What India done right

What India done right and Singapore failed miserably is the emphasis on IT. Singapore seems to have lost a generation of IT programmers/analysts/software specialists through its neglect in teaching these subjects in schools, polytechnics and the universities. Everyday I am reminded of the army of IT professionals in MBFC. My whole floor is flooded with these IT people from India, a testament that India has done right in foreseeing the future, planning and educating a whole generation of such specialists for the industry worldwide. How could we have missed this boat?

The dearth of IT specialists is seriously felt in the banking and finance industry and they have no choice but to go to India where they are armies of them waiting eagerly to be hired. If only Singapore's education has done it right, today all the IT specialists being hired to work in the banks would have been Singaporeans and not foreigners. Our university graduates would be gainfully employed and not be dumped into taking up part time jobs or unrelated contract jobs earning a pathetic pay not enough to live on.

This is what careful planning and doing the right thing is all about at govt level. They called it foresight, the ability to look into the future like the CFE is doing. This is also proof that the govt's proactive and crystal ball gazing ability is greatly lacking.

How I wish the number of IT specialists employed in MBFC are Singaporeans and not foreigners and our graduates need not waste their time and money to study irrelevant courses and ended with degrees that cannot be eaten.

Please learn from India and start to educate our graduates in useful and relevant courses and not courses that no employer wants. I feel so sorry for our graduates and their parents that foot the bills for their education whenever I see the happy faces of the foreigners here. These faces could be the happy faces of our young graduates.

Where is the clever thinking and planning for the future? Would the recent CPE end up 10 or 20 years in the future with more pathetic problems like what we are seeing today when a whole industry needing an army of IT specialists and has to import them, unable to find any local to fill the vacancies?


Anonymous said...

/// What India done right and Singapore failed miserably is the emphasis on IT. //
- redbean

Indians focused and trusted in IT and they got the jobs.
Singaporeans focused and trusted in PAP and we got unemployed.

Is this fair?
Is this true?

Anonymous said...

/// How could we have missed this boat? ///

Did we miss this boat because we trusted and voted PAP?

What is PAP's focus?
Staying in power with million dollar salaries forever? OR
Making life better for Singaporeans?

Anonymous said...

Rb //How could we have missed this boat? //


Look no further lah ...... (at the "culprit"?)

After Botak took over MOE, he introduced this and that but guess what ..... he removed FM, Comp Sci 3tc...... from the choices offered at JC1/ 2 level ......?

Heng Ah ......

Ah Heng introduced it back before he relinquish his post in Sept 2015 and Comp Sci, FM were re-introduced into the curriculum and offered to the 2016 JC1 students onwards .....

Wasted 1 whole generation of JC students having Comp Sci, FM as options for their studies .....?

Heard Botak like to go Ah Neh land give talk ......?

Even give speech to all their law makers including their pee-ant mouldy in their echo chamber .....?

Go youtube see for yourself ......?

Anonymous said...

/// This is what careful planning and doing the right thing is all about at govt level. They called it foresight, the ability to look into the future like the CFE is doing. This is also proof that the govt's proactive and crystal ball gazing ability is greatly lacking. ///
- redbean

Was LKY the only one looking into the future?
If CFE cannot see all the Indian IT professionals IN MBFC ... then CFE got any use or not ... besides just mental masturbating to feel good.

/// Dr. Ng replied: "The question is, does MM add value to Singapore? I'm not talking about in history, I'm talking about now. That's the question that should be asked, not whether he should retire or not. Singaporeans must decide. MM spots pitfalls, he tells you what to avoid. He pushed for F1, for the IRs. So you decide. At the end of the day, it's the vote. If his constituents at Tanjong Pagar feel he's not adding value, they are free to vote."
- Ng Eng Hen


Anonymous said...

Told u oldies many times botak-nomics cmi le .....

His "TLLM --- Teach Less Learn More" during MOE time oso worst than motherhood and hollow statements .......?

Screw up many sinkies teachers and students outcome ......?

