From First World to Third World

Having lived in a First World city for the last decade, it is quite an interesting experience to walk into a Third World village. I did that, visiting a model Third World village with a lot of pretensions to be a paradise. It was a nice little village, clean and orderly, quite prosperous, and strategically located along a busy trade route. The villagers were quite well off than their neighbours.

My first impression was a great place to live in, virtually crime free and the villagers were hospitable. The village chief was elected once every two years and very popular. He had done a lot to improve the lives of the villagers. With growing affluence, many villagers were able to send their children overseas for a western education, including the village chief’s children.

Not all things could be fine and to the likings of the villagers. There were bound to be things that annoyed or irritated in big or small ways. And the villagers would gossip like all villagers do. The village chief did not like it, thinking that the villagers were ungrateful. He put up some notices in the village coffee shops forbidding discussion of village affairs in groups of more than 10 people or in front of foreigners. The despot he was could not hide for long.

The villagers were careful not to talk about village affairs as the punishment would be street sweeping. And the streets were clean, super clean, as many villagers ended up sweeping the streets. They did not think talking about a missing mango could become village news or village affair until it was reported as theft. They did not think a poor crop of mangoes would be village news until it was reported as crop failure. They did not know that when their sons fell off a bicycle was village news until it was reported as an accident. And they did not know that among the 9 people in the coffee shop, there were foreigners.

I spent a few great days enjoying the hospitality of the village and villagers. It was a nice experience seeing how a Third World village pretending to be first world with all the trappings of a First World. But beneath the veneer of richness, the Third World mentality is still living. No matter how big they acted, they still behaved small. No matter how big they thought they think small, small minds. It is not easy to break out from the Third World mentality just because they have gained wealth and even with western education. It could be a kind of Third World disease carried by some Third world virus.

After my visit, I keep asking myself, would this Third World pretending to be First World village ever become a truly First World city?


jjgg said...

Good morning RB.. The only surprising thing about last night's announcement is that the licensing fee is only $50000... They should have set it at $100000000...then we'll really get the news we want to hear n read. Be thankful for small mercies. But..spare a thought for the lawmakers..the Internet has revealed that the emperor has soiled underwear so..instead of changing underwear, the emperor has decreed that his underwear is clean. What a bunch of dumb fucks!!!

Anonymous said...

I just watch the speech given by csj overseas, excellent speaker without script and very clear communication. I used to think he was a goodo

Anonymous said...

"After my visit, I keep asking myself, would this Third World pretending to be First World village ever become a truly First World city?"

Yes. When the pigs finally fly out of the village.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

That is the power of the media. Controlling the media one can make another looks like goondo. A goondo looks like a priest.

Veritas said...

We are going to be worst than India Dalits, worse than any 3rd world countries. Singapore is the only countries where FT students that have lower grade and our sons are funded 100%. Most FT students score lower than Singaporeans.

Our students are forced to take up debt. I do not know WTF people still do not vote out PAP.

Matilah_Singapura said...

If you are Third World, you get sympathy, probably some help, and perhaps even some "protection". Despite both good and bad outcomes, the word is full of do-gooders and activists who can't wait to render assistance to people less fortunate.

However if you are a Turd Whirled Cuntree pretending to be "1st world", peole see right through your facade; your charade; and immediately pour upon the richly deserve scorn, derision and RIDICULE.


Veritas said...

Worse, all post-grad positions are given to FT. This is the reason why FT can find jobs easily, due to advance degree.

If NUS/NTU impose a fair matriculation exam on FT and Singaporeans, who want to do post grad, extrapolating from FT under-graduate results, Singaporeans will get all post grad position.

In fact, brain washing by PAP is so good that Singaporeans think we are fuckup. Our managers think we are fuckup. Our professor think we are fuckup.

Singapore is the only place on earth where the old folks (senior managers, professors, LKY, LHL)who wield that power hates the young people. They are fucking 老不死。

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi Veritas and Matilah, with the new regulations saying they want to target sites that stir racial and religious shit, can you guys just hold your horses when talking about such issue.

And please, don't go around fucking people individually.


Matilah_Singapura said...

Sorry lah redbean, that is only an excuse for them to "silence" dissent.

