US should stop its mischiefs in the South China Sea.

I refer to Today's paper report on page one " South China Sea isles 'ready for military use", information disseminated by an American Think Thank, " The Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative ( AMTI ) part of Washington's centre for Strategic and International studies. "

This is yet another of the continuous intermittent American mischiefs of stirring shit in the South China Sea to suit its agenda of aggression and containment against China and its ultimate aim and ambition of controlling and holding hegemony over the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

The Paracel and Spratly islands are inherent Chinese territories. China is exercising her sovereign rights in building up defensive installations in her own territories to deter American and Japanese aggression. It should be of no concern to the Americans which instead should be ashamed of its huge sprawling illegal military bases in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and other military bases in Guam, Marshall Islands , Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

It must be noted in the mid 1970s US had instigated Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia to steal many of the Chinese islands at the time when China was militarily weak especially in naval defense vis-avis the Americans. Nevertheless there was a certain modicum of peace and tranquility in the South China Sea. It was only in 2010 when Obama and Hillary Clinton in their insanity and evil intent of pivoting to Asia to contain China that they created distrust and dissension among the countries bordering the South China Sea thus causing trouble and instability to eventually benefit US hegemony.

US should stop its mischiefs in the South China Sea and instead let the world have peace and security by dismantling all its military bases around the four corners of the earth.

US should stop complaining and accusing others falsely while as the Chinese have a saying " One is not aware of the shit in one's face but only the smell in others "  US fits exactly under that description.


Wednesday, 29th March, 2017


Anonymous said...

"The thinktank published images taken this month of what it calls the “big three” island air bases – Subi, Mischief, and Fiery Cross reefs – which it has analysed via commercial high-resolution satellite imagery for two years.

“China’s three air bases in the Spratlys and another on Woody Island in the Paracels will allow Chinese military aircraft to operate over nearly the entire South China Sea,” AMTI said. “The same is true of China’s radar coverage.” Guardians has clear airphotos.

These 3 major islands form a triangle for mutual support. The completion of development with radar has made it hard for 7th Fleet to send marines to attack and occupy these islands.

China spokes woman huachooyin said: within China s own territory, China can develop or not develop these islands.

Hualau eh, China dare to say these words. These islands according to Hague phillippines judgment, are illegally owned by China, and Ah long supported it as international laws. China dare to break Sinkielands international laws. China better watch sinkieland will fire its big guns on China. hahaha.

China is doomed for playing with fire against the mighty US 7th fleet and Sinkieland s wishes. What do u think?

Anonymous said...

The caucasions, the Europeans and white Americans are by and large traditionally by nature inherently wild, savage and violent. We know a lot about this from their literature and militant religion. Just as an example, William Shakespeare said in his book King Henry 5, "Wherever an Englishman sets his foot that place is England. " In the book Taras Bulba, you learn of a character, a father who encouraged his younger son to attack a stranger, another boy who happened to pass by his house. When the son hesitated his father scolded him and goaded him to launch the attack telling him that if he lost the fight he would ask his elder brother to help him. This is reflected historically in Western countries either individually or jointly attacked others. A case in point was how eight or more European countries together with America, Japan and Russia jointly attacked China from 1830s to 1940s, cutting China to pieces. That was a critical and tragical period for China when the Western powers and Japan tried to destroy China as a nation by tearing her to pieces and shared the spoils among themselves. That was the time when Chinese dignity, self respect and civilisation was at its lowest ebb. Fortunately the Chinese dignity, self respect and civilisation was saved and rekindled by the saving star of the People's Liberation Army under the great leadership of Chairman Mao Tsetung and his comrade in arms as well as the heartful selfless support of all the Chinese people. China and all proud Chinese people wherever they may be must ensure that the Chinese will never suffer another humiliation and must strongly resist American and Japanese aggression and dealt them a death blow should they try to attack China again.

Eagles Eyes

b said...

No one can steal from asia again. Asia now belongs to china and russia. MENA belongs to EU and South america belongs to usa. USA should take good care of his own backyard first.