Change here change there ......

Suddenly left, suddenly right, ...... left, right .....

Front back, front back .....

Many teachers oso confused le .....

Look at the distinctions percentage across all subjects in many if not all JCs for 2016 results .......?

Many private tutors distinction percentage among their students way surpasses many JCs, mb even the top JCs .......?

Smarter students and parents quickly look for tutors after their children keep failing sch exam under the sch teaching .....

Heard some students fail in 2016 Prelim exam, engaged tutors last min got As or Bs in the 2016 A Level exam .....?

What does this show?

Many teachers already confused by Botak's "TLLM" le ......?

Keep changing instructions (for the sake of changing and be seen to be implementing sthg different ......?)

For what?

If NDP commander shout kiri, kanan, kiri, kanan whole time, the whole parade oso kee siao?

Now many teachers oso (very) confused (and shaken le, probably even the principals, VPs oso?), how lo(oooooo)ng they take to recover ......?

Mean what, how the JC children learn......?

Parents pocket kena burn HOLE big big lor .....?

Almost JC every subject go tuition .....?

Anonymous said...

“So, when I heard Dr Tan Cheng Bock, I decided I would stand up and tell him he’s wrong…you have to decide whether you think he knows more or I know more. You have to decide whether he will give you the answer to Singapore’s future — or that I am likely to give you the better road to the future.”

Then SM Lee arrogantly rebuked Dr Tan Cheng Bock, then MP for Ayer Rajah, who urged the Government to tone down its calls for the recruitment of foreign talent and reassure Singaporeans that they came first (14 August 1999)


Anonymous said...

Typo ....

Should be

*Almost every JC subject go tuition .....?

Virgo49 said...

Botak sabo Sinkies.

Ka Kee Liang, first priority.

Make sure you are stupid so that you can controled them.

One Recent Article by one ang moh said India lost its Swagger on IT????

Think maybe too many Fake degrees and diplomas.

Aiyo, Study IT in JCs???

Study IT in Polys. More Hands On. That's what my Son did.

Then further in Aussland Unis. They have Monash etc.

Degrees more recognized.

Paid a bit more on Aussie dollars. But interviews they gave more priority as they preferred Poly grads (more hands on) and Overseas Grads. (No India please- you copy me and I copy you)

Anonymous said...

“Today, Lee no longer deals with his equals, but with his chosen appointees, who did not earn power the hard way, but had it conferred on them.
They are highly qualified men, no doubt, but nobody expects them to possess the gumption to talk back to the increasingly self-righteous know-all that Lee has become.
Further, the bread of those who conform is handsomely buttered.
Keep your head down and you could enjoy one of the highest living standards in Asia.
Raise it and you could lose a job, a home, and be harassed by the Internal Security Department or the Inland Revenue Department, or by both, as happened to Francis Seow.”
- former President Deven Nair


Anonymous said...

While MM Lee had been visionary and well respected during his reign as prime minister of Singapore, he had lost that midas touch since he stepped down from his PM post more than 20 years ago as judged from the many controversial statements that he had made during these years, which have been captured here in this page.

“LKY was a very good leader in his first 20 years of rule, assisted by fine and committed good men like Toh Chin Chye, GKS and Rajatranam. Having said that, since the stepping down of these fine men, LKY has been courting many controversies …… His last 20 years “achievements” are highly questionable without those early PAP fine men by his side.”
– Ang Sar Lee

“Like many founders, first half were mostly right as they were mostly driven by ideologies, dreams, convictions and GUTS. There aren’t many that can take that away from LKY.
But second half were always a problem, and LKY also could not run away from it.”
- Swee Meng Ling


Anonymous said...