Anyway, it is easy for them to target someone like me, and it is good that you make that request in public and in writing.

After this post, I will change my avatar to something more lame. Yes, I'll do all that, but I still say:


Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Thanks mate. Let's try to enjoy our blogging for as long as it lasts.

Anonymous said...

i always thought malaysia was a worse country than s'pore. chinese and indian get straight As the govt give university, college place to malay student who got Bs and Cs and maybe a few Ds. well at least the blardy malay is a blardy malaysian. in s'pore, the singaporean get straight As and the uni places give to foreigners. and it's the s'porean father mother that pays the tax. we are SCREWED! we are DOOMED!!! pappies now acting early to win the 2016 general elections by coming out with all this new censorship rules. more to come i'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Redbeans, even if Veritas and Matilda stopped using vulgarities, stopped talking about race, stopped talking about seditious stuff, stopped insulting individuals, the MiWs will send in their internet brigade who will post such stuff on your blog. Then they will take a screen shot before you got time to delete the libelous comments. I think you better put that device in blogs in which the blog owner can read the comment first before posting. If you delete the comment, just type comment deleted due to profanity, etc. so that the commentator would tone down in the future.

Anonymous said...

Come on Singaporeans, we have bring the Situation upon ourselves. For 50 or more long years, since the Day the British gave the Richest State in S E Asia to the Locals, Sinkies have behaved like Mosses Flock after crossing the Red sea. It is especially similar now, Sinkies are living it out with debauchery, intoxication and flaunt and taunt.
The Ten Commandments were imposed in ancient time. In modern time, with the hindsight of history, the Second Set of Commandment fitting for Sin should be much more punishing than the Original Set.

Brace for fire and hell for been blind to ethics and propriety.

Chua Chin Leng aka redbean said...

Hi anon 11:12,

I try not to make things difficult for everyone here. Adding another layer will make the postings less spontaneous, and if I am not available, the comments could hang for hours or days.

Let's hope things did not go that bad. This is a blog for chatting and exchanging views. Without instant posting, it kills the idea of blogging. We will be back to snail mail pace.


patriot said...

Then there are greed, avarice, scheme and fraud.

So what can we expect ?


Edmund Lim said...


Anonymous said...

hey, edmund is back! miss you, edmund.

- the fishball guy.

Moment of Romance is also the old days, the ancient Mingjun non-positive then,
Empty tragic when you look back, only hope King Wen drop mortal

that limpeh will live a long live lah, edmund. got sons and grandsons some more to continue the line. we can only hope he drops mortal soon.


Anonymous said...

Waiting for Spring to come to Sin is a waste of time.

It is better for Sinkies to seek Spring elsewhere

Much of whats in Sin are fixed and stale but, our brains should be working for our advantage. To allow others to take advantage of us means our brains are no good.

Go and look for Spring, waste not your life in Sin.

Anonymous said...

Sinkies are plain daft. In home country and have to beg to compete on level playing field! Can you believe that? And they are so happy, that they are treated fairly in theory but got suckered by discrimination and faked talents.

Sinkies are a joke. Deserve to be kick out of their homes.

denk said...

some yrs back a tw visitor got a lot of flak for saying this..
*when in sg,我有被阉的感觉*

Anonymous said...

the old limpeh has moulded the inhabitants of this island in such a way that they view him as the man with the balls so big that they sweep the floor when he walks and all sinkies his eunuchs.

Anonymous said...

They won't mind if the step sons, god sons and fake sons come and share the inheritance equally and fairly.

How did Singapore trained such a stupid people?

Anonymous said...

If LKY dies, must apply permit to report such news? what about weather? what about financial stuff? taxpayers monies spend on useless monitoring? taxpayers monies are partisan owned? breach constitution or un or human rights law? they want to dictate what we can read, see, think, eat, enjoy? they want to control every aspects of our lives? Can sinkies please teach this kind of party a lesson? dont be brainwashed that pap is the only party they will make lives better.

Matilah_Singapura said...


You may get your wish very soon.

Sources have it that there are preparations being made. Apparently he's been in SGH for sometime now.

I'm ordering the cases of booze today!