How to create a nation of stupid people?

Is it possible to create a nation of stupid people? I don’t think this is an easy task. You can train people to do things but training people to be stupid is quite a remarkable call. The more formidable task is to educate them, give them the best tertiary education, let them think they are smart, but actually stupid without knowing it? Now that is really something isn’t it?

In communist, totalitarian or authoritarian countries, I think the task is so much easier. Just clamp down on the news and information and feed them with all the information that the state would want them to see and hear. Keep repeating that their lives are the best in the world, everything is fine, and the rest of the world are suffering, in poverty, with bad govt, and no dear leaders to help them. After a few generations of not knowing what is happening to the outside world and only seeing a world within, the people will be convinced that they are living in paradise.

Now, how can this situation be recreated in a cosmopolitan and open democratic country? Can it happen, that people living in a democracy, cosmopolitan, well travelled and well informed, and stupid at the same time? Really, it is impossible to do so. Such well educated and informed people will not be gagged, will not be fooled, will not allow to be blinkered. Any attempt to do so will be met with violent protest, unless they are really stupid.

A stupid people will elect a govt to be their masters, to control them, manage their lives, squeeze every cent from them, and tell them it is for their own good. And only a stupid people will believe such things without questioning and live happily ever after, and keep going to the poll to elect the same people to be their masters, to control them, to threaten them, to sue them, to keep them in fear, to keep their money from them, year after year.

It will be one of the major wonders of civilization, an achievement no one has ever done in human history. I am still wondering if it is possible, to train or create a nation of stupid people.


Anonymous said...

to control a country like North Korea.

Matilah_Singapura said...

I don't think Singaporeans are stupid, per se.

I would say that they are "scared".

1st world cuntrees with far too many stupid people are:

1. Ummerica

2. Arse Trailer

Thankfully thee cuntrees have superb educational resources so those who want to be smart have every opportunity to do so.

Anonymous said...

Ignorant is the correct word rather then stupid. As the saying goes a mind once expanded can never fit its original confine. That why more ignorant people should read blog lite this.

Anonymous said...

such a small country is so easy to control and manupulate, especially after 50 years and with all the scare tactics , starting from primary school.

keep them so busy with life and rat race, don't have time to think. student no time to think, no room to make mistake, grow up become teachers, also cannot think out of box, teaching the next generation. Media control of course is the winning card . Divide and rule at all levels.

patriot said...

Stupid are despots who bully the people.

What do they gain cowering the people to submission. Do they live healthier, longer and happier???

Going about the turf they command with aso many body guards, why are they so fearful of their and their families' safety?

The people are cursing and spitting at them, not only they are not respected, they are being hated and despise. So what if they have the money and the power?

A pack of stupid egoistic morons.


Anonymous said...

Actually being scare is worse than being stupid. Chinese are very smart but they are also very scare so think too much of the consequences. Caucasians are not very smart but they are also not very scare, do not think too much of consequences - demostrations, protesting, breaking the law is like having a meal to them. They also love to play the 'catch me if you can' and 'hide and seek' games with their police. Thats why they are able to level the playing field with their rulers. Asians should read more 'les miserables'.
People must learn that when they are united, they can conquer those who conquer them.

Anonymous said...

Singaporeans are not stupid. The PAP Government is very adapt at playing on the human greed factor, after years of tweaking, that it is now working like a charm. With such easy ways available for the people to make money from properties, and the subtle use of the dependency mentality to control them with giveaways like workfare, upgrading and occasional throwing of lollipops, most Singaporeans will continue to vote for the PAP until kingdom come.

Anonymous said...


Papaya is only good in playing sinkies mind. In the international arena, they themselves are being played by those higher elites. Vote for alternative parties to double check that the reserves are still there.

Anonymous said...

Answer: force them to read your blog. Every day.

Anonymous said...

Good suggestion. You must be a daily reader.

Anonymous said...

This one must be the stupid raymond.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Ya, Raymond must be reading this blog daily in the quiet.

Anonymous said...

No wonder our older generation are so stupid. They think they are hardworking and can take hardship & complains about the young, but they were the stupidest people in this country becos they voted for PAP. They still think we young ppl must give them respect. Go fxxx off!

Matilah_Singapura said...


Ah...the delightful cuteness of youthful angst and a yet-to-be-developed brain.

If oldies are so dumb, how come they have most of the money and own the vast majority of assets? ;-)

Anyway, I have "blessings" for the 乳臭未乾 -- may your lives be very interesting ;-)