An "army of IT professionals from india working in marina financial center?"
No worries, pap just set up our very own singapore army of cyber security SAF MEMBERS, 2,600 ARMY to be exact. What stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Singapore will always be lacking and a few steps behind India, PRC or even the Yanks. In Singapore getting into Uni is the target, no matter what you choose to study. Medicine and Law, these the the most sought after degrees. IT? that is for nerts, or so they thought. Now the FTs from India are all gainfully employed here in Singapore and Singaporean graduates can only look on enviously. Don't blame the government for this, just blame yourselves for the lack of foresight and also the greed for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Singaporeans are too timid and cannot think out of the box. Singaporeans will always be doing the catch-ups. Alway a few steps behind. The best universities, the best education system, the best government and the richest country in S E Asia. And where does all these get you? Need more FTs to run your businesses, need workers to build your HDBs, shopping malls, offices and MRTs, helpers to work in your homes to cook and look after your old and young and also to man your front desks at all hotels and receptions. While most Singaporeans have to work 2 jobs per family to make ends meet and work long hours to survive.

Is this a good place to bring up your families? I am seriously thinking that Singaporeans are going down a slippery slope to a very difficult end, We shall have to wait and see. The next 20 years will reveal which countries in S E Asia will be at the top and which will be at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Every body learned IT as a subject with others. IT is not a fixed path. Hire Indian IT is a fixed all solution? No. If people think IT is a pc of rock. Buy the rock to sit there, things will move. It s not.

Yesterday s IT professional may not be useful for today. Those old programs like in Fortron Cobol are not longer useful due to its very limited ability. I m no IT as major, I tried on Php which is again outdated, and HTML5, these are so much powerful languages. If People doing hiring thinking going to India can get IT professional, I can tell u this is a way to get in more Indians to occupy the seats. How is Chennai s ability to train up programmers of modern IT languages? Think mah. I will rather go to US to hire from those firms currently engaging in the most up to date languages or programs.

Why I say programs? There are apps that create mor apps. There are people actually helping to create apps while they earn a living through using those apps. Example, someone create an apps to make website fast. He makes money from using the apps, and writing improvement programs to change the apps to be bigger and more functional. More join him as this is money mine or gold mine.
These I call IT professional worth hiring. Go to India to hire someone to mess up the already working banking programs or stock exchange programs, this is the Singapore way.

The Singapore way is: no singaporean should get into IT because the state says Indians are in silicon valley, so Indians are better, mumbai, chennai, those ulu areas like villages with flooding, will have many IT professionals ready to create new programs for Singapore. So go India to hire, go Philippines to hire. When a product is sold in market, Singaporeans buy Taiwan Asus, China Huawei. So the whole idea is to collapse Singapore s reputation in IT. Where are Singapore trained IT?

Singapore trained IT deserves to drive Taxi. i got into a book cab, found the young man driving state own taxi. He told me not part time, but full time. He was doing IT.
Is it very difficult for this ex IT to pick up writing programs in new programming language such as HTML5 or whatever apps? I think he should be 10000times faster than me learning it myself.

It is a scam to hire IT "pros" from flooding villages to run the bank programming. Only this country bother to do it. They never want to see own citizens earn enough money to start family or pay for their old folks medical. Yet these foolish jobless young professional are willingly voting for the state to make them difficult. They are not good in logical thinking, even they are trained. That is not the reason. They lack the courage to change the pro foreigner policy. It s a pity.

If Singapore s IT remains in IT, there can be new apps appearing in market, even under public license for younger professional to improve the apps. Which app or program is under public license in Singapore? In India? From this point, I can say Singapore IT HAS almost ZERO FUTURE.

Anonymous said...

/// Please learn from India and start to educate our graduates in useful and relevant courses and not courses that no employer wants. ///

So what if Singaporeans are armed with an IT degree or diploma?
All the IT managers are from India.
Will the Singaporean IT graduate be able to find an IT manager to employ him?

Is it too late?
Is voting out the pro Alien PAP government the only way for our Singaporean IT graduates to find employment?

Anonymous said...

