wash toilet oso can.
Taiwan is beautiful.My life span can be extended for another 20 years if I am there.Especially the Kooniang,the betel nut mei meis...the smile can make me forget everything...Please support Taiwan if they need talent.

bond said...

Instead of doing his job properly to rid the country off high corruption and improve his people lives, all he can do is spending time doing his stupid things and saying stupid things. Many pinoys are suffering because of all these corrupted, lousy, greedy useless politicians in charge of the country. Why do they even need to be foreign workers in other people land when their own land is so rich with resources. They seriously need a revolution to rid their country off those stupid, corrupted, lousy, greedy rulers.

Anonymous said...

The pinoy rebels should work with the taiwanese gov to rid those corrupted politicians off from their country.

patriot said...

@ Bond:

Very well said.


Anonymous said...

Lets go back to basics.
Mummies need to go back n nurture our sinklings. The men can get their jobs back n bring home the dough. They can be more honourable again. No dire need for maids n less marital problems.
Ho Ching must lead, she deserved a break and just be a wife and companion like Mdm Kwa.

This is a National Service for men n women to live more frugally. HDB must come down n minimum sum implemented.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the pinoys are not talents? Or maybe only those that came to this country are talented pinoys.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>>Many pinoys are suffering because of all these corrupted, lousy, greedy useless politicians in charge of the country.

Fuck the Pinoy's lah. It's ultimately their fault. The people get the government they deserve.

Philippine's has one of the most OPEN DEMOCRACIES in Asia, if not the world. The people still can't get their shit together. Perhaps its time to stop singing and fucking and getting high (favourite pastimes in Pinoy Land) and start paying more attention to getting the right people to run the government.

Anonymous said...

Walan eh, fuck Pinoy ah ?

Pinoy enjoy life, cannot meh ?

Oni sinkies can enjoy meh ?

Anonymous said...

Mr Matilah, You Singaporeans very clever in picking your Government ?
Singaporeans are as silly as Philippinos in their choice of Government.
Kettle calling the pot black, You got the cheek !

Anonymous said...

wah matildah! got one pinoy very angry with you lah. hehehehehehehee!

Anonymous said...

PAP is the 卖国贼.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans from top to bottom are all IDIOTS !

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> You got the cheek !

Wah. You just found out? Good for you!

@1124 (I suspect it's the same Pinoy)

>> Singaporeans from top to bottom are all IDIOTS !

Yes, but from side to side they are adorable.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Taiwan would bother about the warning by the Pinoy VP.

The ban by Taiwan is actually all about maids from Philippines. Nowadays maids come from all over SEA, and Southern Asia like Bangladesh. Burma is fast becoming another source.

So what is the big deal about Pinoy domestic workers causing economic losses to Taiwan? They can easily be replaced. After all, being able to speak English is of little relevance to Taiwanese.

The said...

So, VP, what are you waiting for? Punish Taiwan by recalling all your Pinoy workers from Taiwan. Ya, right, teach Taiwan a lesson - bring all your workers back and ban all workers from going there in future. And while you are at it, why not recall your valued workers from all around the world?