How dangerous can cyberspace be?

Before the new MDA regulation comes into effect tomorrow, social media is just another social site for individuals to write, comment, and chat to whoever they want as long as they don’t flirt with scandals and libels that will expose them to Sue. When the new regulation takes effect, website owners have to be extra careful with what appears on their website, intentionally, unintentionally, or being spooked.

Other than having to apply for a licence, put up a $50k bond, their pockets can be burnt real bad. The licence fee could be small change, the $50k bond is not. But the more treacherous is that the $50k bond would be the first to go, as advanced ransom payment. Then comes the big one, $200k to be exact, the maximum fine that can be imposed. And if suay suay kena fined for this sum, and unable to pay, hey, there is a jail to go to.

Now, is social media a dangerous thing, or can social media or cyberspace become such a dangerous place? Don’t forget that there are all kinds of strange fellas floating around in cyberspace and can turn an innocent website into hell.


Anonymous said...

I think for your own good and well being, RB u should shut down. Go register another site offshore and remain anonymous

agongkia said...

Don't be paranoid lah.Can try to limit the number of visitors to your site.
Can also bar me from posting if I appear to be a spammer.
Sometimes you need porlumpa like me to have a say in some pro cheng hoo policies and some boleow stuff.
Your site will then not be seen as an anti establishment site.

Safe and sound you can carry on.

Matilah_Singapura said...

Cyberspace is dangerous. No question.

People worry about predators, stalkers, scandalous and libel attacks ... but they fail epically when it comes form the stuff they cannot see, normally detect or even imagine.

There are bots, malicious code (you like "free" apps on your mobile right?), viruses, worms and of course exploits by real humans in real time. Most browsers come with exploitable security holes. Browsers themselves can be used to break other computers

Making websites owners 100% culpable for whatever goes on their site it totally unjustified.

Singapore: hacked websites

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I like agongkia for giving the site some balance. And of course Matilah for over balancing it: )

oldhorse42 said...

Chinese saying that pen is mightier than sword suggest that pen or words is a more dangerous weapon. So is cyberspace more dangerous than battle grounds. In the safety and anonymity of cyberspace one can hurt or maim others. Not many blogger is as brave as our RB who we all know his real name or how he looks like.
Or are we?

Anonymous said...

Cyberspace is the biggest threat to PAP's credibility and hegemony. Their Internet Brigade have been shooting themselves in the foot.

What do you think, whither Singapore?

Anonymous said...

RB, don't say I did not warn u as a friend.

Nicole Tin said...

If we don't go into Cyberspace, we won't see the right news.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

I think the internet brigade has failed very badly or the brigade members have realised that they have been made to do devious things that made them obnoxious and are rebelling, not wanting to be part of the game.

I think all the bloggers will just blog for as long as they can. When the curtain comes down before 2016, then I will be blogging about pets, animals, birds etc. My blog will still be alive but not that interesting anymore unless I can reinvent the content to make them interesting in a different way.

人算不如天算. If the mandate is over, then it will be over.

Anonymous said...

'Cyberspace is the biggest threat to PAP's credibility and hegemony'

- they are afraid that their lack of credibility and hegemony are exposed in cyberspace. unfortunately, there are always ways to get around this kind of regulation. there are loopholes in everything that pap implemented.

Anonymous said...

Hi rb,

Why don't you and the rest of the blogosphere apply for the new license tomorrow from MDA or get a determination from them? If the answer from MDA is no, it would take the mickey out on the new regulation. If they say yes, you can start on your Animal Farm immediately.

You should send this article to MDA and ask them if this is news reporting. MDA should get as many of such requests for determination.

Others should challenge MDA and the minister why they are not on the list now.

If they want to play God, they should have all the answers now. Not ifs and buts.


Anonymous said...

Seah Chiang Nee's Saturday column

[S’pore licenses news sites]

"A bigger issue will be if – and when – the measure to regulate is extended
to cover blogs that are operated by small groups or individuals.

A few are highly popular with Singaporean Internet users.

Early this year, PM Lee had given a strong hint that such legislation was forthcoming
when he warned that sensitive, extremist views were being raised over the web.

Politically for the ruling PAP,
moving to stamp out web dissent is a tempting proposition with the general election due in 2016.

The party has been losing popularity among its core supporters who had kept it in power for nearly half a century.

But for PM Lee Hsien Loong, there are political risks.

He had obviously acted out of conviction that it is necessary.

A journalism student remarked:
'Now people are saying half-jokingly that
father started to control the print media,
now son wants to do the same
with Internet news media.' "


Matilah_Singapura said...


"Balance" has never been my strong suite.

Except for the stuff encouraging people to take their cyber security seriously, I just write OPINION.

Everyone has an ASSHOLE and an OPINION, and they both STINK. Can you motherfuckers smell me yet?? :-))

My poorly formed and childishly reasoned opinions should never be taken seriously. I can't understand why so many blogger get angry...must be the stress ;-)


Thanks to technology, all battles between citizens and government in recent times have been only possible because of cyberspace. The main tools for protest have been Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, SMS, WhatsApp, Skype...used in China, The Arab Spring, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand...in every cuntree for every protest by ORDINARY PEOPLE pissed off with their so-called "authorities".

And the governments fight back by regulation and like Syria -- the government turned off the internet!

This is why Singaporeans need to use their KIASUISM to serve them: plan and implement your personal cyber-security NOW. Freedom is NEVER "Free". It costs a great deal, and everyone has to individually put some skin in the game if they want to maintain their liberties: as governments impose more regulation on the net, the citizens need to aquire the skills and means of BYPASSING those regulations -- even if it means BREAKING THE LAW.

The virtual "arms race" of citizen-vs-authority is going to continue. Two things in our favour:

1. The government is the MINORITY and the citizens the MAJORITY.

2. The government is CENTRALISED and the citizens DISTRIBUTED

Anonymous said...

How dangerous is Cyberspace?

It is very dangerous for those that misbehave and are abusive as others will respond accordingly. There is no escape from scrutiny and any impropriety and misdeed will be highlighted and chastised as they are deserving of.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi faber, applying for a licence just because the power dictates is not the best thing to do. But your recommendation can be an interesting twist to this new regulation. Go with the flow.

Matilah_Singapura said...


>> How dangerous is Cyberspace?

It is very dangerous for those that misbehave and are abusive as others will respond accordingly

Right. Please enjoy my targeted ABUSE. :-))