Actually this IT sector lacking of professional is the whites Garman fault & they will never admit the mistakes. The Sinkieland PeeAyam & DeePeeAyam r all computer science trained but they wouldn't want to promote this computer knowledge in its education systems for fear of 'very difficult to control them & most will migrate to other greener pastures resulting in lost of talents'. In the beginning 90s & 2000s there were many IT PMETs but they were gradually replaced by Ftrashes as employers r partly to be blamed for depressing these IT professionals' wages...today many r out of jobs some move to other industries while other migrated overseas (to OZ, US or EU), it's a pathetic IT scene in Sinkieland.

Anonymous said...

Rb //Everyday I am reminded of the army of IT professionals in MBFC. My whole floor is flooded with these IT people from India .......//

Ha ha .....

No wonder saw angkor having KaLEE and plata quite often ......?

Cannot have enough?

In the sight (everyday and min), in the mind?

Good bonding ......?

Should be "tankful"?

Virgo49 said...

Right, sinkies parents wants their children to go to JCs and later Unis doing what business administration, business management, medicines, law, what curry laws and super liars.

Prestigious professions. Going to polys, aiyo no choice than go polys. Learn IT in JC??

JCs modules to go for the above mentioned professions not IT.

So a IT poly grad is more hands on even more than a third grade uni grade.

What business management?? Business men/women are inborn astute human beans with street wise inborn shrewdness and six senses. Not book churned nonsense business men and women.

Most businesses under them goes under. So many fine examples in sinkieland.

IT study of only servicing computers are technicians from ITE. You must study useful modules revelant to today's business and technology era.

Able to innovate and create. Others are just learning tools where any lay person can learn if they really wanted to.

Many young dies scorn oldies for not knowing the IT tools in working environment.

This is just a part of today's working tools and no big deal of it if the oldies are prepared
to learn and master it.

Don't understand why they so afraid even of their own shadows that they are spending so much monies on what nonsense urban fighting town and what cyber security.

This is what you get a Doctor Quake oops Hen as a Defence Minister.

If they started earlier, my son woukd have a much easier life wearing tetron uniforms and sitting in air con comfort just hammering the keyboard instead of chiong suai

Anonymous said...

@ 10.30am // ...All the IT managers are from India... //

Tiok hor?

But not enuf places selling KaLEE nad plata leh near MBFC ......?

In Penang George Town, little India is side by side Chinatown .....?

Why not replicate it in peesai?

Carve out part of Chinatown like Temple St and sell Nasi Kandar, Roti Bakar, etc ...... all the favorite food .....?

Soon peesai would have lots more Indian professionals working in MBFC ......?

Got nice food (like Nasi Kandar, Roti Bakar .....) nearby mah at Chinatown's Temple St (if the garment especially Botak implement this suggestion)?

Let the sinkies PMETs con't drive taxi while the IT professiknals becum naturalised sinkies, good jobs, good pay, good location HDB flats, start families, have BABIES, multiply and up the TFR ......?

Lazy (and daft) sinkies deserve to be displaced and replaced (including their places like Temple St in Chinatown) ......?

Anonymous said...

Some people blamed laziness on citizens so that Indians IT pros can replace them. The state blames citizens sense of entitlement for jobs against the Indian pros to take up jobs in financial and banking industries.

I think it is a planned move to shift billions dollars out of Singapore monthly to weaken the economy. Look at the number of employment pass and PR. Almost 1 millions. Each take away 2000 to 3000 dollars per month, the outflow of cash is 2.5 billions dollars. The planned move is to write off the retailers who think they can make money through being own boss. The plan is to keep starving the trained graduates so that they continue to pay for courses run by many state owned institutions to get accreditation. They want to earn more money by training the jobless to be more well trained than master and doctorate degree holders but driving cabs to serve people.

The main state plan is to cater for foreigners to make money in this little space and ship outside it monthly and to weaken families finances so that these folks will still vote for them in coming election.

patriot said...

Put it this way;
even if there are lots of Sinkie IT Professinals, they will stand no chance against the Aliens that You see around.
These Aliens are favoured by employers because they are much cheaper and very eager to do overtime which the Locals do not have the Luxury of time as most have to care for family.
Male Sinkies are obligated to National Service which is very disruptive to their occupations and this is also a reason for employers to DISfavour them.

All considered, there are much against the Locals so long as aliens are allowed to work in Sin.
This is a reality in Sin.


Anonymous said...

All considered, there are much against the Locals so long as aliens are allowed to work in Sin.
This is a reality in Sin.
March 04, 2017 12:11 pm

And yet 70% voted for PAP.
And yet 70% voted to risk unemployment by pro Alien PAP policies.
And yet 70% voted for the 30% increase in water price.

Why ah?

Anonymous said...

What India done right and Singapore failed miserably is the emphasis on IT.

For PAP, doesn't matter lah, as long as they done right by winning at least 93% seats every election so that PAP ministers can continue to get million dollar salaries, tio bo?

For a political party and their politicians, what can be done right better than this one, u tell me lah?

Anonymous said...

@ Virgo49March 04, 2017 10:48 am
//Right, sinkies parents wants their children to go to JCs and later Unis doing what business administration, business management, medicines, law, what curry laws and super liars.

Prestigious professions. Going to polys, aiyo no choice than go polys. Learn IT in JC??

JCs modules to go for the above mentioned professions not IT.//

Aiyo .....

Angkor, why so DOGMATIC and harsh in the judgement of the 16-yo in peesai?

They will harbour resentment if young-dies and old-dies are insensitive to their career choices and job prospects and future livelihood ......?

Anonymous said...

Why ah?
12:19 pm

It is because Singaporeans are too scared to change government.
Too scared ... then too bad.
Better start training your children to drive taxis.

Anonymous said...

The West Submits To Blasphemy Laws


Soon, my daft Singaporean slaves.
Soon ....

patriot said...

The Situation said about IT here ACTUALLY APPLIES TO


Anonymous said...

"Better start training your children to drive taxis."

I see many very young men are driving taxi private type during week days. I guessed those were rented cars. This is a must do for citizens as they must vote for Pap. Pap will get good support when every young NSman drives taxi for a living. It will be easy to control them with records and they cannot earn much per day.

Foreigners can expand the job markets by giving civil service jobs to these people from India. Monthly shifting out may 5 to 10 billions salaries out of Singapore will be just nice to keep every NS man only want to be professional taxi driver, hawkering is going to be dead business too, as no customers can afford noodle soup at 5 to 10 dollars per bowl after watering taxes keep increasing with electricity to give more revenues to heng ah.

Anonymous said...

51 years of voting PAP.
And all our Singaporean children can look forward to is a career as a taxi driver.
Do we need to pay LHL a million dollar salary to achieve this result?

Anonymous said...

Do we need to pay LHL a million dollar salary to achieve this result?
12:48 pm

It is not that Sinkies want to pay LHL a million dollar salary lah.

It is just that they also do not want the Sinkie opposition to win to become govt.

So by default LHL win and as a result, Sinkies end up paying LHL a million dollar salary to achieve this result lor.

So does that answer your question?

Anonymous said...

Cancer stricken; Recovering from strokes; macham macham pun boleh dapat juta gaji.

Anonymous said...

"Do we need to pay LHL a million dollar salary to achieve this result?"

a million is old figure. LHL must increase value, so do his cabinet. The unit should change to billions and not millions. Add 3 zero behind their current salaries each month.

patriot said...

lt is a shame to pay the Sin Rulers only millions.
They deserve much more for taking good care of Sinkies.


Ⓜatilah $ingapura⚠️ said...

The second best thing India did was sign a deal with cuntries like Singapore. The best thing they did was to get their kids writing code.

As far as IT is concerned, I've been telling my friends for years....way back to the 1990's:


In the 2000's when Python was increasing in popularity, I reminded them again: "Eh, Python lah...gonna be a big deal. Ask your kids to learn!"

Luckily, some of them did.

The most common response I got was "Why? What the hell for? Better for them to learn how to write good composition, become lawyer!" or "Better for them to learn another spoken language. Computer language...no point lah!"

Big Face Palm!

Yes, I am aware that Singapore definitely ICT-powerful. Many Singaporeans know how to code very well, and even design great hardware.

But India has "critical mass" in that they simply have the numbers of people who started very young.

Anonymous said...

BEIJING — China wants to boost the loyalty of young people from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau by organising “study trips” and exchanges for them to visit the mainland, a top Chinese official said on Friday (March 3).

Yes, they learn well from Sin.

Make sure give them lots of praise and encourage when they score A'ss in their studies.

That will ensure every generation will be kiasi,kiasu and kia cheng hu for political stability and the furtherance of cock city( aka pyramid city)

Anonymous said...

knnbccb. Father & son fuck up the entire country in just over 20 years. And 70% of Singaporeans just let them. I hope Singaporeans will consider becoming a province of China. no choice liao.

Anonymous said...

SINGAPORE — Religious preaching that encourages violence or seeks to pit one religion against another will not be tolerated, said Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam on Friday (March 3), as the police investigate remarks made by an imam who had allegedly insulted Christians and Jews during his sermons.

Yes, terrorize anyone or any religion which terrorizes Sin. For multi rojak to work, point a legal gun to their heads and everyone shall be a retard and fall in line.

Result? Peace.

Sin knows how to build a nation of happy retarded citizenry. Amen.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

What India done right
Did India correct identify that they were dealing with a dumb fuck and walked away with a deal of the century?

Anonymous said...


1 big one could be GST at 10%, after 2020GE.
Look at the budget: 80 billions total, 14 billions draws from nirc. $5.7 spent, $1 from non revenue. Its like a company must spend $6 but borrow $1. How long can it sustain?
Singapore giving a lot of free money to foreigners, giving a lot of jobs to foreigners, now running out of cash. The option is to tax the citizens higher.
Water tax 30%, head count tax (oxygen consumption tax) future, GST future, borrowed loans tax future, non car owner tax future, citizenship tax future, no son tax future, single parent tax future, many can come on the way.

Anonymous said...

Let's increase votes for PAP to 90% in GE 2020.
Then we can enjoy a 300% price increase in water.

What's wrong with giving PAP more money?

Anonymous said...

Sinkies may get water cut off when Johor has not enough water for itself. Johor has the money to pay the small sums of water sold to Singapore. They may "buy" the water supplies to singapore at cost.

Bear in mind, Muhyiddin is a likely man be PM and Aanwar or Aziza be the deputy, if Umno loses. Their partner is Lim by surname.

Singapore may be self sufficient with 3.3 millions citizens. But Pap keeping increasing the water consumption with 5.8 millions now.

Still increasing foreigners. Voters voting for Pap policy is suicidal to their children s future.

Najib is ending soon, even by his age.

Anonymous said...

Keep voting PAP.
Other than government implemented price increases and more foreigners.
Got any other benefits or not?
Stupid fucking slaves.

Anonymous said...

Convicted paedophile was poster boy for Contact Singapore


Vote wisely.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

30% water price increase.
Why ah?

Does Suzhou Industrial Park need top up money?
Does Tianjin Eco City need top up money?
Does GIC need top up money?
Does Temasek need top up money?
Did Singapore's Formula One lose money?
Still cannot balance the Youth Olympics Budget is it?
Does SMRT need more money?

Anonymous said...

30% water price increase.
Too scared to tax the Millionaires is it?
Only dare to collect tax from Singaporeans is it?

Anonymous said...

NSFs given useless certificates from WSQ


Show these NSF certificates to your foreign manager.
Give them a good laugh before they reject your job application.

b said...

Must keep the people stupid so the elites will not be overthrown. Elites are all greedy and selfish. They put in unnecessary measures to limit the number of doctors, lawyers and IT specialists. They also give them bread and games so the people pursue the wrong things.

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